Spa Holidays in Finland (spas and spa hotels)

Serena Aqua Park

Spa Holidays in Finland (spas and spa hotels)

Ametist Spa

-location: 38 km from Luosto, Lapland

-special: a smoke sauna in the wilderness (on request)




-location: 25 km from Mikkeli 

-special: Extreme Cold -110 degrees Celsius treatment




-location: Nurmes




-location: Turku (quite good connections from Helsinki)

-one of the best spa hotels in Finland, many swimming pools with massaging showers and waterfalls, three waterslides (25, 80 and 117 meters long) for adults and children over 9 years, very good kid's pool (32 cm deep, +35 degrees warm water, a small waterslide for small children), also the outdoor section (adults' pool, cold water pool, small children's pool)

-special: the biggest (5000 litres water tank) seawater aquarium in private ownership in Scandinavia



Flamingo Spa

-location: Vantaa, near the city of Helsinki

-special: the water park's trump cards are the Nordic countries' largest and fastest water slides, which launch riders from the summit of the Mayan temple, other impressive water features are the Wild River, surging geysers, a streampool, diving pool and pool for watersports, the Spa and Wellness centre with its ancient Mesopotamian milieu is comprised of numerous themed saunas, heated soaking and saltwater pools and indulgent treatments, all in a mystical atmosphere with a concept developed by world-famous Paul Haslauer

- ,



-location: Siilinjärvi

-accommodation in Hotel Sandels,



Haikko Manor

-location: 6 km from Porvoo

-special: luxurious surroundings, Japanese treatments (Shindo)



Holiday Club Spa Hotels

-location: Vuokatti, Kuusamo, Oulu, Saariselkä, Turku, Tampere, Leppävirta & Nurmes

-high-quality spa hotels, recommended also for families with small children

- and



-location: 8 km from Nummela



Ikaalinen Spa

-location: 7 km from Ikaalinen



Imatra Spa

-location: 7 km from Imatra

-very beautiful fantasy spa named "Magical Forest", many very good pools (swimming pools, small waterslide, kids' pool with a very small waterslide, whirlpool/jacuzzi, Yorokobi hot pool, massaging showers), traditional Finnish saunas, steam rooms, the newer hotel wing named Promenade Hotel has good family rooms



Joensuun Kuntohovi

-location: Joensuu



Kaisankoti Manor

-location: 25 km from Helsinki




-location: Lappajärvi




-location: Kuopio

-recommended for old people and disabled people (with a wheelchair), suitable also for families with small children, a peaceful accommodation




-location: Levi, Lapland



Långvik Spa Tanskarla


-location: Tanskarlantie 9, Kirkkonummi (25 minutes from the city centre of Helsinki)


-special: Extreme Cold -110 degrees Celsius treatment, salt treatments


-the new and stylish but quite small spa in the peaceful surroundings, many rooms have a seaview








-location: 7 km from Ähtäri



Naantali Spa

-location: Naantali (quite good connections from Helsinki)

-special: the most splendid spa in Scandinavia, recommended for weddings, honeymoons and other celebrations

-pools are not suitable for small kids (deep pools), no waterslides

- and





-location: Puhos, near Kitee and 70 kilometers from Joensuu


-a large waterpark department from March 2010, no real spa treatments


-special: next to the small Kitee Zoo






Peurunka Wellnes Tourist Center

-location: Laukaa, 20 minutes from the city of Jyväskylä

-recommended especially for disabled people (with a wheelchair), suitable also for families with small children, no waterslides, very good possibilities for sport activities, a peaceful accommodation

- ,


Punkaharjun Kuntoutuskeskus

-location: Punkaharju (near Savonlinna)




-location: Karjalohja



Rantasipi Aulanko

-location: Hämeenlinna

-880 m2 pool department: massage pools, whirlpool, cold pool (+4 C), warm pool (+37 C), small outdoor (+26 C also in the winter), children's pool, waterslide (20 m, both for adults and kids over 3 years), fitness pool (25 m)


and and


Rantasipi Eden

-location: Nokia, 15 km from Tampere

-one of the best family resorts in Finland, the most popular family spa destination in Europe, recommended for families with children of all ages, waterslides, wavepool, whirlpools (jacuzzis), outdoor pool

- and




Rantasipi Laajavuori


-location: Jyväskylä


-special: the new spa department with good pools and saunas opened in 2009


- and


Rantasipi Imatran Valtionhotelli (The Grand Hotel Cascade, The State Hotel)

-location: in the city centre of Imatra, quite near to the city of Lappeenranta

-special: the new Spa Hotel department (opened in 2009, 49 superior rooms, 31 standard rooms, 3 mini-suites), the old historical Castle Hotel (opened in 1903, repared in 2005, 54 superior rooms in Art Nouveau style, 4 mini-suites, 3 suites and gorgeous tower suite), therapies (rock massages etc.)


-the hotel is next to the Imatra Rapids, which are allowed to run free at set times


-the quite small but stylish and peaceful spa, 200 m2 pool department: swimming pool, two whirlpools (jacuzzis), warm rock beds, three different saunas (Oriental sauna, Steam sauna, Lavender sauna) for women, Castle sauna (Finnish sauna) for men

- and


Rantasipi Tropiclandia

-location: Vaasa

-good indoor water amusement park 




-location: 5 km from Kuopio

-swimming pool, hot pool (+36 degrees Celsius), cold pool (+7 degrees Celsius), whirlpools (jacuzzis), waterslide (23 meters), massaging showers, pools for babies, warm outdoor pool (+32 degrees Celsius), Finnish sauna, steam room

-recommended also for children and


Rokua Fitness Centre

-location: 20 km from Utajärvi



Ruissalo Spa

-location: 10 km from Turku



Runni Spa

-location: 23 km from Runni




Saariselkä Spa Hotel


-location: Saariselkä Ski Resort (30 km from Ivalo Airport), Lapland


-special: the most northern spa in the world






Saimaa Gardens Spa


-location: Imatra, near the city of Lappeenranta


-spacial: one of the largest spas in Finland, the newest spa in Finland (not opened yet!)






SaniFani Spa & Sani Spa Hotel

-location: 10 km from Kalajoki

-special: JukuJukuMaa Adventure Land for children, very beautiful beach surroundings




-location: Espoo, near the city of Helsinki

-special: the largest indoor water amusement park in Europe, no traditional spa treatments

- and

-accommodation in Serena Villas


Siuntio Spa

-location: 52 km from Helsinki




-location: 8 km from Saarijärvi



Tahko Spa

-location: near Nilsiä and Kuopio

-the new and very modern spa




-location: Leppävirta, between Kuopio and Varkaus

-special: also for children, cross-country skiing round the year - also in the summer, Kymppi Arena track for snow activities in a Finnish primary rock under the spa, the nearby (15 km) Orinoro Gorge is worth visiting and


Ylläs Saaga

-location: Ylläs, Lapland



Yyteri Spa

-location: 18 km from Pori

-the oldish and old-styled hotel (not very recommended) but very beautiful surroundings, a very small pool for kids, one of the best beaches in Finland



See also and , please.

TIP: Travel to Kuopio and test five different and very good spa hotels in Kuopio region: Fontanella, Kunnonpaikka, Rauhalahti, Tahko Spa and Vesileppis! 

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