On these pages you can meet the three Alaskan malamutes, Ira, Minto and Manu and their family.  We are Mika and Virpi and we live in Anjalankoski, a small town 150 km southeast of Helsinki. 

I, Virpi, have had dogs, mostly German Shepherds for over 20 years. I have always dreamt about an alaskanmalamute, and finally at 2006, the time seemed right to get one.

Ira, Salomaan Miss Daniela, is our first malamute. She came to us on the summer 2006. Ira charmed us immediately with her wonderful personality and it didn't take long before we had another malamute in the house. Minto, Salomaan Salariyok, came to us on Easter 2007. We had lost our hearts to malamutes. In May 2009 came Manu, Salomaan Udlayok to live with us. Time will tell what kind of a team they will be in the future.

We are members of ALMA (Finnish Alaskan Malamute Club)  and quite often you can find us at Almas meetings. At the moment I am also a member of the ALMA:s Test and Competition committee.

Our dogs get their excersice mainly by pulling sled or skiing in the winter and in the summer we bike with them. We also have a three-wheeler and a kickbike to exercise them with. They love to take long walks in the woods and especially Ira loves to swim in the summer. We also go to dog shows occasionally. 

Last winter we co-operated a lot with Marja-Liisa Kiuru and Pekka Mertala, you can find more information about them by going to the links page and take Yepas, Hinos and Yonas link.


I hope you will enjoy your visit on our site and  leave a greeting in our guestbook.




Virpi Salminen & Mika Huovila
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