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Christmas and Santa Claus

(Father Christmas, Babbo Natale, Julemanden, Jultomten, Kriss Kringle, Père noël, Weihnachtsmann, Sinter Klaas, Shen tan lao jen, joulupukki)


Children's Christmas (blog articles, photos, videos):


Christmas City Turku (not in Lapland): 


Christmas in Finland:


Christmas in Finland and the Ultimate Snow Adventure:


Christmas in Finnish Lapland and New Year in Helsinki (slides):


Christmas in Rovaniemi:


Christmas web shop:


Ear Mountain (Korvatunturi in Finnish, Santa's home):


Father Christmas welcomes you to meet him in Lapp Village, Ylläs (Äkäslompolo):


Finnish Christmas:


Finnish Christmas Table:


Free digital Christmas calendars (Advent calendars):


Games and puzzles:


Holidays by Ultimate Top Sites:


"I remember Christmas" by Liisa Berg:


It's white, it's colorful, it's cold, it's warm. What is it?




Lapland, Santa's home:


Letter to the real Santa Claus:


Meeting with Santa Claus:


Pictures from Santa's home country:


Pro Santa:


Questions about Santa Claus:


Santa Claus:


Santa Claus (e.g. webcams and Santa's jukebox - click the bell logo on the right): and


Santa Claus Greeting Center:




Santa Claus Lapland:


Santa Claus Live (history, Santa webcam):


"Santa Claus lives in Finland" (a song by Vesa Pölkki, in English and in Hungarian):


Santa Claus Plaza:


Santa Claus Post Office:,


Santa Claus Television:


Santa Claus Trivia:


Santa Claus videos (YouTube):


Santa Claus Village:


Santa Claus World: or


Santa Club:


Santaland (Find the genuihe Christmas! This is Santaland! Write to Santa or choose your trip. You may also win a free trip to Santaland, Finland. Click red marks in the animation and you find information, photos and videos.):


Santa Park:


Santa's Office:


Santa's School:


Santa's Workshop:


Snow Land in Finnish Lapland:


Snow Village in Finnish Lapland:


Studio Tunturi-Lappi:


Virtual Finland Christmas:


See also "Videos", please.

Write to the real Santa Claus


The real Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland. He hopes to get real letters. And through the years the Finnish Santa Claus has got over eight million letters (over 600 000 letters every year from over 150 countries). The children from the Great Britain, Poland and Japan are the busiest writers. Santa tries to answer letters if the writer asks a reply. Sometimes he may be too busy to answer everyone but he reads every letter. And usually you get an answer if you ask it. This is Santa's postal address:


Santa Claus

Santa Claus Village

FIN-96930 Arctic Circle



If you want to know more details see or .


You can send messages to Santa via Internet, too: .


Santa's e-mail address is .


Santa Claus Greeting Centre sells genuine letters from Santa Claus in 15 languages.


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Merry Christmas!

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