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Absolut Safaris (Iso-Syöte):


A La Carte Lapland:


Arctic Academy (Northern Lights Programmes, Cross-Country Skiing Activities, Snow Shoe Activities):


Arctic Adventure (Utsjoki):


Arctic Circle Husky Park and Polarspeed Tours:


Arctic Circle Information (Rovaniemi):

(It is also possible to arrange a special meeting with Santa in his forest cottage. The guide will come to pick you up from your hotel and he will take you to Santa's secret forest cottage. There you can spend some time with Santa, take pictures with your own camera and have a reindeer sledge ride. Elf the Santa's helper will make sure that the children are warm by offering hot berry juice. If you would like Santa to give presents to children, you can give them to guide when he picks you up from the hotel. After the meeting the guide will take you back to your hotel. The price for meeting Santa in his forest cottage is about 850 euros. For more details, contact Arctic Circle Information, please.)


Arctic Circle Tours (Rovaniemi):


Arctic Experience:


Arctic Ice Breaker (Sampo) Tours in Kemi:


Arctic Life Style (Rovaniemi):


Arctic Safaris (Rovaniemi):


Arctic Trail Snowmobiling Safaris & Packages:


Basecamp Oulanka Nature & Adventure Centre (wilderness hotel & many activities):


Beanaruoktu Husky Farm (Savukoski):


Boreal Tours (Taivalkoski):


Chef Mark Adventure Holidays (Kuusamo):


Club Nord (safaris & car rental, Ivalo):


Destination Lapland log cabins & safaris:


Discover your own Lapland:


Enon Vene (snowmobiling):


Erähovi Wilderness Lodge (slalom, fishing and other activities):


Eräsetti Safaris & Santa Claus Safaris (Rovaniemi):


Esukki Snowmobile Rental (Kuusamo):


Etrox Snowmobile Rental & Safaris (Kuusamo):


Family Safaris:


Fascination Lappland (hiking, canoe and dog sledge tours in Muonio):


Father Christmas welcomes you to meet him in Lapp Village, Ylläs (Äkäslompolo):


Fell guide (freeride, off piste skiing, glacier tours, hiking):


Finland Safari (Kuusamo):


FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Levi:


Giewont Adventures (Levi):


Green and White Adventures (Kuusamo):


Green Line Safaris (Kuusamo):


Guided hikes:


Happy Safaris (Rovaniemi, Levi):


Hetta Music Event:


Hiking in Kilpisjärvi-Halti: and and


Horseback riding in Lapland: and and and and and  and and


Hot-air balloon flights at Levi in the winter:


Hunting Estate Ainola (Ylitornio):


Husky Tours KM & Ranch Silverace (Kuusamo):


Ivalo Adventures (Ivalo):


JR Giant (Ivalo):


K5 (accommodation and many activities at Levi):


Kairiver Wilderness Centre (Savukoski):


Kamisak (husky dog safaries in Saariselkä):


Kemihaara Holidays (Savukoski):


Kemi Snow Castle:


Kiilopää Fell Centre - Gate to the Urho Kekkonen National Park (hotel, hostel, cottages, apartments, terraced house, dormitories, caravan site, many activities):


Kilpissafarit (Kilpisjärvi & Halti, Lapland Fell Area safaris):


Kinos Safaris (snowmobile safaris & parasailing, snowmobile, canoe & fishing equipment rental, Levi): 


Kitka Safaris:


Kola Extreme:


Kola Fishing (flyfishing, spinning, grayling):


Kuusamo Holidays:


Kuusamo Safaris:


Lainio Snow Village & Snow Hotel (opens on December 1st every year, Ylläs & Levi):


Lapin Luontoelämys Nature Experiences (Levi):


Lapin Orava (hunting, skiing, fishing, snowshoe hiking, ice carving, igloo building, canoeing, berry picking):


Lapin Saaga (teepee village, Lappish evening, magic moments in Levi):


Lapland by Euro Tourism (choose a category from the list and then click on the symbols on the map):  


Lapland Delight (customised activities, e.g. meeting with Santa Claus, Ivalo):


Lapland Finland:


Lapland Magic (Travel & Outdoor Activity Company):


Lapland Safaris (Rovaniemi, Saariselkä & Levi): and


Lapland Vip Tour (NEW: overnight husky tours!):


Lapland Wildlife Tours (Northern Finland & Russia: birds, bears & belugas):


Lapponia Safaris (snowmobile safaris & rental etc. in Kemi):


Lapponia Tours - specialities like igloos, driving on ice, safaris etc. (Ivalo):


Lapp Village Ylläs (apartments, smoke sauna, meet Santa Claus / Father Christmas, safaris, activities: snowshoe, reindeer, huskydog, mini snowmobiles for children etc.):


Leasure activities at Levi:


Lemmenjoki (boat & gold panning trips):


Levi (the biggest ski resort):


Levi Safaris:


Lohesta Tunturiin Ltd (fishing in Muonio):


Lomamaja Pekonen (Exotic Arctic experiences: paddling, fishing, women´s Lapland, an outdoor cooking course, other activities, holiday packages in Muonio):


Luontoloma Pro-Safaris (Saariselkä):


Luostola Horse Holidays (horsefarm in Luosto):


Luosto's Reindeer Safaris (Luosto):


Meeting with Santa Claus:


Metkut (safaris & snowmobile hiring, Ylläs): and


Midnight Sun Film Festivals in Sodankylä:


Nature & Adventure Incentive (Kuusamo):


Nature in Northern Europe:


Nature Safaris (Luontosafarit, Luosto):


Nordic Holidays (Kuusamo):


Nordic Wilderness Experts (Utsjoki):


Ounaskievari Reindeer Activities:


Ounasvaara Ski Resort:


Paanajärvi Wilderness Centre - safaris in Finland and Russia (the world's only twin national parks side by side in different countries, Oulanka in Kuusamo, Finland, and Paanajärvi in Russia):, 


Pallas Husky (sled dog tours, Kittilä):


Peera Hostel & Hiking Centre (hiking, fishing, cloudberry picking, mushroom courses):


Polar Star (Kuusamo):


Pole Star Safaris (snowmobile safaris & rental, Levi):


Poro & Erä Safaris (Lokka):


Poronpurijat (wandering, skiing, Sami culture, reindeer herding, fishing, ice-fishing, birdwatching in Utsjoki):


Poro-Pekan Pirtti Reindeer Farm (Patokoski):


Purnumukka Reindeer Farm:   


Rainbow's End (Saariselkä):


Rami's Huskies (dog sleigh rides & safaris in Ylläs, see also a nice safari video):


Ranua Wildlife Park (the most northern zoo in the world): and


Reindeer Farm Sanila (accommodation, hiking, fishing in Sevettijärvi, 170 kilometers from Ivalo, bus connection from Rovaniemi):


Reindeer Farm Tatuka:


Reindeer Safaris Nulpon Nulkaus (Muonio):


Rimpparemmi - folk dancing (Rovaniemi):


Rovaniemi events:


Ruka Adventures:


Rukapalvelu adventures (Kuusamo):


Ruka Safaris - specialities like wilderness saunas, a traditional smoke sauna, Russian border safaris, kick-sleds, snowshoe safaris:


Saariselkä (the most northern ski resort in Europe):


Safari Service (Inari):


Safaris Unlimited (Kemi):


Salla (safari packages etc.):


Salla Reindeer Park:


Sallatunturi (Fell Salla: reindeer, husky & snowmonile safaris):


Salmon Fishing Centre (Muonio):


Sami Life (reindeer safaris, snowmobile safaris, fishing, dog sledding, riding, hiking, boat trips):


Sami's reindeer farm (Kolari, near Ylläs):


Sampo Tours - Arctic Icebreaker (the World's only icebreaker for tourists, Kemi, this attraction is recommended by the bestseller book 1000 Places To See Before You Die):


Santa Claus Motorsport (car & cottage rental, Motorpark training & testing track, Rovaniemi):


Santamus (Rovaniemi):


Santa Park - Christmas Theme Park, ice bar, throw snowballs also in the summer (in Rovaniemi):

(In SantaPark every family is treated with a special care. Santa has his own office and there is only one family at the time in his office. So it is a private meeting between your family and Santa. An elf will take a photo of your family and Santa and if you want you can buy the picture to take home as a souvenir. If you can come on a weekday, then there is always much less people than on weekends. Especially Saturdays and Sundays are very busy and SantaPark can usually be open only from 9 am to 12 noon. The rest of the day is totally full booked for groups. The VIP- ticket includes almost everything, normal things which are already included in normal entrance ticket as well as those who will normally cost extra, like lunch, photo with Santa, tickets to Ice Gallery, Elf School Diploma etc. The VIP- tickets must be booked in advance. Check opening hours and other details on their homepage, please. Bus timetables Rovaniemi Railway Station - Arctic Circle Santa Claus Village - SantaPark - Arctic Circle - Rovaniemi Railway Station:


Santa's Midnight Sun Marathon (Arctic Circle Marathon): and


Santa Sport (Rovaniemi):


Santa Village (Levi):


Snow (basic facts, famous snow constructions, how to make a snow castle, how to make snowmen):


Snow and River Adventures (Rovaniemi):


Snow Fun Safaris (reindeer, husky & snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, snowshoe treks, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs):


Snowkite & snowkiting school (Inari, Saariselkä):


Snow Land - the igloo restaurant, snow buildings, sleigh riding, ski riding etc. (Rovaniemi):


SnowRiders (husky safaris in Levi and Ylläs):


Snow Village & Snow Hotel Lainio (opens on December 1st every year, Ylläs & Levi):


Star Boys Tradition (Oulu):


Taxi cab service in Kilpisjärvi:


Teno River Inn (fishing):


Test World (winter & off-road driving in Ivalo):


The Village of Tolva and the Riisitunturi National Park:


The winter wandering:


Tour de Levi - Lapland Cycling:


Tourismus Team Europe (almost all about Lapland):


Tour skating routes on natural ice:


True Lapland (Enontekiö):


True Lapland (Kilpisjärvi): and


True North Safaris Äkäskero (Muonio):




Vuontispirtti Mountain Hotel (a Mecca for skiers & hikers):


Westribe (huskies, snowmobiles, fishing, hunting, a sauna ferry and shooting rapids in Aavasaksa):


White Wolf (snowmobiling, abseiling, snowshoe trips in Rovaniemi):


Wilderness Wolf (husky safaris & Farm Zoo in Kuusamo):


Wildlife Safaris (Ranua-Rovaniemi etc.):


Wild Motion Siperian Huskies (Muonio):


Wingren Dogsafaris (Levi):


Winterdream Muonio ("the smallest, most private and most exclusive resort in Lapland, awarded with 6 stars and a crown by Airtours"):


World Cup Levi:


Ylläs Holiday (many kind of activities):


Ylläs Lapp Village Activity Center (apartments, smoke sauna, meet Santa Claus / Father Christmas, safaris, activities: snowshoe, reindeer, huskydog, mini snowmobiles for children etc.):


Ylläs-Pailakat (safaris in Ylläs, e.g. full moon safaris, trip to winter swimming in a frozen lake):


Youth Holiday Centre Vasatokka (Inari):