Events in Finland


Aquajogging World Championships:


Biggest Snowcastle in the world:


Carnival & Amusement Park Page:


Cultural events in Helsinki (we especially recommend the Savoy Theatre ):


Culture, entertainment, sports and other events in Finland:


Down by the Laituri Rock Festival, Turku:


Eat and Joy, Helsinki:


Events in Helsinki: and


Events in Turku:


Faces Etno Festival, Pernaja:


Finland Festivals:


Finland Ice Marathon (skating on the magnificient lake ice track of Kuopio):


Finland in wintertime:


Finn Guide Event Calendar: and


Finnish National Opera, Helsinki:


Go Finland (events, special offers, packages, search etc.): and


Hamina Tattoo Military Music Festival, Hamina:


Hanasaari Cultural Centre (Espoo, near Helsinki):


Hartwall Areena:


Helsinki Design Week:


Helsinki Festival (music, drama, dance, films, exhibitions), Helsinki:


Helsinki this week:


Historic Grand Race (Ahvenisto):


International Ice Skating Marathon, Tuusula:


International Organ Week, Lahti:


Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory), Helsinki:


Kalott Jazz & Blues:


Karaoke World Championships (Heinola):  


Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen:


Kicksled World Championships (Multia):


Kihaus Folk Music Festival, Rääkkylä:


Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, Kuhmo:


Lapland Festivals:


Matkasivut - Travel Pages for Finland (accommodation, cinemas, theatres, museums, transport guide):


Medieval Market (Turku):


Midnight Sun Film Festival (Sodankylä):


Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships (Savonlinna):


Music by the Sea, Inkoo (Ingå):


Mölkky World Championships (Lahti):


Organ Night and Aria Festival (memorable classical night concerts in the atmospheric setting of the medieval grey stone Espoo Cathedral near Helsinki):


Oulu Music Video Festival & Air Guitar World Championships:


Pori Jazz:


Puistoblues (Park Blues), Järvenpää (Tuusula, near the city of Helsinki):


Ruisrock, Turku:


Sand Castle (Finland's biggest sandcastle), Lappeenranta:


Santa's Midnight Sun Marathon:


Sauna Bathing World Championships: and


Savonlinna Opera Festival, Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna (this event is recommended by the bestseller book 1000 Places To See Before You Die):


Summer in Finland:


Summer Jig World Championships (Pudasjärvi):


Suursoudut Rowing Race (the world's biggest rowing competition), Sulkava:


Swamp Soccer World Championships: and


Swamp Volley World Championships:


Tammerfest City Festival, Tampere:


Taivalkoski Nordic Walking Park (Nordic walking in the country of its origin):


Tango Festival Tangomarkkinat (the biggest music and dance festival in Finland):


The Finnish Fair Corporation (events & activities in the Helsinki Fair Centre): 


TTE Event Calendar:


Tickets (search events in Finland and/or buy tickets):  and


Turku Music Festival, Turku:


Venetian Festival (bonfires, fireworks, music), Kokkola:


Väski Adventure Island for children (Naantali):


Wife Carrying World Championships (the length of the official track is 235.5 meters and the track has two dry obstacles and one water obstacle), Sonkajärvi near Iisalmi: and


Winter in Finland:

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