14.7.2011 - I have now recorded three new songs for the next Häive release. Two songs are traditional Finnish folk melodies, and one song is a new composition. More info about the release will follow later.
- New Häive T-shirt design is available via Hammerbolt. I also have couple of L-sizes left, so you can also contact haive(at)hotmail.fi to get one. Shirts are brown with dark brown ornament and golden Häive logo.
23.2.2011 - Finally the LP pressing of the 3-way split album with WYRD and KEHRÄ is ready. You can ask them from Kreation records, and I should also get mine shortly, so you can send an e-mail to me, if you live in Finland.
22. 8. 2010 - Despite the demand of the first two demos, there will be no re-releases of them in any form. They were "only" demos, that were not originally intented for wide distribution. Instead, I will most likely re-record many, if not all of those old tracks to the next Häive album, along with new songs.
- LP version of the Wyrd/Häive/Kehrä split album is being planned, and hopefully released during this year by Kreation records.
19. 12. 2009 - The new minialbum "Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä" is now ready. Release-date of the MCD will be in February and the cassette pressing will follow later in spring.
16. 4. 2009 - The Russian pressing of "Mieli Maassa" was released by SoundAge productions in last December.
- Recordings of the next Häive chapter has been under way for about a month now. This release will be slightly more experimental, including much more influences from Finnish traditional music, so don`t except "Mieli Maassa, part 2". First of all, the upcoming minialbum will be entirely instrumental, so there will be more room for kantele- as well as guitar melodies.
15. 2. 2009 - LP and the shirts are finally out. You should get yours from www.varjot.tk
24. 9. 2008 - "Mieli Maassa" gatefold LP and the "Tee Se Imatralla!" -shirts are delayed. According to label they will be released in December.
22. 6. 2008 - The new website is up for the glory of Ukko and summer solstice!
- "Mieli Maassa" -album will be released on a 12" vinyl propably in September. The first official Häive -shirts will be available at the same time.
7. 12. 2007 - To celebrate the 90-year old independent nation of Finland, "Mieli Maassa" -album has now been released on CD! The tape-version will follow propably within couple of weeks.
- Two whole songs from the debut album uploaded to the MP3-page. www.mikseri.net/haive
30. 7. 2007 - "Epätoivon Vuoksi" -EP is now released on CD as a part of the 3-way split with WYRD, HÄIVE and KEHRÄ.
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