The "must sights" in Tampere are Pyynikki Ridge and Pyynikki Observation Tower, the pictoresque hillside Pispala housing area and Särkänniemi Amusement Park (Aquarium, Planetarium, Dolphinarium, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Observation Tower Näsinneula with the rotating restaurant and the very good Finland Menu, more details at http://www.sarkanniemi.fi/www/index.php?lang=en). There are also about 30 interesting museums in Tampere (e.g. Amuri Museum of Workers' Housing with old wooden houses, Museum Centre Vapriikki).


Moomin Valley (Moomin museum) is situated in Tampere Finland. In Moominvalley museum you see original illustrations by Tove Jansson, 40 miniatures and tableaux about events in Moomin books and a small (2,5 meters high) Moomin House. You see also the original Moominvalley multimedia and you may visit the Moominvalley shop which sells gift items and Moomin books in different languages

These web pages give very good and detailed information about Tampere and Tampere region for you:












http://www.uta.fi/maps/sisluettelo.html (maps)


http://www.tallipiha.fi/eng_index.html (Tallipiha)


http://www.zanderland.fi/ (fishing)




Pyynikki Ridge:






Särkänniemi amusement park, aquarium, dolphinarium, planetarium, children's zoo, Sara Hilden art museum, Näsinneula observation tower:




Spy Museum (the first spy museum in the world):




Spa Hotel "Holiday Club Tampere Spa" is absolutely worth visiting. You can choose a day visit or stay overnight there. They have good pools and saunas:




Viking Restaurant Harald (address Hämeenkatu 23, Tampere):




In Tampere you "must" also take boat cruises on beautiful blue lakes:


http://www.hopealinja.fi/sivut/english/home.htm (Finnish Silver Line)


Nokia Town (a place named Nokia - the original home of  Nokia Company, the town is situated 15 kilometers from the city of Tampere):




Spa Hotel "Kylpylähotelli Rantasipi Eden" in Nokia (one of the best and most popular family spa resorts in Europe, Finland's longest waterslide, many different swimming pools (inside & outside) and saunas, playgrounds for children, suitable for children of all ages):




Remember also to visit the beautiful small city named Hämeenlinna, only 80 kilometers from Tampere (easily accessible by train or by boat). Visit the old Häme Castle, Aulanko Nature Area and other sights there:




http://centuri.htk.fi/kkp/ (National Urban Park)



-The Central Park of Finland, nature area, lake cruises

-Finland's newest spa: 880 m2 pool department: massage pools, whirlpool, cold pool (+4 C), warm pool (+37 C), small outdoor (+26 C also in the winter), children's pool, waterslide (20 m, both for adults and kids over 3 years), fitness pool (25 m)

Indoor shopping village (the biggest retail centre in the Nordic countries!) named IdeaPark, "Finland's first roofed town", is situated in Lempäälä, between Helsinki and Tampere (near the city of Tampere, only 23 kilometers), and it is easily accessible by car. See all these in IdeaPark: department stores, restaurants, sport shops, toy shops, furniture shops, Catwalk Square (fashion shops), Central Park, Old Town (small shops, art shops and restaurants), outlet shops, children's culture centre PiiPoo (the world's tallest teddy bear, activities) etc. The sights of Lempäälä include Birgitta Trail hiking route, the Heritage Area of Kuokkala etc. More details:





http://www.piellokas.fi/english.htm (Piellokas Wilderness Trips)



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