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Welcome to Lapland, Santa's home!

Lapland consists of the northernmost parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Finland is the home country of  Santa Claus. Santa lives on a fell called Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain) in the municipality of Savukoski. Santa can't live on the North Pole because there isn't anything to eat for his reindeer there. But in Finnish Lapland a reindeer is a very common animal and it has a lot of food there. There are about 200,000 reindeer in Finland. Eagles, foxes, swans and wood grouse are other common animals. The spruce is the most common tree in Lapland. Wild cloudberry and Arctic bramble are the two most highly valued berries of Lapland. Lapland is a paradise for all nature lovers!

Santa's main office is at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. Finnish Santa receives about 700,000 letters per year from almost 200 countries. Through the years Finnish Santa has got eight million letters! For more details about Santa Greetings see Santa Claus Greeting Center . Don't forget to see Santa Claus Live, Santa Claus Television and Christmas with Virtual Finland.

Lapland - Santa's home - is very beautiful: fells (i.e. arctic treeless mountains), snow and the northern lights (Aurora borealis) during winter and the midnight sun (nightless days) during summer. During part of the summer the sun doesn´t set at all! The midnight sun is visible for 20 nights at the Arctic Circle and much longer in the most northern parts of Finland.

Remember to check the very beautiful photo gallery by Studio Tunturi-Lappi! You may also send free virtual Christmas e-cards.

In Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen (Finnish Quality Travel Award 2005) you can stay in a glass igloo and you see the northern lights or the midnight sun from your own bed. These igloos are very warm and they have motored beds. Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen has snow and ice igloos, an ice bar, an ice gallery and a snow chapel, too (in winter of course). Ask also honeymoon igloos! Lapland is full of interesting accommodation possibilities: igloos, cottages, log cabins, hotels, hostels, bungalows etc.

Snow Land near Rovaniemi is a very unique place. There are the igloo restaurant with ice tables and starlit sky, snow buildings etc. there. They also offer the chance to make snow sculptures or arrange wedding ceremonies there.

Snow Village with a snow hotel between the village of Levi and the village of Ylläs is opened on December 1st every year.

In Arctic Snow and Ice Theatre you see beautiful snow buildings and you can visit the world's only drive-in snowmobile theatre.

Lapland is a wonderful place for many kind of activities: hiking, paddling, fishing, snowmobile safaris, reindeer safaris, husky (dogteam) safaris etc. You find many interesting attractions in Lapland: the biggest snowcastle in the world, the Gold Prospector Museum, an arctic centre called ArktikumSanta Park (a Christmas theme park), the most northern zoo in the world with arctic animals, big national parks and so on. Lapland is a paradise for all nature lovers!

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland area but remember that there are also many other very interesting cities and municipalities in Lapland!

Welcome to travel virtually or in reality in magical Lapland (Laponie, Lappland, Laponia)!

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