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Because of hacker attack, the e-mail account and ALL THE E-MAILS and contacts with it has been deleted! So I can`t read any messages sent to, don`t send anything to that address anymore!

I also can`t contact anyone, and check any adresses, so if you haven`t received your trade, send an e-mail to

Because the lack of time, and therefore dedication there hasn`t been and will not be major activity for some time. There might be one special and very limited pro tape out this year, but that`s all. No trades until then. I also don`t update the distrolist, so if you`re interested in buying something, ask for the availability first.

-Janne / Varjot prod., March 2010



ARALLU "Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands" 9€
Exotic and ethnic old school black metal from Israel! Great looking artwork.

ATRITAS "1999-2001" 10€
Symphonic black metal from Switzerland. Luxurious Double CD digipack containing two of their early demos.

Black metal collaboration from Greece / Poland.

CRISTALYS "Surémincence" 9€
Celtic pagan black metal from France.

CRISTALYS "Quintessence Celtique" 5€
Celtic black metal from France.

Old school trash / death metal union from Canada / Costa Rica.

Cold, epic & athmospheric black metal from Poland / Hungary. Recommended!

EVIL FEAST "Funeral Sorcery" 9€
Six long epic tracks of misanthropic polish black metal with cold monumental feeling and sound.

FEARLIGHT "Our Legacy" 8€
Russian folk metal.

3-way split album of South-American old school death / black /trash metal.

MUCOUS SCROTUM "Hall of the Slain" 8€
Hellish black metal from Israel.

Split album with two Ukrainian pagan black metal bands.

PRAYER OF THE DYING "From the mouth of the Passing" 8€
Obscure Death/Black Metal from Malta.

SEKHMET "Okularis Infernum" 9€
Black metal from Czech rep.

SEZARBIL "Bleed for the Devil" 9€
Antichristian raw black metal from Czechs.

ZREC "ˇertva" 9€
Folk metal from Czech rep.



12" LP. Blasphemous death metal from the States. Noble Gatefold cover w/ metallic foil print.

SOMBRE CHEMIN "Notre Héritage Ancestral" LP 14€
12" LP. French NS black metal. Comes in full coloured gatefold limited to 514 hand numbered copies on brown vinyl. Vinyl's version includes 1 unreleased bonus track "Atavus".

ASTROFAES "Shu Nun" EP 4,5€
7" EP. Ukrainian pagan black metal with Drudkh members. Gatefold covers.


ABIGAIL "The Early Black Years: 1992-1995" 9,5€
Japanese black / thrash metal. Contains several demos and EP`s, a total of 17 tracks and 70 minutes!

ADULTERY "Age of Rebirths" 9€
Slavonic pagan black metal from Czech. Recommended!

BLOODHAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" 9€
Finnish filthy black metal. The 2nd. album.

INFAUST "Blutbad & Melancholie" 9€
Grim German black metal.

KHORS "Mysticism" 9,5€
3rd. album of Ukrainian pagan black metal with some Astrofaes members. Nice looking digipack.

MANTAK "Sabahell's Blasphemer" 9€
Satanic black / thrash metal from Malaysia.

ONIRIK "Spectre" 9€
Distant and cold portugese black metal.

SANCTUS DAEMONEON "Nothingless Nothingness" 6€
MCD. Danish melancholic doom metal.

SARGATANAS "The Enlightenment" 9€
Old school satanic black / death metal from Mexico. Their debut album from 1999.

SCHMERZ "Chronika" 9€
German depressive black metal.

SHADE EMPIRE "Intoxicate O.S." 9€
Finnish industrial black metal. The 2nd. album.

THIRST "Ritual for Blood" 9€
Polish black metal. This CD contains the whole debut album from 1994, and two new tracks.

VULGA "Mayhem With Mercy" 9€
Re-release of Malaysian black metal originally from 1992. Good looking glossy cardboard artwork. Hand numbered and limited to only 500 copies.


KIRKKOPALOVAROITUS "Pure Unholy Free Existence" cdr 4€
Finnish black metal. Full lenght CD-R with printer label.


SOLGRAV "Pimeys yllä Pohjolan: 2001-2006" 3,5€
Finnish pagan folk metal. Compilation tape which gathers the five year era of Solgrav to 10 tracks, 2 from each release.



HÄIVE "Mieli Maassa / Tee Se Imatralla!" shirt XL 14€
T-shirt. Black shirt with large white prints on front and back. Click here for an image

HÄIVE "Mieli Maassa / Tee Se Imatralla!" shirt L 14€
T-shirt. Black shirt with large white prints on front and back. Click here for an image

HÄIVE "Mieli Maassa" LP 14€
12" LP. Finnish wistful & athmospheric heathen metal. Red vinyl with fully coloured gatefold covers. Click here for an image Postages for LP`s are 6€!


AMAROK "Blasphemous Edictum" 8€
Polish blasphemous black metal.

BLACK OMEN "Sinphony" 8€
Symphonic black metal from Turkey.

CAED DHU "By tych, co nami..." 9€
Debut album from this Polish black metal act.

COTARD DELUSION "Le Délire de Négation" 9€
Russian primitive & desolate black metal with some ambient parts. Hand-numbered and limited to 420 copies.

GROZA "Gloomy Traces of the Past" 9€
Diverse black metal from Turkey, containing some ambient, industrial, dark- and even death metal elements!

GWYDION "Ynis Mön" 9€
Heroic folk metal from Portugal.

KROMLEK "Strange Rumours..." 9€
German folk metal in Ensiferum vein.

MANIAC BUTCHER "Cernį Krev" 9€
Re-release of true black metal from Czech republic. Originally released in 1998. Contains bonus live tracks.

MANIAC BUTCHER "Barbarians" 9€
Re-release of true black metal from Czech republic. Debut album originally released in 1995. Contains a bonus live track.

METI BHUVAH "s/t" 9€
Russian primitive & raw black metal in Ildjarn vein. CD limited to only 333 copies.

MOONTOWER "To the Dark Aeon..." 6€
MCD. Polish black metal.

OBLOMOV "Wishing the Renaissance" 5,5€
MCD. Black- / death metal with some abstract themes from Czech republic.

SHINING ABYSS "Sacrifice-Reh-96" 7,5€
Polish black metal, originally released in 1996.

Viking- / folk metal from Germany.

SMASHED FACE "Human: Earth Parasite" 9€
Brutal death metal from Czech republic, the way it should be!.

WOLFTRIBE "Pura Odium" 8€
Polish fast & hateful black metal.


HEAVING EARTH "Vision of the Vultures" cdr 3,5€
Great death metal from Czech republic.

MUSPELHEIM "s/t" cdr 3€
Australian black metal with Norse themes.


ABSENTIA LUNAE "Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes" 3,5€
Italian negative black metal.

ALGOR "Śder pohanského hnevu" 3,5€
Slovakian quality black metal. No useless crap here.

ASTROFAES "Idea. Form. Essence" 3,5€
Ukrainian mighty black metal assault, featuring Drudkh & Hate Forest members. 6th. album from 2007.

ASTROFAES "The Attraction: Heavens and Earth" 3,5€
Ukrainian mighty black metal assault, featuring Drudkh & Hate Forest members. 2nd. demo from 1997.

HROMOVLAD "Ohna Hlad, Vody Chlad" 3,5€
Folk- / black metal from Slovakia.

HROMOVLAD "Vlįdca Lesov, Skalnżch Stien" 3,5€
Folk- / black metal from Slovakia.

IMPUREZA "Inquisition Demos" 3,5€
Excellent death metal from France with some acoustic guitar passages! Contains all of their 3 demos on one tape. Recommended!

KILLERS "Habemus Metal" 3,5€
French speed metal with a little modern touch from a band formed already in 1984. Comes with a luxurious artwork.

MAY RESULT "Blasphemy / Svetogrdje" 3,5€
Serbian athmospheric black metal.

ORLOG "Reinigende Feuer" 3,5€
German pagan black metal.

PRIMEVAL MASS "Atermon" 3,5€
Black metal from Greece. Their 3rd. demo.

UNDERDARK "I am Above All" 3,5€
Ukrainian black metal.



KHORS "Cold Ways" 6€
DVD-R. Ukrainian pagan black metal. A live video recordings from Ukraine and Russia.


ALTAR SHADOWS "Speckledy Falcons" 9€
Lithuanian Folk / Pagan Metal blending electric and acoustic music, ambient soundscapes, original lyrics and classical Lithuanian poetry.

AURIGA "Chains Of Despair" 5€
MCD. German black metal.

DEFUNTOS "A Negra Vastidćo das Nossas Almas" 8€
Black / Doom metal from Portugal.

GHAST "May the Curse Blind" 9€
Black / Doom metal from the UK.

KIRCHENBRAND "Abgründe" 7€
Austrian black metal.

KOZELJNIK "Sigil Rust" 9€
Excellent satanic Serbian black metal! Comes with a standard jewelcase in a cardboard sleeve. Recommended!

LASCOWIEC "Asgard Mysteries" 9€
Hypnotic and atmospheric Black Metal from Vinland. A compilation of the first two demos plus bonus tracks.

SALUTE "Above the Law" 9€
Heavy / Sleaze / Thrash Metal from the UK.

SATOR MARTE "Thermonuclear Evolution" 9€
War black metal from Czech rep.

SHUB NIGGURATH "Dark Prophecies" 9€
Old school death metal from Mexico. This is a re-release of their first demo originally self-released on tape in 1990!

SIBIMORTEM "Glory to Eternal Fire" 8€
Mexican Black Metal with some melodic elements.

SIEGHETNAR "Kältetod" 7€
Melancholic German black metal, this time with some abmient parts.

SUBLIRITUM "Dark Prophecies" 9€
Norwegian black metal in the vein of Keep of Kalessin etc.

SUICIDAL VORTEX "My Existence" 9€
Furious German suicidal & misanthropic black metal.

SUPPLICIUM "Resurrection of the Shadows" 8€
Melodic death / black metal from Bolivia.

THORN, THE "Hermitage of non-divine" 9€
Polish melodic death metal. Still death metal, no Children of Bodom here.

VELDRAVETH "Undefined God" 8€
Satanic black metal from Venezuela.

WOLFSRUNE "Screams of the Forgotten" 7€
Morbid German black metal.

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