The world's most beautiful archipelago


The archipelago of Turku is said to be the most beautiful one in the whole world. The island group (40 000 islands!) between the Finnish mainland and Åland islands is the largest archipelago in the world. There are more islands and islets than people there! Groups (min. 8 persons) may stay overnight in Herrankukkaro (an archipelago holiday village in Rymättylä, Turku). It is possible to sleep in a luxurious bird-box (a sea view), in nature, in sauna or in many kind of cottages there.


Archipelago links:


Archipelago Circle Trail / Archipelago Ring Road 


See the world's most beautiful archipelago by car or by bike. The shorter route (about 100 kilometers): Naantali-Merimasku-Rymättylä-Nauvo-Korppoo-Houtskari-Iniö-Kustavi-Taivassalo-Velkua-Naantali. We recommend the longer route (about 250 kilometers): Turku-Kaarina-Parainen-Nauvo-Korppoo-Houtskari-Iniö-Kustavi-Taivassalo-Mietoinen-Lemu-Askainen-Naantali-Turku.


Services on the road or in the archipelago near the road:


From the world's most beautiful archipelago to the largest lake district in Europe:


The Czars' Route Cruise to the Archipelago Sea and/or Lake Saimaa and Saimaa Canal. Karelian Cruise on the blue Lake Saimaa (a cruise for 2-5 days including meals, activities and interesting excursions, the route Nurmes-Joensuu-Savonlinna). See also our category Traveling.


Saimaa - the largest lake district in Europe: , , http://www.gosaimaa.fi , ,


The Kvarken Archipelago (the World Natural Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List):

Lighthouses for tourists

Bengtskär Lighthouse (Scandinavia's highest lighthouse, 52 meters, built in 1906, the first lighthouse museum in Finland, visitors can take a guided tour and eat lunch on the island, also a possibility for overnight stayings in the old home of the lighthouse keeper, admission fees go to the restoration of the island):

(History and pictures:

(Rotatable images:

(Cruises from Hanko to Bengtskär Lighthouse:

(Cruises from Hanko to Bengtskär Lighthouse:

(Cruises from Kasnäs to Bengtskär Lighthouse:



Kylmäpihlaja (also accommodation):,, and

Marjaniemi: (Webcameras: and and and and and

Märket: and and (N.B. Märket Island is the world's smallest sea island shared by two countries!)




Tankar: and and

Ulkokalla (also accommodation & activities):

Utö (the island is the home of a population of large toads, the boat sails to Utö from Pärnäs in the municipality of Nagu):

General information: and and and (map and links to Finnish lighthouses)

Scandinavian islands (Stockholm archipelago, Aland islands, Turku archipelago): and and

Fishing in Finland

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