The Seven Wonders of Finland


The seven wonders of  Finland were selected in 1973. Nowadays this list would be very different.


Old Rauma


Old Rauma was included in the World Heritage List of  UNESCO on the eve of the 550th anniversary of the town. Old Rauma is the largest uniform wooden town area in the Nordic Countries. The oldest inhabited buildings date back to the 17th century. See and .


The Keimiöniemi Fishermen's shelters


About a dozen fishermen's shelters which date back to the 16th century. They are located in Keimiöniemi Muonio (Lapland) near the Pallastunturi Fell by Lake Jerisjärvi.




Särä is a delicious lamb dish which is made in a special method in the municipality of  Lemi near Lappeenranta, south-eastern Finland.




Stundars is a handicraft village: an open-air museum and a centre of culture and art.


Lake Koitere


Lake Koitere is the Pearl of  Northern Carelia. There are 100 islands in the lake. The lake is situated in the municipality of Ilomantsi, the easternmost point of  EU.




Otaniemi is a science and technology park in Espoo near Helsinki.


Pihlajavesi Wilderness Church


The Pihlajavesi old church (built in 1780) and its magical shadows are a famous sight in Keuruu. and

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