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Finland (Suomi, Finnland, Finlande, Finlandia) is the home country of sauna, Sibelius and Santa Claus. We have about 2 million saunas and only 5 million people in Finland! Moomins are Finnish, too. Helsinki is the capital of  Finland but there are also very many other interesting cities and municipalities in Finland.

There are 187,888 lakes, 179,584 islands, 5,100 rapids and 450,600 summer cottages in Finland. Saimaa is the biggest lake area in Europe. Finnish nature is extremely beautiful, especially in Lapland (wonderful fells i.e. arctic treeless mountains, 200,000 reindeer, the midnight sun during summer and the Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - during winter). 

Watch live Finnish bird box cameras and you could see birds nesting (in the summer) or staying overnight (in the winter) in bird boxes: Bird Box Cam, Bird Box Cam 2. Check also golden eagle online cameras: Golden eagle 1, Golden eagle 2, Golden eagle 3. Look at these Finnish nature cameras also: Natureit.

The archipelago of Turku is said to be the most beautiful one in the whole world. The island group between the Finnish mainland and Åland islands are the largest archipelago in the world. There are more islands and islets than people there! Groups may stay overnight in Herrankukkaro (Rymättylä, Turku archipelago). It is possible to sleep in a luxurious bird-box (a sea view), in nature, in sauna or in many kind of cottages there.

We have many specialitiesthe biggest snow castle in the world, the largest wooden church in the world and the biggest indoor aqua park in Europe etc. You can even try kick sledding also in the summer on a track made in a Finnish primary rock. The airport of Helsinki-Vantaa has been selected as the best airport in the world. Our luxurious boats cruising from Helsinki and Turku to Stockholm are the best ones on the Baltic.

Bengtskär Lighthouse is Scandinavia's highest (52 meters) lighthouse. It was built in 1906 and it is the first lighthouse museum in Finland. You may stay overnight in the old home of the lighthouse keeper! All the rooms have a sea view. Remember also other interesting attractions.

Kristina Cruises (the Czar's Route from the world's most beautiful archipelago to the blue Lake Saimaa) got the first prize of "Scandinavian Travel Award 2004 by German specialists, the Best Travel Product in Scandinavia" and Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen in Finnish Lapland got the third prize.

Read also about other interesting accommodation possibilities. Finnish spa hotels are especially recommended. Most of them have many indoor pools, massaging showers, saunas, steam rooms, outdoor pools, waterslides and pools for children. These activities are usually included in the room price.

There are many exotic and unique events in Finland: Wife Carrying World Championships, Mosquito Killing World Championships, Sauna Bathing World Championships, Swamp Soccer World Championships, Santa Claus Reindeer City Race, Santa´s Midnight Sun Marathon, Midnight Sun Film Festival, Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, Karaoke´s World Championships etc.

Finnish women were 2nd in the world to gain the right to vote in 1906. President Tarja Halonen is a woman, too.

We have very many internet connections and mobile phones per person in Finland. There are over 120 internet connections per 1000 people in Finland. Every Finnish school has internet connections and about 90 % of all Finnish people uses internet (over 50 % of  Finnish households have internet connections). 99 % of Finnish people have a mobile phone. People in Helsinki buy and pay over 3000 subway (metro) tickets with a mobile phone every day. You can even pay your soft drinks with a mobile phone in some places.

Welcome to Finland, a modern country with long cultural traditions. You will enjoy your trip and you will remember it for your whole life.

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