The posers in episode #001 are mAx and roo. At this point, there were no plans of making Just Pub a webcomic.

The "UQ vs. idle match" mentioned in episode #002 is a reference to the Eurocup XII finals, in which UQ won 4-0.

The allies of course do not plant anti-tank guns in oasis in episode #005. This was a dumb (what else?) goof after failing to realize the poser cast should have been on axis. Surprisingly, not many have noticed.

The character introduced in episode #007 is a reference to a finnish children's rock band called Fröbelin Palikat (direct translation: "Fröbelblocks"). Interestingly, the secret agent theme was not planned to be comic number 007, it just happened.

"Pentium3hs" is a (rather blatant) reference to a player called Athlon (aka Athlon3hs) from iNsanity. Of course, three headshots is not sufficient to take down a medic in full health (150hp) while wearing a helmet, which offers a 10 hp protection.

#011 was the first episode to be caught in the spell-checking process. The typo was "studder".

The mine flag seen in episode #014 has been added in Photoshop, since flags don't show up on demos. Furthermore, it is still under debate whether or not "the mine" was mystic.

It is a common misconception to think "Spas" is a reference to Xpaz in episode #015.

The word censored in episode #016 is "CUNT". That's c-u-n-t. Just Pub has, after episode #034, dropped the censoring of swearwords, motherfucker.

The console in episode #017 has been edited in Photoshop to conceal some private information, but I've forgotten what it was.

"Jimmy" and "Timmy" in episode #018 was sol's idea. I did not realize at the time of writing the script that these characters were familiar to us from South Park.

Episode #020 is the first episode to feature an all bold font.

There are only three posers in the last panel of #022. The spectator view remained static while the crew stood still in different places starting from the back. Afterwards, the screenshots taken were 100% identical except for the location of the posers, and they were then combined in Photoshop to create an illusion of a crowd.

The axis field op in #023 is in actuality not shooting at anyone. Fascinating, isn't it?

Eyeball O'Malley, first featured in episode #024, is based on "Eyeballs O'Jonesy", a character seen in Late Night with Conan O'Brien, who would not speak, but was able to portray emotions through different sets of eyes.

Rauchen verboten really means "no smoking". In this episode #025, you can see from the icons on the left of the hud in the "tweak-o-vision" panel that the medic looking at the sign has momentarily turned into a field op.

In episode #026, there are references to both Auschwitz and Treblinka, concentration camps during WW2. The concept here was "an ignorant semitic antisemite".

#027 was the second episode to feature the allied field op with his to be trademark line.

The close-up in #028 has some minor Photoshop work done to make the character appear more angry.

The engineer in the last panel of episode #031 is a reference to Xes, who was used to stand in for Saevus' ferus in the Eurocup X finals after months of inactivity. Xes wasn't familiar with the map in question, thus failing to find the planted dynamite.

There are no ducks in ET, contrary to what is depicted in episode #032.

Episode #035 was at the time of release the most double-checked episode yet. The script had to be drawn on paper with arrows to make sure the characters would face each other correctly during dialogue and not lose continuity.

Episode #037 still remains author's personal favorite.

The covert op transforming from a black man into a white axis covert op in #040 is not a mistake as some thought. In ET, this is what happens if you take the clothes of an allied field op.

During the recording sessions of episode #041, roo constantly sabotaged the demos by blowing up people with a panzerfaust. Because of whatever limitations there were, we were unable to keep him out of the server/teams and so a 15-20 minute job ended up lasting one and a half hours.

In the fifth panel of episode #043, the character's head facing backwards was achieved by using a very high sensitivity and rotating from left to right. With timescale 0.1 the awkward poses could then be captured. This episode also had a typo, "profanaties", for a long time, but was eventually corrected after a reader had pointed this out.

Tobias the truck driver seen in episode #044 is named after sae .: rapture, who is also named Tobias. He was confused by this.

The pinball table in episode #046 doesn't cast a shadow. But then again, nothing does.

Episode #047 is the only episode to have been removed from the frontpage of Apparently, the episode was deemed "racist".

The conversation between "the abbreviators" in episode #050 makes perfect sense, except for the third last panel, which makes absolutely no sense, but features various hidden messages.

The words spoken in episode #052 "wake me up before you go (go)" is the title of a track by the 80s pop group Wham.

The recording sessions of #056 took place on an empty public server with only two clients connected. Towards the end of the session, an unknown player joined the server and was used to film the footage for the last shot. The player, upon seeing what was happening, asked "are you doing a comic?".

Episode #057 is the only episode where the allied field op engages in a conversation.

The second panel of #058 is a reference to iNsanity's choice of defense when trying to secure their Eurocup victory. Unfortunately, it failed.

Despite what is seen in episode #059, there are no pigeons in ET either.

Episode #060 is the first one created on all new hardware. The 1200 EUR complete system upgrade included:
- Gigabyte EP45-DS3
- Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3,16GHz
- 4Gb Kingston 800MHz DDR2
- MSI GeForce N260GTX 896Mb DDR3
- 2 x 250Gb Western Digital Caviar SE
- Antec Sonata III
- Soundblaster Audigy

The "spinning effect" seen in episode #061 was achieved by layering together several shots of one character in different positions.

The fourth panel in #062 is from such an angle because the poser had wasted all of his ammo when recording the demo and was carrying a pistol instead of an MP40 as supposed to. I didn't notice until going through the demos and was forced to conceal the error this way.

The screenshot for the last panel of #063 was taken with different cfg settings and was adjusted later in Photoshop, because the indoor environment would appear too dark with the default comic config.

The speech in the end of #066 is one long incredibly unbroken sentence.

The basic concept for episode #068 was formed in a matter of minutes around one or two separate ideas, but took weeks of work to have a finished story built around those ideas. Those familiar with the Half-Life mythos may also spot a certain someone...