Cottages (holiday houses) in Finland

Many of  these cottages are open all year round, also in the winter.

Luxury cottages in Finland - luxus, luxus and luxus:

Some hand selected luxurious cottages:

1) In Ristiina, quite near to Mikkeli: (you can choose language Finnish/English on the right)
( Cottage Id 560)

2) In Mankala, Iitti, quite near to Kouvola: and
(Cottages Honkalinna & Joutsenlampi)

3) Luxurious Lomarengas cottages. Click, write the cottage cottage code in the search box and click "search":

-Cottage 7575 (this number is the cottage code) in Salla, Lapland

-Cottage 7833 in Rautalampi, 360 kilometers from Helsinki

-Cottage 7834 in Rautalampi, 340 kilometers from Helsinki

-Cottage 7948 in Parainen, 40 kilometers from Turku

-Cottage 8148 in Kittilä, Lapland, 205 kilometers from Rovaniemi 

-Cottage 8255 in Mäntyharju, 200 kilometers from Helsinki

-Cottage 8303 in Pudasjärvi

-Cottage 8306 in Pernaja, 95 kilometers from Helsinki

-Cottage 8458 in Sotkamo, Vuokatti

4) SPECIAL: Rent "an own island". These cottages aren't very luxurious.

See or

click, write the cottage cottage code in the search box and click "search":

-Cottage 6930 in Rautalampi, 73 kilometers from Jyväskylä

-Cottage 7126 in Kinnula, 165 kilometers from Jyväskylä

-Cottage 7182 in Lempäälä, 12 kilometers from Tampere

5) Vuokatin Aateli villas and holiday apartments in Vuokatti (Sotkamo):

6) Levinhuippu Chalet in Levi (Lapland) for 14 persons:


7) Winterdream Muonio - "the smallest, most private and most exclusive resort in Lapland, awarded with 6 stars and a crown by Airtours":


Other cottages: 


Aavasaksan Aurinkomajat:


Ahoniemi Log Cabin (near the city of Joensuu):


Aito Mökkiloma - Cottage Vacation (,, is a service, where users can search for cottages located in Finland and rent them directly from the owner. The service has advanced search features, which makes it easy to find cottages that fit your needs. Feel free to explore!):


Alatalo Cottage (Padasjoki, Lahti region):


Anttila Holiday (60 km from Tampere):


Arctic Circle cottages:


Aurantola Holiday Resort (Jaala, Kouvola region):


Aurinkoranta (Asikkala, Lahti region):


Berghamns Stugor (Houtskär, Turku archipelago):


BlueWhite Resorts (cottages, fishing, safaris, Carelia Border Area):


Car Rental Bevari (rent a car and a cottage from the same office at many Finnish airports): 


Cosy Finland - cosy home meals in Finnish homes, visits to cottages & saunas:


Cottage Holidays (Savonlinna region):


Cottages in Iso-Syöte National Park region:


Cottages in Kuusamo (Lapland):,,


Cottages in Tampere region:


Cottage Village Kerimaa:


Elijärven Mökkilomat (Turku region):


Eteläpää (Siikainen):


Everilän Lomamökit (Leppävirta):


Experience Yard Pikkukili (between Joensuu and Lieksa in Eastern Finland, accommodation in log houses, riding, children`s playground, domestic animal zoo):


Family Holiday Resort Pajarinhovi (Zoo, hotel, cabins in Kitee):


Finnish Lakeside Cabins:


Hattusaaren Rantamajat (Eastern Finland):


Heikin Tupa (150 km from Jyväskylä):


Heikkinen (near Kuopio):


Heinäsaari (Heinola, Lahti region):


Herrankukkaro in Rymättylä, the archipelago of Turku (Old fisherman's village for groups, min 8 persons. Recommended for weddings!):


Hiekkasärkät Touristcenter:




Hirvivuori Old Manor (Jyväskylä region):


Hiskilä (Leppävirta): and


Hoimela (Asikkala):


Holiday Club:




Hommanäs Mansion (large holiday houses or villas in Porvoo):


Hossa Holiday Centre (rooms & cottages):




Jaakkolan Mökit (Vuokatti):


Jokikumpu (Nilsiä):


Jokiniemi (between Kuopio and Iisalmi - very beautiful location!):


Jänisvaara's Bio-Farm (Koli, Eastern Finland):


Järvisydän Holiday Village (Rantasalmi):


Kaartila (Mikkeli):


Kaavi Holiday Village:


Kajaste Holiday (Eastern Finland):


Kalajoki Luxurious Holiday Apartments:


Kapiainen Holiday (200 km north of Helsinki):


Karhupirtit (Taipalsaari - Lappeenranta):


Karjalan Helmi (Pearl of Karelia, Eastern Finland):


Kesäranta (Ruokolahti, Eastern Finland):




Kimppa (Mäntyharju):


Kiviniemi (Savitaipale, 200 km from Helsinki):


Korintti luxury holiday apartments:




Lahdenrannan Loma (Heinävesi):


Lake Karelia (Eastern Finland):


Laurila (Lempäälä):


Lehmonkärki, cottages & VIP Villa (Asikkala, Lahti region):


Leisure Centre Mannilanniemi (Puumala, Eastern Finland):


Lempivaara Camping (Riihimäki):


Leppävirran Niemilomat (cottages in Varkaus surrounded by peaceful nature and beautiful scenery):


Loikansaari Cottages (Savonlinna):


Lomakivi Quality Vacation Cottages (Kausala, Kouvola region):


Lomamökkilä (Savonlinna):


Loma-Perkkiö (cottages in Kajaani, apartments in Vuokatti):


Lomarengas (Finnish Countryside Holidays - over 1000 cottages, bed & breakfast, farm holidays):


Lomarengas-Ruka (Ruka, Lapland):


Loma-Rinteelä (Vuokatti):




Lomso (Houtskär, Turunmaa archipelago):


Luonto-Savo (Iisalmi):


Mairela (a natural healing space: cleanse & detox your body, mind and soul):


Martinselkonen Wilds Center:


Mattila Farm (180 km from Helsinki):


Merenlahti (Lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta):




Naaranlahti (Punkaharju near Savonlinna):


Nettimökki - rentable cottages with photos:


Niemilomat (Varkaus):


Niinilahti cottages (Koli, Eastern Finland):


Norppa Team (Kolovesi National Park region):


Norrholms Eden (Turku archipelago):


Nuorgam Vacationcenter:


Ollilan Lomamajat (Kuusamo, Lapland):


Olmos (Dragsfjärd):


Orilampi (Valkeala, near the city of  Kouvola): and


Penttilä Gardens (also painting and drawing courses in Kangasniemi):




Pitkänen Farm (in Joensuu, Eastern Finland):


P.K. Erä-Majat (high-quality holiday cottages in Kuusamo, Eastern Lapland):


Porosalmi (high-class log cabins, villas and lakeside cabins 320 km from Helsinki):


ProLoma (Kuusamo & Ruka, Lapland):


Pätiälä Manor Cottages (Asikkala, Lahti region):


Rantama Holiday Cottages (Leppävirta):


Raut-Kotka (Padasjoki, Lahti region): and




RukaResidences (Ruka, Lapland):


Rukan-Salonki Chalets (Ruka, Lapland):


Rutanen Holiday Cabins (Rutalahti, Jyväskylä region):


Rönnäs (Pernaja):


Saalasti Cottages (Savitaipale, near the city of Lappeenranta):,  


Saija (Taivalkoski):


Saimaan Paula (Taipalsaari, near Lappeenranta):


Salla Fjeld (Lapland):


Serena Bungalows (Espoo, near Helsinki):,en_EN/


Solaniemi (Tampere):


Sommarö Holiday:


S-Systems (between Helsinki and Pori):


Strand Camping (Larsmo):




Tahko Cottages:


Taulu Manor (Toivakka, Jyväskylä region):


The Tourism Expert:


Timitraniemi Camping (Lieksa):


Ukonjärvi Holiday (Ivalo, Lapland):


Uranlinna (Asikkala, Lahti region):


Uttero Holiday  (Vaasa archipelago):


Vacation Cabins Heikkinen (near Kuopio):


Vattulahti Cottages (Rantasalmi):


Vekarit (Rovaniemi):


Viiri Holiday (Rovaniemi):


Viljovuori Holiday Cottage (Leppävirta):


Vuokatinmaa Holiday Houses (Vuokatti, Central Finland):


Väkkärä cottages (between Lappeenranta & Mikkeli):


Vääntäjän Tila (Valkeala, near the city of  Kouvola):


Yli-Kaitala (Iitti, near the city of Kouvola):





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