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26052009: There will not be any new releases from Varjot in the near future. We are concentrating more on the distribution side for some time.
SLUGATHOR "Circle of Death" -tape has run out. Only couple of copies is available through mailorder.

17112008: We have moved, again. The address is now Varjot prod., Maasulku 1b, 55100 Imatra, FINLAND.

28082008: From this moment on we also accept PayPal money!

26072008: Finally some news. After alot of delays, we are now proud to announce the release of VARJOT015: SATANAKOZEL "Rogatiya" CD. High quality Pagan folk metal straight from the heart of Russian Karelia!

Check the releases-section for more info.
Labels/distros get in touch for trades & wholesale!

And as you may have noticed, also some bad news. We have been forced to raise the price of tapes to 3,5€, because the price of blank tapes in FInland has tripled over the past 4 years. 3,5€ for a cassette is still rather cheap though.

30122007: HÄIVE "Mieli Maassa" -tape out now! Check here for MP3`s. Distros/labels, get in touch for trades.
RIDDLE OF MEANDER "End of All Life and Creation" -tape is not available for trades & wholesale anymore. Only couple of copies left in our distro.

17102007: Unlimited tape-edition of the upcoming HÄIVE- album entitled "Mieli Maassa" will be released through Varjot in late December. Expect 40 minutes of wistful nature- & old traditions inspired Finnish heathen metal, with pro-done coloured covers and tape-stickers.

30072007: DYSKINESIA "Live in Prypiat" CD-R out now! Check releases- and distrolist-sections.
Distros get in touch.

03072007: New CD-R release coming out on Varjot prod. within this month!
Italian Stoner Doom Metal- act Dyskinesia will release their first official record "Live in Prypiat" through us within a couple of weeks.

22042007: The Chaos Creation CD-R is now ready, get your own copy of this thrash metal masterpiece!
Häive`s "Epätoivon Vuoksi" tape-EP is now finally available also for master + covers- trades, so distros get in touch.

12042007: New address! Kauppakatu 2 A10, 55120 Imatra, FINLAND. Don`t send anything to our old address, thanks.
The Chaos Creation CD-R will be out within next week.

21022007: The next confirmed release: CHAOS CREATION "Homicidal Party Time" slipcase CD-R. The 3rd. demo from this excellent thrash metal act from Finland! Influenced by the great American thrash-/speed metal bands.
MP3`s here!
The edition and the release-date yet uncertain.

26122006: New tapes out on time!

06112006: We have now confirmed three new tape-releases for this year:

VARJOT009: RIDDLE OF MEANDER "End of All Life and Creation"
The first full-lenght album from this great BM-horde from Greece. Way better material than on the demos, and now with real drums and better sound. Limited to 499 copies.
VARJOT010: SOLGRAV "Auringon Hauta"
Finnish pagan/folk/wilderness metal and their debut-album from 2005 now on tape. Ecpecially to the fans of Skyforger, Metsatöll etc. Limited to 999 copies.
VARJOT011: SLUGATHOR "Circle of Death"
Excellent Death Metal in the pure Scandinavian way! The second full-lenght from this Finnish act. Limited to 499 copies.

All tapes comes with pro-done covers and tape-stickers. They should hopefully be available in late December.

25092006: The HRIZG-tape is running very low (about 5 copies left), and is not available for trades and wholesales anymore. We are planning some new tape-releases.

29072006: SOLGRAV / F split-CD is out now! Check distrolist-section to order your own and releases-section for more info about the release.

11072006: SOLGRAV / F split-CD will be delayd, of course...

04072006: According to the pressing plant, the SOLGRAV / F split-CD should be out in 11th of July.
The same time VARJOT008: HRIZG "Oaken Path of Grief" -tape will be released in a limited edition of 299 copies. Primitive Spanish BM. More info yet to come...

09052006: The first CD release from Varjot has been confirmed.
VARJOT007: SOLGRAV / F "Kaksi Sutta" split-CD will be most likely released in July!
Check releases-section for more info.

24042006: The PERISYNTI-tapes are sold out.

03042006: VARJOT006: BESTIAR "Lethal Venom" CD-R is now also ready! Check releases and distrolist.

27032006: VARJOT005: HÄIVE "Vaiti" 3" CD-R is now ready! Check releases and distrolist. HÄIVE "Yössä Vainajien" CD-R is sold out, and there are also less than 10 PERISYNTI-tapes left.

14022006: Now the VARJOT006 is also confirmed. It will be the first full-lenght of Polish old school Death Metal-act Bestiar! Pro-done CD-R on red cardboard digi-sleeve. The release is Licenced from Old Temple (POL), mainly for the scandinavian markets.
Check "releases"-section for MP3`s!

30012006: The first Varjot-release for 2006 is confirmed. VARJOT005 will be a luxurious black 3" CD-R in a small DVD-box with fully coloured covers, limited to only 49(!) copies. The release will be a CD-R-version of the second effort of Häive(FIN), entitled as "Vaiti". The release was originally released as a cassette limited to 300 copies by German N:C:U. VARJOT005 will be a collectors item and sold only by us to the true fans of Häive.

30112005: VARJOT003 and VARJOT004 out now! Check releases-section for MP3-sample and more info. Distributors, trades are welcome.

10102005: Next two Varjot-releases has been confirmed. Brand new cassette-EP`s from both HÄIVE(fin) and PERISYNTI(fin) will be released later this year. Be prepared.
23082005: Problems in updating the website/distrolist still continues. Hopefully things will change dramatically during the fall...

01072005: We are moving! New postal-address is: VARJOT PROD., c/o Väätäinen, Lappeentie 19-21 C26, 55100 Imatra, FINLAND

06062005: We are having some technical difficulties in updating the website/distrolist, so there has, and will be some delays. We tough receive and deliver orders normally!

01042005: VARJOT002: HÄIVE "Yössä Vainajien" demo CD-R out now in limited 199 copies!

09012005: Next Varjot-release is confirmed! Finnish primitive, folkish-metal soloproject HÄIVE, and it`s ultra-primitive first demo "Yössä Vainajien" from 2003, will be re-released through us. Though the edition, release-date and -format is yet unknown. Be prepared!

18112004: Website is up. Also tape-version of the SOLGRAVs 3rd demo is ready! Check "releases"-section and "distrolist".

29102004: The first Varjot prod. release is confirmed. Tape-version of Finnish SOLGRAVs third demo "Pohjola kotimme..." should be out during this year. Edition will be 99 units with 2-sized 4-colour booklet. The tape-version will also contain some bonus-material.

22092004: Varjot Productions comes to life.

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