Guiding services and tours in Finland


Bear Tours:


BizarreOne (guiding services especially for young people, fantasy tours, rent a party guide, visit a Finnish home or sauna, shopping with Santa, ice-fishing):


Boreal Tours (Bear Trail hiking, Nordic walking, loghouse holidays, crosscountry skiing, Pure Finland package etc.):


Cosy Finland - cosy home meals in Finnish homes, visits to cottages & saunas:


Dörte's Holiday Service - guiding in the region of Savonlinna (Eastern Finland):


Emagine UK Limited (tours from England to Finland: Finland tours, Lapland tours, Santa Claus tours, Day trips from England to Lapland, New Year or Easter in Lapland):


Erä-Eero (guided nature tours near Lieksa, Eastern Finland): (See also Erä-Eero video:


Fairwind Travel:


Finland Experience Travel and Guiding (many kind of guided summer and winter activities especially in Oulu and Lapland, city guidings for Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and even Estonia):


Finland Expert (tours, incentive travelling, hotel booking):


Finland Travel Marketing:


Finnish Forest Power Experts (guided tours for groups of 2-100 people in the Lake Saimaa region):


Go Finland (events, special offers, packages, search etc.): and


Guild Travel (from England to Finland):


Health, culture, nature & travel services:


Helsinki - authorised tourist guides:,


Helsinki Expert and Tour Expert (Helsinki city tours, half-day tours to old wooden town of Porvoo, Finnish lakes and forests, the home of the composer Jean Sibelius and Fiskars ironworks village, city packages to Tallinn in Estonia and St. Petersburg in Russia):


Helsinki For You Tours (highly recommended - very good):


Kymen Matkat (tours in Finland, bus trips to St. Petersburg, Vyborg and Carelian area in Russia):,0,0


Lenas Sightseeing (sightseeing tours, museum visits, fishing and boat trips to the archipelago, sauna evenings in a cabin by the seashore and other guided activities in Turku):


Manor Tours especially for groups:


Profilink Guide Service (destination Helsinki):




Rudolf's City Experience:


Rudolf's Travel Experiences:


Scan Tours:


See Finland (nature trips and other activities from Helsinki with expert guides):


Sole e Nuvole (tours from Italy to Finland, Russia and the Baltic States: Finlandia, Il lago di Saimaa, Il magnifico arcipelago finlandese, San Pietroburgo, Tallinn):


Suomen Matkatoimisto (Friendly Finland Tours):


The Travel Experience:


Tours from England and Ireland:


Turun Neva Tours (bus trips from Finland to Russia: St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Murmansk, Valamo, Tverin Karelia, Vienan Karelia, Laatokka):




WellComing (many possibilities, even a wedding ceremony on a private island):


Zerkalo's low priced trips to Russia especially four young adults (St. Petersburg & Moscow):


Äksyt Ämmät (family, hiking and fishing holidays in Northern Karelia, tours especially for women):

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