This website was constructed in 2003, originally as part of a study project for the University of Birmingham. The essay written on the basis of the project can be read here.

The texts included in the original project were:
- Ari, poems "Frontlash", "Genrelino", "Torpedo Hotel", "Abby I" and "Abby II"
- Heidi80, poems "Exhaustion", "It happens again" and "Battle"
- Johanna, poems "Night", "Understanding", "On a Wisp of Cloud" and "Taken by Waves"
- Juhani Vallikari, poems "Cloud Castle Builder and Demolition Girl", "Love", "Rain" and "Perfection between the Incomplete"
- Selma, poems "Clockwise, with the wind" and "The beautiful and mystical night sky"
- Venla, poems "Thoughtless Experiments I", "Thoughtless Experiments II" and "Thoughtless Experiments III"
- Minna, story "Monkey house"

I started to expand the site at the beginning of 2004, starting with a few samples of my own work:
- Heta, poems "A Gathering", "addiction", "Flashback", "survival skill" and "a beginning"

Then I added a new writer:
- Pönni: "A recipe of me" - chillingly effective!

... and a couple of samples showing interesting developments in Johanna's style:
- Johanna: "public animal", "Rhythm of steps"

Next, some more explicit material became available, and I introduced warnings so people won't just stumble on subjects they might find disturbing.

J.K. Vain: "As easy as it gets", "in my grip", "The Power of Tears"

last updated Apr 2nd 2004