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*** The Open Doors Event 5th August 2017 & DC-3 member flights ***

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Gloster Gauntlet II
Saab Draken Fouga Magister
Folland Gnat Focke-Wulf Stieglitz K-8B Ka-6CR
Harakka I PIK-7 Harakka II PIK-7 Harakka III Muna-Harakka II Motorized Harakka
Fibera UTU SZD-9 Bocian Aimo Suomala's Light Helicopter Grunau Baby Flying Museum
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Art gallery
DFS Olympia (1, 2, 3)
PIK-3b ( 1 )
Grunau 9 (1, 2)
SG-38 (1)

The Flying Museum maintained by Karhula Flying Club is unique in Kymenlaakso area. The club has had an idea to preserve old aircraft for a long time. Club's first primary glider Harakka I was put into storage already in 1959. The actual museum was born in August 1992, when Finnish Air Force handed over a retired Fouga CM 170 Magister FM-43 jet trainer to club for storage. This airplane was initially stored in the glider hangar.

The present detached museum hangar was built in 1995. When finished in autumn, all museum aircraft were moved to this new facility. In spring 2005 the museum had many aircraft in exhibition. The 600 square meter hangar can accommodate a few more aircraft. The museum's expansion was completed in 2008. Present and likely future aircraft in the museum are presented in the this page.

Besides preserving its own history Karhula Flying Club maintains the heritage of Fighter Squadron 34, which operated at Kymi airfield during the war. That is the connection to the Finnish Air Force. Kymi airfield was build during the WW II in 1942-43 to be used by the fighter squadron flying Messerchmitt Bf 109G fighters for the air defence of city of Kotka.

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