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-ADYTUM (UK) “Dead Souls & Clandestine Rituals” – 5 Eur
Black Metal. Includes "Procession of Dead Souls" (Demo III) & "Ornaments of Clandestine Rituals" (Demo IV).

-ADYTUM (UK) “Ancient Ceremonies & Sacred Altars” – 5 Eur
Black Metal. Includes Ancient Ceremones..." (Demo I) & "At the Sacred Altar" (Demo II).

-ALTAR STOMPER (fin) “Grand Offering” – 5 Eur
Sacrifice Metal. 20 minute demonstrational cassette.

-ASKE (fin) “Forgotten Rites of Blasphemy” – 6 Eur
Compilation of rehearsal tracks from 1991 to 1999. Finnish Black Metal.

-ASPHODELUS (fin) “The Veil Between the Worlds” – 6 Eur
Death Doom.

-BETHEL (fin) “Northern Despondency” demo 2017 – 7Eur
20 years after “Northern Supremacy” Bethel’s second demo is out. Nordic Black Metal.

-BLESSED IN SIN (fra) “Materia Prima (Eritis Sicut Dii - 2006)” – 6 Eur
First unreleased version of Blessed in Sin's third album. Blessed in Sin are pillars of the French black metal scene and one of the most underrated European black metal hordes. Active since 1993 and performing a unique form of black metal influenced mostly by French heavy metal and Greek black metal, Blessed in Sin have been forging their own path since their conception. "Materia Prima (Eritis Sicut Dii - 2006)" makes no exception and will elevate your soul to darkened heights with its epic melodies and atmospheric passages. Pure and evil French black metal!
Available on Pro-Tape in European version limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

-BRETHREN (usa) "Savage Inequalities" - 7 Eur
Tape version of long sold out power electronics masterpiece. Chrome tapes, including 12 pages booklet with all lyrics. Freak Animal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaE5RmHQGs8

-CHAOS CASCADE (ger) “Filth Supremacy” – 5 Eur
Second Demo Tape by this obscure one-man project containing 5 tracks of bizarre grind/noise/hate/death/industrial. Nihilistic Holocaust Vomit Noise. Distortion Worship. Pro-tape, limited to 150 copies

-CULTES DES GHOULES (pol) / SEPULCHRAL ZEAL (ger) - Split MC – 7 Eur
Professionally duplicated tapes with stickers, handmade brown cardstock cover with photo glued to it, includes a lyrics insert.

-DEATHWOMB (spa) demo I – 6 eur
Bestial Black/Death Metal.

Déliquescence delivers another offering of Antinomian Black Metal, honoring the Horned One on this Samhain night; Neige Et Noirceur offers a twisted ritual, exploring new sounds while staying true to it's reputation; hymns to a dying aeon, where only true believers arise...

-DER STÜRMER (gre) “The Blood Calls for W.A.R.” – 8.8 Eur
2001 debut of Hellenic Hateful black metal is now re-issued on high quality pro cassette with slipcase, featuring the Infamous Death Squad Rex cover and also incuding the extra tracks which appeared on that version…. Darkness Attack.

!!! -DREADFUL RELIC (gre) “Hyborian Sorcery” – 7 Eur
A towering monolith of BLACK MYTHICAL METAL. Ten spells, curses and other MORBID TALES of APOCALYPTIC RAIDS! Comes in pro-maded & factory sealed tapes.

-EQUINOX (usa) "Of Blade and Graal" – 5 Eur
With fury and vigor EQUINOX (US) unleashed its first album. EQUINOX hearkens back to old days of occult black metal - think 4 track cassette recording, raw acoustic interludes, martial speech, baphomet banners, and ritual Satanic outlook. Comparable to early GRAVELAND. Pro-dubbed green cassette, lo fi xerox insert.

-FARULN (swe) “Unfettered” – 6 Eur
Debut demo of Swedish Black Metal. Faruln is the audial escape for bedeviled souls. Its craft reflects on the human darkness, the vanity of existence and the ultimate Death. It is the soundtrack for those who walk the sinister path of no return.

-FECAL FETAL (fin) ”Lopun Ajat” – 5 Eur
40 track cass.EP. Noisecore.

!!! -FLAMMENTOD (ger) s/t – 6 Eur
German Black Metal.
Conceptual and activist piece around the death of Reinhold Elstner. Musicwise by far the best ever produced by Flammentod. Real drums and one of the most hateful vocal performances ever laid on tape. "For years alleged gas chambers were shown to visitors at Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, and the like. Lies, nothing but lies to this day. Since I am now 75 years of age, I cannot do much anymore but I can still seek death by self-immolation."

-FOLCRIHT (uk) “Law of Sacred Ancestors” – 5 Eur
Mystical and ethereal ambient synth music from England. Somewhere in between what Dark Dungeon Music and Blême Euryale Records were releasing about 20 years ago.

-GJENDOD (nor) s/t – 6 Eur
Norwegian Black Metak. Darker Than Black.

-GRUNT (fin) "Sacrosanct Imperium" - 7 Eur
New 2015 studio tape that continues well where "Myth Of Blood" directed. No leftovers, no live material. Just new songs, of rough industrial-noise & power electronics. Chrome tapes, b/w j-card packaging with lyrics/artwork. Freak Animal.

-LES ORPHELINS DE DUPLESSIS (can) demo 1 - 7 Eur
Blasting, unrelenting dark Noisecore from Canada.

-MOENEN OF XEZBETH (bel) "Dawn Of Morbid Sorcery" - 7,5 Eur
Ancient mid-tempo black metal with raw analog sound, summoning the spirit of Samael, (early)Behemoth, Baxaxaxa and Xantotol. Recorded by Unclean Spirits in the coldness of 2016-2017. 28-minute demo pro duplicated on high quality chrome tapes , Limited to Undisclosed amount of hand numbered copies, produced by Darkness Attack Records.

-MORBID POISON (sui) "Walpurgisnacht Kommando" – 5 Eur
Another piece of Ghost Kommando history slips into the Legion Blotan catalogue; this time a demo which was originally only limited to 4 (!) copies and released on Death Fiend Productions in 2008. Heavily Intoxicated Black Thrash Attack! Ultra raw and primitive recording as can be expected. Limited to 200 copies.

-NACHTREICH (ger) “Retrospektive” – 6 Eur
Compilation of rare, previously unreleased and novel songs from 2003 to 2006, celebrating more than a decade of neo-Romantic piano- and viola-driven instrumental music. The Night Wanderers weaved harmonies sometimes powerful, sometimes dramatic, at all times beautiful, soundscapes influenced by neoclassical, neofolk and (Black) Metal. This is their farewell as they now fade into the dark. Comes on pro-cassettes with lavishly printed covers and A5 insert featuring Nicola Samori paintings

-NAR MATARON (gre) “The Awakening of the Ancient Greece” – 5 Eur
A hidden gem of Tartarus restored as a professional cassette by Feuer Publications. This demonstration was originally released back in the mid-nineties when the golden era of Hellenic Black Metal was living its full glory along with such names as ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA etc. A profound impact made with the use of vivid melodies and aggressive bursts sounding the voice of an ancient past.

-NECROVEN (spa) “Perpetual Scorn” – 5 Eur
Debut demo from this Spanish Death Metal band, pure worship to the ancient sounds of Death, influenced by the American darkest cults and the Finnish cold melodies among many other putrid. Necroven bandcamp: http://necroven.bandcamp.com/album/perpetual-scorn-demo

Filthy Death Metal.

-OPPRESSIVE MELANCHOLY (fin) “I” demo – 6 Eur
Oppressive Melancholy is a young new Finnish Black Metal band inspired by underground extreme metal, experimental and electronic music. The band uses these influences to come up with its own sound. Oppressive Melancholy proudly plays Anti-Abrahamic Black Metal. The sound is distinct, yet still raw, don't expect progress for the sake of progress. I is the bands first recording, recorded between November 2015 and July 2016 and is, with 45 minutes playing time, a full length release. Limited to 100 copies. Iron Scourge. https://oppressivemelancholy.bandcamp.com/album/i

-OPPRESSIVE MELANCHOLY (fin) “Kuroitus Mielen Totaaliin” – 6 Eur
Oppressive Melancholy is a young new Finnish Black Metal band inspired by underground extreme metal, experimental and electronic music. The band uses these influences to come up with its own sound. Oppressive Melancholy proudly plays Anti-Abrahamic Black Metal. The sound is distinct, yet still raw, don't expect progress for the sake of progress. Kuroitus Mielen Totaaliin is recorded between September 2016 and January 2017 and is a 27 minute EP featuring a cover of Countess' Fire & Blood. Limited to 100 copies. Iron Scourge. https://oppressivemelancholy.bandcamp.com/album/kuroitus-mielen-totaaliin

-PRIMORDIAL MASSACRE “The Law of Club and Mace” – 5 Eur
Debut Demo featuring 3 tracks of Barbaric Tribal Metal of Death

-PROFANE GRACE (usa) "The Divination of Souls" - 7,5 Eur
Re-issue of the debut album from the USA dark ambient cult! Darkness Attack.

-ORDER OF DARKNESS (usa) “Vrej” – 7 Eur
Cryptic Black Metal. DTB.

-ORFVS (fin) “I” demo 2010 – 5 Eur
Finnish Black Metal in the vein of old Gehenna.

-SAMMAS' EQUINOX (fin) "Pilgrimage" – 5 Eur
Receive now two isolationist epics as displayed on the debut demonstration cassette of SAMMA'S EQUINOX (FI) entitled "Pilgrimage". The Finn triumvirate (also known for their works in BLOOD RED FOG and PANTHEON OF BLOOD) performs desolate and pitch black, glorious and luminous Hyperborean Black Metal, in the vein of ILDJARN yet tainted with their very own sense of melody. The release comes on pro-cassettes limited to 200 copies

-SAMMAS' EQUINOX (fin) ”Boahjenásti” – 5 Eur
The Finnish triumvirate return with three hymns of mythological Hyperborean Black Metal. Mystical echoes from ancient times, towards the Shores of Pohjola.

-SANCTUS MORTEM (usa) Demo I - 7,5 Eur
Ghastly and haunting , morbid black ambient from impurath of Black Witchery.
SAMPLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izFk4f5_32w&feature=youtu.be

-SEGES FINDERE (bra) “Dessemitize” – 6 Eur
Elitist war Black Metal from Brazil. Behold Barbarity

-SEGES FINDERE (bra) “Massacre Supremacista” – 6 Eur
Black/death war metal hate from Brazil

From the absolutely raging, full on speed attack of Stalinorgel to the more bestial but no less enthralling assault that is Total Carnage, this tape doesn't disappoint.

-THYRANE (fin) “Black Harmony” – 6 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-TWO RUNES (fin) “Herää Eurooppa!” – 6 Eur
Official tape version.

-VASTAUSMERKKI (fin) Demo 1 – 6 Eur
Debut demo of radical Finnish Rock!

-VASTAUSMERKKI (fin) Demo 2 – 6 Eur
Second demo. Not Rock but more like Neofolk/acoustic atmospheres… Great stuff again!

-VLK (usa) “Of Wolve’s Blood” – 5 Eur
After three years of silence, Chicago’s Vlk returns with a full length album of predacious and melancholic mid-tempo black metal. Enriched with myth and folklore, "Of Wolves’ Blood," contrasts man's petty triumphs and struggles against the backdrop of an oppressive and unforgiving natural world.

-WEREGOAT (usa) “Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity” – 6 Eur

-WILL OVER MATTER (fin) "Toisesta Maailmasta" - 7 Eur
30 minutes assault of one of the most primitive Will Over Matter recordings. Signals from other dimensions. rugged electronic noises. interview of unearthly experiences and fierce vocals. Freak Animal Records. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO3vXu6Esoc

-WILL OVER MATTER (fin) "Vision ja Toteutus" - 7 Eur
New C-45 tape offers some of the most primitive and minimalist works of Will Over Matter. Little of samples, but no vocals. Crackling of fire, repeating patterns of crude loops and broken electronic signals. Beyond subtle minimalist approach, one can sense constantly something happening. Chrome tapes. Freak Animal

-WITCHMASTER (pol) “Masochistic Devil Worship” – 6 Eur
The classic, savage, BDSM-themed black/thrash massacre from the Polish maniacs, WITCHMASTER, re-issued on Pro-Tape with a new, expanded 6-panel layout.Limited to 200 copies

-WOLVES EYES (UK) “Memories of Those Fallen” – 5 Eur
Pagan Black Metal.

-WOLVEN EYES (UK) “Eternal Pagan Souls” – 5 eur
Pagan Black Metal.


-ABSURD (ger) “Werwolfthron” LP – 18 Eur
German Black Metal. Grey vinyl.

-ACHERONTAS (gre) “Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience” DLP – 20 Eur
Gatefold Double LP of Acherontas' debut album "Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience)",including Bonus songs from their split albums with Necromantia,Leviathan & Drowning the Light. WTC

-ACHERONTAS / HORNA "Atavistic Resurgence" LP - 15 Eur
The Gatefold LP version of "Atavistic Resurgence" is limited to 666 copies and comes with 100 copies in red and the rest in black vinyl. Both Bands contribute with studio songs, exclusively recorded for this split album.

-ANTAEUS (fra) “Satanic Audio Violence” LP – 15 Eur
Antaeus’ first Live LP, which features a re-mastered soundboard recording from their assault at Wolfthrone Festival in 2013.This recording perfectly captured the utter madness & destruction that Antaeus Gigs use to reflect. Satanik viktory!
This LP is limited to 500 copies (100 x grey and 400 x black vinyl) and comes with an additional A4 sized booklet, featuring live pictures and an exclusive Interview.Design by BrianVDP, Live pictures by Somnyum.

-ANTISEMITEX (pol) “Pride of Silesia” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Two new tracks of hateful Black Metal! Not for the weak!

-ARMOUR (fin) s/t LP - 15 Eur
Debut album of Finnish finest heavy rock band on noble black vinyl. Primitive Reaction.

-ARMOUR (fin) “Death Threat/No Heaven” 7” EP – 6 Eur
Finnish Heavy Rock.

-ASCENSION (ger) “The Dead of the World” – 18 Eur
Comes with 20 pages 12” size booklet

-AXESLAUGHTER (fin) "Of Catharsis and the Dying World" - 7" – 6 Eur
Death Metal madness.

-BEKHIRA (fra) demo 1996 MLP – 12 Eur
Essential French Black Metal! Darker Than Black.

-BILSKIRNIR (ger) “Totenheer / Dem Feind Entgegen” LP – 17 Eur
Includes “Totenheer” and “Dem Feind Entgegen” first time on vinyl. DTB.

-BILSKIRNIR (fin) “Atavismus Des Glaubens” LP – 17 Eur
Second Bilskirnir album available on vinyl again, much better than the original edition from 2003. DTB.

-BLACK FEAST (fin) “Larenuf Jubileum” LP – 15 Eur
The Finnish trio of bestial black metal now known as Witchcraft had undergone at least two previous changes in moniker before settling on its current name. Between 2010 and 2012, and under the name of Black Feast, they recorded and released several demos and two splits, the most prominent of which was an LP shared with the mighty Impurity of Brazil. In addition to the general prestige bestowed upon them by sharing a release with such legends of bestial savagery, this split is also notable due to the obvious primary source from which both unmistakably derive much of their influence – Beherit. While Impurity coexisted alongside Beherit during both bands’ formative years, the two shared a mutual admiration that has been reported through their publicly-shared correspondence from that time. Some twenty-plus years later, Black Feast (and now Witchcraft) represents a second-generation reawakening of the beast that few, if any, bands have been able to successfully recapture since Beherit and Impurity desecrated their respective Finnish and Brazilian soils in the early 1990s. Larenuf Jubileum, released jointly under the auspices of Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead Productions, compiles Black Feast’s “Worship of Darkness” demo from 2010, the “Abominations of Darkness” tracks from the 2011 split cassette, and five previously-unreleased tracks from three separate promo/advance tapes from 2010 and 2011. These tracks faithfully and convincingly represent the same breed of unhinged, demonic chaos that was first unearthed by pre-“Drawing Down the Moon” Beherit. Thus, with this release and the promise that the band continues to hold for the future, a strong legacy of Finnish bestial black metal has been rightfully resumed.

!!! -BLUTKULT (ger) “Nekromantika” LP – 17 Eur
German Radical Black Metal. Blutkult debut album on vinyl, includes two bonus tracks not on the original tape version.

-BLOODHAMMER (fin) ”Syksyn Pimeyteen / Copulation of Burned Angels” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Bloodhammer offers from melancholic to utterly raw old school primitivism.

-BLOODHAMMER (fin) “Kuusi Hymniä Syvvydest’ä” LP – 17 Eur
Long awaited proper full length album of the mighty Bloodhammer! Band has been active in Finnish Black Metal scene since 90's. They have gone through natural changes of style, but never compromised. Always remained in shadows. Very little of interview. No live gigs. No excessive merchandise. This new album makes band return with style that is both raw and grim fast paced nordic black metal known from bands past, as well as with epic midpaced songs that echo Bathory or even early pagan metal era of Graveland, but also firmly in traditions of metal. Bloodhammer remains completely unique in Finnish scene, avoiding all the trend, expectations and opportunism. Northern Heritage.

-BRUTAL BEGUDE (fra) “Extreme Retour” LP – 15 Eur
Great new album of radical Death/Thrash Metal. Limited to 300 copies, comes with insert.

-CAVERNE (fra) “Aux Frontières du Monde” LP – 17 Eur
Northern Heritage teamed up with Resilience to get this great French black metal album done on LP.

-CELESTIAL BLOODSHED (nor) “Serpents Kiss” 7" EP- 7 Eur
This recording dates back from 2006 and was originally intended for a split release that never happened, now dug up from the abyss of Hell!
Comes with artwork etched into the B-side and thick, full color fold-over cover!
Released by Terratur Possessions in conspiracy with Apocalyptic Empire Records!

-CEMTERY FOG (fin) “Towards the Gates” 12” MLP - 12 Eur
Excellent MLP of this new Finnish band. Death/Doom in the vein of old My Dying Bride. Iron Bonehead.

-CHARNEL WINDS (fin) “Der Teufelsbund” LP – 16 Eur
A revelation of Luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit. The true sovereign granting the phosphorescent flame is revealed here as Lucifer-Shaitan - the Prince. Black Metal with true devotion, creativity and passion. Limited to 350 copies with insert and pro-covers. Final Agony.

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “City of Slaughter” LP – 17 Eur
New strong album.

-DEMONIC CHRIST (usa) / HORNA (fin) “Bound to Damnation/Siunatut Arvet” 7” EP – 8 Eur

-DEMONOMANCY / WITCHCRAFT “Archaic Remnants of the Numinous / At the Diabolus Hour” splitLP – 15 Eur
Bestial Black/Death Metal.

!!! -DER STÜRMER (ger) / NORDWIND (can) split 7” EP – 8,8 Eur
The flames of Divine Purification are drawing near! Der Stürmer and Nordwind fight side by side Under the Wolf’s Hook for the coming of Divinity of Destruction ! Available on vinyl 7" EP with 7" insert including lyrics

-DEVILRY (fin) "Stormbolt" 10" MLP (BOP020) - 12 Eur
The merciless warmachine attacks again. Six new tracks of militant Death Metal ferocity.Limited to 500 copies and includes an insert for lyrics. Stormbolt will strike you down!

-DEVILRY (fin) “Rites for the Spring of Supremacy” LP (BOP022) – 15 Eur
Few copies back in stock.
12 tracks of ideologically charged, politically motivated, spiritually elevated, radical, martial, violent Death Metal! Comes in coloured gatefold sleeve.

-DEVILRY (fin) “Treuelied” LP (BOP088/IGF) – 17 Eur
National Socialist Death Metal.
Vinyl version out now. Comes with 8-page 12" booklet.
Released in conspiracy with IG Farben. 188 copies.

-DEVERILLS NEXION "The Sinister Tarot” LP – 22 Eur
The Sinister Tarot A Musickal Working, Instruments Modern and Voice
LP with 12 page A5 booklet.
The sinister tarot is a variant of the “standard” tarot.It is described fully in the Order of Nine Angles’ key guide
to practical Satanism, NAOS. Each track is an interpretation in sound of a specific card(from the major arcana only for the purposes of this "album").The musick herein can seen as well as heard, being aspontaneous manifestation expressed through the magickal meditations of each element, associative and dissociative, linear or otherwise. The musick, like that of the individualized tarot cards of the sinister deck, being self-divined, self-made, self-sourced to a largely personal degree, still has immense relevance for others as it further informs and enriches the egregore of the Septenary path that is ONA

-DIABOLI (fin) "Anthems Of Sorrow" LP - 17 Eur
Black Metal!

-DIABOLI (fin) "Towards Damnation" LP - 17 Eur
Black Metal!

-DIABOLI (fin) "Mesmerized by Darkness" LP - 17 Eur
Black Metal!

-DIABOLI (fin) “Wiking Division” LP – 17 Eur
Merciless black death with violent lyrics. Northern Heritage.

-DUCH CZERNI (pol) “Widma Czarnych Dusz” 7” EP – 6 Eur
Polish Black Metal with Necrostrigis member. Sabbat’s Fire.

-DÄMONENBLUT (ger) “Das Tor zur Hölle” LP – 17 Eur
German Black Metal.

-ENTARTUNG (ger) “Krypteia” LP – 15 Eur
Entartung’s debut album “Krypteia” contains 6 songs with a running time of about 46 minutes,delivering Black Metal with a few hints to Bands like Sargeist and an overall great atmosphere.As the Band members are active within the scene for some time already,it doesn’t surprise that the album has a strong “mid nineties feeling” to it.The vinyl version of "Krypteia" is limited to 250 copies.

-ENTARTUNG (ger) “Peccata Mortalia” LP – 15 Eur
ENTARTUNG's Krypteia debut displayed a young black metal band with an old soul, breathing deep the spirit of ancient darkness. But with their second album, Peccata Mortalia, ENTARTUNG exhale a crypt-stench stronger than death. Indeed, Peccata Mortalia displays the duo in an even stronger (black)light, the songwriting both more assured and distinctive and the execution more vile and grim. Shadow-draped yet melodic, despite the band's Teutonic origins, ENTARTUNG forego the mystical/medieval vibe of their country's usual black metal style and, in fact, slot well alongside Finland's filthy and emotive idiom of the past decade. By any description, however, Peccata Mortalia is black metal traditionalism par excellence.
The vinyl version of "Peccata Mortalia" comes with a A5 sized 16 pages booklet.

-ETERNITY (ger) “Pestiferous Hymns (Rev. I-I-XXXIII)” LP – 15 Eur
Eternity’s third full length album, entitled “Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII”. Although the Band has added a few new elements to their music, Eternity are still sticking to with what they began 18 years ago,celebrating nothing else than Blackest Metal. WTC

-EVIL (bra) “Hammerstorm” LP – 17 Eur
Finally of vinyl. Black Metal storm.

-EVIL (bra) “Rites of Cleansing” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Includes one new track and Mysteries cover.

-FATHERLAND (fin) s/t LP – 17 Eur
Debut album. Finnish patriotic Black Metal.

!!! -FORLOR (fin) “Towards the End” LP – 17 Eur
Raw Finnish Black Metal.

!!! -FULLMOON (pol) "United Aryan Evil" LP - 18 Eur
One of the most legendary Polish Black Metal demos. Comes with a great looking gatefold cover + lyric insert. Black vinyl. RECOMMENDED!

-FUNERAL WINDS (NL) “Sekhmet: Seven Arrows, Knife and Flame” 7” EP – 7 Eur
After over eight years of silence, a new stab in the heart by Dutch cult horde Funeral Winds. Two new tracks, 4-sided inlay.

-FÖRGJORD / MUSTA KAPPELI “Uskonkuolema” SPLIT 7” EP – 6 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-GNOSIS (usa) “The third Eye Gate” LP – 17 Eur

-GOATMOON (fin) “Son of the Northwind” 7” EP – 9 Eur
National Romantic Black Metal. Comes with two stickers. Bestial Burst.

-GOATMOON (fin) / DARK FURY (pol) split 7” EP – 8 Eur
New tracks from both.

-HIC IACET (spa) “Prophecy of Doom” 7” EP – 7 Eur
The mysterious Spanish entity of HIC IACET is rumored to include various movers 'n' shakers of the underground, and also equally rumored to be a solo-project of one supremely sick individual. Five members or none, HIC IACET's debut demo Hedonist of the Death floored anyone who heard it last year with its otherworldly miasma of morbidity and darkness; so hotly tipped was it that HELLS HEADBANGERS' exclusive 12" vinyl pressing of 333 copies sold out almost immediately. Now, HIC IACET emerges from the funeral fog to stake their claim as one of underground metal's brightest/darkest hopes with the two-song Prophecy of Doom 7" EP. Just like its namesake, Prophecy of Doom is a cavernous womb/tomb of pestilence, echoing sepulchral bellows from nameless depths. Meanwhile, morbid black/death barbarity rots the soul from the inside out as the carnal is ravaged in kind: behold HIC IACET's Prophecy of Doom!

-HORNA (fin) "Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" 2LP - 20 Eur
Black Metal. Gatefold DLP re-issue of Horna's fourth full lenght album.

Canadian 4way split vinyl. New tracks from all.

-ISVIND (nor) "Daumyra" LP - 22 Eur
New album from the Norwegian duo, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn’t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best.

-ISÄNMAA (fin) “Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Old project of Kimmo Luttinen (ex-Impaled Nazarene). Re-release by Primitive Reaction with a bonus track.

-JOTUNHEIM (swe) s/t LP – 12 Eur
Swedish Black Metal.

"Discipline Through Distortion", two noisecore bands from Finland. Offensive on all levels, not for the sensitive PC flock. Bestial Burst.

-KARELIAANI (fin) “Suomalainen Sisu” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Finnish RAC.

Hammer of Hate is proud to present a release of thundering Black Metal from the cradle of civilization Hellas Greece, gathering 4 great hordes of both the old and newer Greek scene! All new exclusive songs from each on this limited to 500 vinyl release!


-KOHORT (pol) “Christian Masquerade” LP – 15 Eur
Polish Black Metal. One of the best albums ever from Poland.

-KRATORNAS (phi) "The Onslaught of Battledemons" 10”- 8 Eur
Maniac and sadistic Black/Death Metal chaos. Ordealis.

-KRODA (ukr) "Ginnungagap-Ginnungagaldr-Ginnungakaos" LP - 15 Eur
Ukranian Pagan Metal. Purity Through Fire.

-KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “W.O.T.A.N.” LP – 17 Eur
Vinlandic Pagan Madness! New Era Productions.

-LEICHENZUG (ger) “Das letzte gebet…” LP – 17 Eur
Supreme German Black Metal!

-MALARIA (can) “Blood Mercenaries” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Blood Mercenaries" contains 5 tracks of malevolent wargrind and is available on black vinyl with double sided insert.
Sample track here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J05A50ZDJY

-MANIPULATOR (fra) “Unearthed” LP – 7 Eur
Damaged covers!!!!!! Dark Death Metal, prelude to the voidbound voyage. Cold Void Emanations.

-MANIPULATOR (fra) “Voidbound” MLP – 10 Eur
Cavernous, abysmal Death Metal. Four hymns of departure to journey on Stygian streams, including DARK THRONE tribute. At long last on black wax, mastered at 45rpm; comes in reverse cardboard sleeve with a handmade insert handnumbered in the blood of the Moil. Limited to CCL copies in conspiracy with Soulseller Records.

-MEGALITH GRAVE “Black Enmity” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Desolate atmospheres conjured through keyboards and raw Black Metal.

-MGLA (pol) "Presence” – 15 Eur
Old Presence vinyl was 1-side 12". what was manufactured merely couple hundred copies. This new versions is thicker cover. thicker better quality vinyl and including Crushing The Holy Trinity material on b-side. Northern Heritage.

-MONSTRAAT (swe) s/t LP – 15 Eur
Debut album of aggressive and fast Swedish Black Metal.

-MOR (rus) “Lesomorie” LP – 12 Eur
Slightly damaged covers = lower price!
Atmospheric Black Metal. Cult demo-tape “Lesomorie” recorded in 1996 finally released as vinyl LP. This is beginning of path of one of the oldest and respected Russian band. Unique mix of glorious raw, cold Black Metal (with true 90-s spirit) and Pagan Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Ambient sounds. Even the band’s members find it difficult to determine their own style all these years, calling it “not Death Metal, but Metal of Death”. MOR is a musical reflection of the band’s members and their ideas. MOR ist TOD. For fans of Solstafir, Enslaved, Borknagar and Forgotten Woods.

-MYRKR (ire/swe) “Offspring of Gathered Foulness” 12” MLP – 12 Eur
Black heathen terror propaganda! Includes A3 poster & lyric sheet! Drakkar Productions release.

!!! -NATION WAR (mex) / VIA DOLOROSA (ita) “Sah / Key of the Creation” split 7” EP – 8 Eur

-NECROSTRIGIS (pol) “Night Forest Death- Warriors of TTF” 7’EP – 7 Eur
Includes Legion and Mysteries covers. Polish Black Metal.

-NECROSTRIGIS (pol) “Dziedzictwo wilczej krwi” 12” MLP – 12 Eur
Polish Black Metal.

-NEKROKRIST SS (fin) “Suicide” LP – 15 Eur
Raw Finnish Black Metal.

-NEXUL (usa) “Nexulzifer” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Exalt his name: Luciferian Death Metal emerging from the womb of Hecate, NEXUL unleashes their debut demo, Nexulzifer, for all Lefthand followers and Luciferian Death worshipers. Featuring members of Helvetron and Nyogthaeblisz, Nexulzifer comprises three rituals exalting the name of Lucifer and advocating the Rite of the Trident. With a hideous energy and bestial abandon, NEXUL's deathless will illuminates the Emerald Eye...behold the light!

-NORDREICH (ger) “Am Hunengrab” LP – 15 Eur
German Black Metal. Demo from 2002 on black vinyl with bonus tracks.

-NORDVREDE (nor) “Legion Nordvrede” LP – 22 Eur
Gatefold LP with big booklet.

-ORDER OF THE DEATH’S HEAD (fra) “Le Sang Secret” 12” MLP – 16 Eur
Two new tracks. Radical French Black Metal.

-ORDINANCE (fin) "Relinquishment" DLP - 24 Eur
On their debut full-length Ordinance surefootedly steps forth ahead unfathomed nooks of what is in the core of Black Metal. "Relinquishment" lights the lantern of your seeking by intertwining the ominous, bold and versatile musical, lyrical & visual qualities of the album into a 65 minute crescendo of fury.

!!! -ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS (pol) "Bloody Aeon Of Fullmoon Sacrifices" 7" EP - 7 Eur
True and utterly evil Polish black metal. Limited to 200 copies. Final Agony Records.

-ORFVS (fin) “The Greatest Sacrifice” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Orfvs breathes out a whisper from the glorious days of mid 90's era synth Black Metal in the Norwegian and Finnish vein. This EP might've as well been the missing release of GEHENNA between their First and Second Spell. Orfvs' Black Metal Art is full of mysteries, performed in the slow/mid-tempo pace with haunting synth and eerie vocals. The two spirits forming the coven of Orfvs are also known from BLOOD RED FOG, FUNERARY BELL, UTGARD and several others, yet the significance of the band is not just a side-project but a strong illustration of Satanic darkness on it's own. EP is released in a full-colour sleeve and it's limited to 300 copies.

-PAIN NAIL (fin) “Hengellisiä Lauluja PT 2” – 7 Eur
Finnish industrial power electronics. Audial Decimation Records

-PERDITION TEMPLE (usa) “Sovereign of the Desolate” 7” EP – 6 Eur

-PHLEGEIN (fin) "Ancient Battlegrounds" 10" MLP - 12 Eur
Debute release delivers pure black metal. Cold freezing sound, totally gimmick free black metal focusing on basic elements. No subgenre following, no artificial fake ideologies. Only total black metal, nothing less, nothing more! NH

-PRECAMBRIAN (ukr) “Proarkhe” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Slavonic Black Metal.

-PRECAMBRIAN (ukr) “Aeon” 7” EP – 7 Eur
Slavonic Black Metal.

-ROTTING CHRIST (gre) "Apokathilosis" 3x7" Boxset – 28 Eur
RE-PRESSRegular version: 3 x vinyl 7"s with picture sleeves, 12 page booklet and case wrapped box

-SACRIFICIAN MORTUORUM (fra) “Damnatorium Ferrum” LP – 12 Eur
French Black Metal. Limited and numbered to 300 copies.

-SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) “Fimbulwinter” LP – 17 Eur
New album on vinyl.

!!! -SELBSTMORD (pol) “Radical Declaration” LP – 17 Eur
Radical Polish Black Metal!

-SINOATH (ita) "Forged in Blood & Still in the Grey Dying" DLP - 23 Eur
SINOATH, hailing from Sicily, Italy, should not need introductions for anyone who was actively following the development of Black & Death Metal in the early 90’s. The band’s Dark Occult Metal with the unique bone-chilling synths quickly drew much attention the world over, as they were arguably one of the very first bands to incorporate synths in that particular way – in turn influencing a great number of bands.
The Sinister Flame brings the band’s two first – and legendary - studio recordings together with an obscure live recording of the band’s very first gig from May 1991 on vinyl for the first time. RECOMMENDED!!!

-SOMBRE CHEMIN (fra) “Opus III” LP – 12 Eur
Last album ever, re-arranged and re-recorded demo tracks + unreleased materials. French heathen black metal art.Vinyl release only. Sabbath’s Fire.

-SPEAR OF LONGINUS (aus) “Nothing is forever, and, Forever is Nothing” LP – 17 Eur
Official vinyl version. DTB/Final Agony.

Radical martial industrial/power electronics vs. industrial/ambience with Pentti Linkola theme, limited pressing. Europa Erwache.

-THOR’S HAMMER (pol) “Three Weeds from the same Root” LP – 17 Eur
Polish Black Metal tyranny. Comes with A5 size booklet.

-THY SERPENT (fin) “Forest of Witchery” LP – 17 Eur
Dark Metal masterpiece.

!!! -ULFHETHNAR (ger) “Von Deutscher Art” LP – 17 Eur
Melodic German RAC. Recommended!

-UNCELESTIAL (fin) "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" 12" MLP - 10 Eur
With new line-up, ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, and much more, with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. Nearly half an hour of length these days could qualify as "full length", but this 4 tracks + intro recording is 12” pressed on 45rpm with great sound!! Hear mp3 of one of the tracks on below mentioned site. NH

-UNCREATION’S DAWN (fin) “Death’s Tyranny” DLP – 20 Eur
Excellent second full-length. Black Metal with a strong touch of originality that UD is known for! NH

Featuring exclusive songs from: Baphomet’s Blood, Deiphago, Goat Messiah, Nocturnal, nuclear Warfare, Hatred, Moder, Zerstörer, Blasphemophagher, Wurm and Obsessör. Iron Bonehead.

-VANARGANDR (NZ) “Dauthaz” 7” ep – 7 Eur
Abysmal death ambient.

-VAPAUDENRISTI (fin) “Ikuinen Kuolema” LP – 17 Eur
Finnish Rock ’n’ Roll rebels!

Radical Rock Resistance, Finland & Canada. Exclusive material for 10". Released on as vinyl at this point.

-VLAD TEPES (fra) “Morte Lune” LP – 15 Eur

-WARFIRE (fra) “Heralds of Eternal Order” LP – 15 Eur
Crushing radikal Death Metal! Iron Bonehead.

-WARLOGHE (fin) "Dark Age's Return" LP- 17 Eur
Contains The Black Tower demo, Unlighted 7" and two unreleased songs. "The Black Tower" song never appeared on debut demo. Dark Ages' Return was originally meant to be on debut 7" but was not used. 7" songs are in their full length and with better sound than originally on the edited vinyl. c. 40 minutes of true black metal.

-WARLOGHE (fin) “The First Possession” LP – 17 Eur
Crucial landmark of Finnish True Black Metal re-issued with some additional lyrics and text printed in insert.

-WARLOGHE (fin) “Womb of Pestilence” LP – 17 Eur
Crucial landmark of Finnish True Black Metal re-issued with some additional lyrics and text printed in insert.

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Der Befehl” DLP – 20 Eur
The vinyl version (limited to 500 hand numbered copies) of Wehrhammer's new album "Der Befehl" comes as Double LP with nothing less than 6 Bonus songs.

-WELTBRAND (NL) “Contra” 7” EP- 6 Eur
This new 7" EP contains one new track and a cover of Ministry's 'Scarecrow', both remixed by St. Vincent of BLACKLODGE. Aggressive, industrialized nihilist assault Metal ...in praise of those willing to sacrifice everything for one brief moment of glory!
Limited to 350 copies with embossed slevee, postcard and lyricsheet. Mailorder customers will receive the aids-infected, red-black haze vinyl!

-WHITE DEATH / FORLOR split 7” EP – 7 Eur
One new track from both. Finnish Black Metal. Darker Than Black

-WHITE MEDAL (UK) “Guthmers Hahl” LP – 15 Eur
First full length album release by Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal lone wolf; White Medal. Following on from where the "Agbrigg Beast" and "Alone As Owt" demo's left off, "Guthmers Hahl" presents a dark inward glance and shudder towards this dying world through the medium of raw and oppressive Black Metal art. Six aggressive yet somber tales of pride, culture, war, destruction, peasentry and eventual rebirth.

The long awaited debut to vinyl by Switzerland's obscure Ghost Kommando! Kommandant Karnov &
Reverend Void, with their track "Falkenstein", add more of a Black Metal layer to their own unique brand of raw underground metal destruction. Darkthrone meets Joy Division in an ancient Swiss castle. Yorkshire one man band White Medal takes a more experimental route and incorporates the Raw Heathen Black Metal it is known for alongside punkier and more aggressive freeform rock elements with bestial as well as somewhat choral vocals. Lyrics detailing the bloody conversion of ancient Northumbrian folk from their native Pagan beliefs to Christianity and subsequently back again following the death of a Christian ruler. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with artwork by Ghost Kommando in their classic Death Fiend style. A unique release in the underground and quite possibly the first split between a Swiss and UK band?

-WODULF (gre) "Wargus Esto" LP (BOP044) - 17 Eur
Grim lycanthropic Black Metal.
Mastered for this vinyl pressing, still retaining the rawness of the initial recording but with more powerful sound.
Also includes "Azulfethnar" track from The Night and the Fog part 2.
Black vinyl, regular LP-sleeve and double sided 12” insert.

-WODULF (gre) "...from the Corpsegates" LP (BOP045) - 17 Eur
True necromantic Black Metal.
The original recording has been mastered for this vinyl pressing making the whole album sound more fierce and closer to what the band originally intended.
Black vinyl, regular LP-sleeve and double sided 12” insert.

-WODULF (gre) “Zerezat” 7” EP – 7 Eur (BOP034)
Wodulf returns with a new 7” EP. True necromantic Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, comes with insert.

-WOLFSSANG (ger) “Verwegene Einsamkeit” 7” EP – 6 Eur



-ABIGAIL (jpn) “The Lord of Satan” – 10 Eur

-ABOMINATOR (aus) "Barbarian War Worship" – 12 Eur
Includes both demos. Aussie Black/Death!

-ABOMINATOR (aus) “Evil Proclaimed” – 12 Eur
Aussie Black/Death Metal madness!

-ABSURD (ger) “Asgardsrei” – 12 eur
Identical to the 2012 version except all the text inside the booklet are in Cyrillic. Special version released for the Asgardsrei Festival.

!!! -ABSURD (ger) “Das neue Blutgericht” – 12 Eur
ABSURD “Das neue Blutgericht”-CD featuring “Größer als der Tod” instead of “Der Henker”, because the latter was outlawed in Germany some years ago

!!! -ABSURD (ger) “Life Beyond The Grave II - 1992-1994” 2CD – 15 Eur
On this double CD, songs of all demos from the years 1992 to 1994, which have not fallen victim to state censorship + the demo of "Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus", a project of the later Aburd singer "Wolf".
In total there are 49 songs with over two hours of playing time. The whole thing comes with 16-page booklet, in which many interesting pictures, newspaper articles, etc. can be seen from the early Absurd time.

-ABYSMAL LORD (usa) “Disciples of the Inferno” – 10 Eur
Foul Black/Death Metal torment.

-ACHERONTAS (gre) “Amenti” digiCD – 13 Eur
With “Amenti (?a?µ?? ??µat?? ?a? ?st???? ???µata..)”, their fourth full length album, Acherontas once again offer intense & sinister Art at its best.
The 62 minutes longing album features guest appearances / collaborations with following artists: Naas Alcameth / Nightbringer, Henry Möller from Arditi & Puissance, Jhon Longshaw (Black Seas of Infinity) and Edgar Kerval from Emme Ya and comes as a noble Digipak CD, incl. a 24 pages booklet. WTC

-ACHERONTAS / ARDITI / PUISSANCE / SHIBALBA “Pylons of the Adversary” digiCD – 12 Eur
W.T.C.Productions proudly presents "Pylons of the Adversary",a Split Album with exclusive contributions of Acherontas, Arditi,Shibalba & Puissance..Comes as 6 panel Digipak CD

-ACHERONTAS (gre) “Black Blood Ceremony” – 10 Eur
Blood chilling and top quality live recording of the band’s 2014 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

-ACHERONTAS (gre) “Ma-IoN(Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)” – 12 Eur
New album. W.T.C

-ACHERONTAS / HORNA “Atavistic Resurgence” SPLIT CD – 12 Eur
A split album shared by two adepts of the sinister arts, namely Acherontas and Horna. Both Bands contribute with studio songs, exclusively recorded for this split album. A vinyl version is in the making since ages and will be released at some point in 2015.

-ACHERONTAS / NÅSTROND “Chthonic Libations” SplitCD – 13 Eur

- ADYTUM (uk) “Consecration” MCD – 8 Eur
ADYTUM once again echoes the glorious and dark past of Black Metal in the new MCD release entitled "Consecration"
Six new tracks of Obscure ritualistic Blackness with visions of Medieval forbidden spells, Fraternal mysteries and the impure blood-lust that has been documented from past fables of history. Frost & Fire Prod.

-AEGRUS (fin) “Devotion for the Devil” – 12 Eur
Strong debut album. Satanic Black Metal!

-AEGRUS (fin) “Conjuring the Old Echoes” MCD – 8 Eur
4 unreleased songs from 2008-2012 and Mercyful fate cover.

-AKITSA (can) ”Grands Tyrans” digiCD – 12 Eur
Raw Canadian Black Metal.

-ANAL BLASPHEMY (fin) “Bestial Black Metal Filth” – 12 Eur
First album available again.

-ANAL BLASPHEMY (fin) “Western Decadence” – 12 Eur
New AB album of filthy Death/Black Metal!

-ANAL BLASPHEMY (fin) “Satan Rapes God Since 2002” 2CD – 15Eur
To celebrate the 15 years of ANAL BLASPHEMY Spread Evil Productions releases a very special 2CD compilation full of rarities and special tracks alongside with a 16-page booklet filled with obscene pictures throughout the years and liner notes. The compilation is named as what Anal Blasphemy is in the year 2017: "SATAN RAPES GOD SINCE 2002"!
The CD's include:
Disc 1:
- Full live set from 2011, debut AB gig in Helsinki
- all tracks from the split EPs
- Impaled Nazarene cover "Vitutuksen multihuipennus"
- bonus livetrack from 2017 in Steelfest
Disc 2:
- both Anal Blasphemy demos in full
- Blasphemous Devotion demo

-ANTICHRIST / VASSAGO “Hails War” splitCD – 10 Eur
Black Metal war.

AXNAAR (fin) “Collcted Filth 2013-2015” – 12 Eur
Harsh Noise/Black Metal. Filth & Violence

-ARISCHE FREIHEIT (usa) s/t MCD – 8 Eur
These three tracks with a running time of eighteen minutes - the only of Arische Freiheit short history - were never released in any official capacity, demo or otherwise. Recorded in 1997, the music, while crude and primitive Pagan Doom/Death drudgery, represents the feeling of being slowly pulled apart by the forces of postmodern demise; as though sitting and watching the light of Being grow dimmer and dimmer before fading out for the last time...

-ARKTOGÄA (ita) "Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs" CD (BOP042) – 12 Eur
The era of spiritual Black Death is upon us. After a strong debut demo titled “Blood for Wotan” Breath of Pestilence unleashes the first full-lenght album of Arktogäa.
Hyperborean Black Metal in which martial industrial passages and even echoes of RAC are also present. Nearly 75 minutes of proud Aryan music. Regular jewel case CD with 16 page booklet.

Sample 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOnfoJlKFVA
Sample 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCmt9Lq4dOc

-ARMAGEDDA (swe) "I Am" digisleeve MCD - 9 Eur
Hidden from light in the depths and chambers of mysticism and woe until now… The great gate has finally opened! 4 never before published songs except for “I Am” which was performed live during the “Marching Towards Christian Extermination” tour back in 2002 (with Black Witchery, Manticore & Avenger). This EP features a great lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 - 2002 that will now live forever !

-ARMOUR (fin) s/t – 12 Eur
Finnish Heavy Rock.

-ASCENSION (ger) ”The Dead of the World” digiCD – 14 Eur
ASCENSION's highly anticipated second album, The Dead of the World, is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal.Every part is where it needs to be; every song flows from the other; there is a whole, and it is a black HOLE. From its innermost depths, ASCENSION drive onward and outward, their control of dynamics startling for mere "black metal," their passion, fervor, and professionalism far beyond those who supposedly uphold that genre. Joining ASCENSION in their peerless endeavor here are The Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell) and Mors Dalos Ra (Necros Christos), who both respectively provide guest vocals on The Dead of the World. Black metal may be dead for all intents and purposes, but not for ASCENSION, for they show you The Dead of the World.Limited Digipak CD version of "The Dead Of The World",coming with a 20 pages booklet,richly illustrated with the masterful art of David Glomba.

-ASH POOL (usa) "World Turns on Its Hinge" - 12 Eur
Debut album by one of the best Black Metal horde from the United States. Strong riffing, vicious lyrics and intense ambience. Tour De Garde

-ASTROFAES (ukr) “Knowing no Dawn” digiCD – 12 Eur
First two Astrofaes demos on CD.

-AURA SHINING GREEN (fin) "The Green Man And The White Witch" - 12 Eur
DCD with 8-pages booklet (neofolk, psychedelic folk) Dreamy songs from the finnish Master of fairy tales Joonatan Elokuu and his "Aura Shining Green" ensemble.

-AZAZEL (fin) “Night of Satanachia” – 12 Eur
Legendary minialbum re-released with 4 bonus livetracks.

-AZAZEL (fin) “Crucify the Jesus Christ Again” – 12 Eur
Finally CD of the cult recording from depth of Finnish black metal underground! Include debut demo and unheard grim rehearsal tape! Last Rites

!!! -AZELSGARD (pol) “Confraternity of Lawlessness” MCD – 8 Eur
Previously released as a limited to 66 copies tape. This sold-out since years material now released as an MCD hand-numbered to 500 copies. True Podlachian Horned Metal! A testimony of the terror that lurks to the very depths of the Polish underground... Totenkopf Propaganda

-BAPTISM (fin) “Gloria Tibi Satana” – 12 Eur
includes all the EP material; ”Black Ceremony” & split 7” eps, bonus songs, and some rehearsal tapes from between years 2002-2009. Artwork contains pictures between hateful years of worship to illumination. Northern Heritage.

-BARATHRUM (fin) “Infernal “ – 12 Eur
Third BARATHRUM album finally available again after 15 years of waiting! Jet black metal masterpiece!

-BEHERIT (fin) "At the Devil's Studio 1990" - 12 Eur

-BEHERIT (fin) “Engram” - 12 Eur

-BEHEXEN (fin) “By the Blessing of Satan” – 12 Eur
Satanic Black Metal.

-BEHEXEN (fin) “From the Devil’s Chalice” – 12 Eur
CD version of the 7” vinyl boxset.

-BEHEXEN (fin) "My Sould For His Glory" - 12 Eur
Satanic Finnish Black Metal! Hammer of Hate.

-BELLICISTE (nz) “Sceadugenga” – 10 Eur
Excellent grim Black Metal, sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uHKkciy5aQ


-BESTIAL RAIDS (pol) "Master Satan's Witchery" - 12 Eur
Polish Black/Death Metal madness.

-BESTIAL WARLUST (aus) “Storming Bestial Legions – Live 1996” – 10 Eur
Just like the title states, Storming Bestial Legions LIVE '96 captures these Australian extreme metal pioneers at the height of their powers, not long after their classic second album, Blood & Valour, was released. As such, the setlist BESTIAL WARLUST storm through here encompasses that album as well as their pivotal debut album, Vengeance War 'till Death, which went on to become one of the most mimicked black metal records in the new millennium, where the bestial metal subgenre they helped foment soon flourished. But everything that made BESTIAL WARLUST so deadly - bulldozing heaviness, gnawing violence, hypnotic hatred - is captured in its rawest, most red-eyed state on Storming Bestial Legions LIVE '96, making the album an indispensable component to any bestial diehard's collection and a rare document of black/death primitivism in the pre-social media era.

-BILSKIRNIR (ger) “Hammerschlag (1996-2002)” 2digiCD- 16 Eur
DoubleCD compilation including demo, split and compilation tracks. German Black Metal.

-BILSKIRNIR (ger) “Lost Forever” slimcaseMCD – 7 Eur
New MCD by BILSKIRNIR. Include two long and rare tracks from old sold-out releases.
"Lost Forever" from the split with BARAD-DUR and "Home" from 10 YEARS OF UNHOLY FIRE Compilation.

-BIZARRE UPROAR (fin) "Dekadenz" – 12 Eur
New album! Filth & Violence

-BLACK FUNERAL (usa) “Vampyr – Throne of the Beast (Journeys into Horizons Lost / Of Spells of Darkness and Death)” – 12 Eur
The debut album of Black Funeral re-released with two first demos as bonus. One of the best albums (and demos) ever from the US soil!

-BLACK HOWLING (por) “Do Sangue e da Terra” digiCD – 12 Eur
Portuguese Black Metal. Excellent new album!

-BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN (fin/ger) “Element of Destruction” digiCD – 12 Eur
Black/Doom Metal. Excellent debut album! Deathstrike Records.

-BLACK WITCHERY (usa) "Evil Shall Prevail" CD - 12 Eur
Compilation of BW demos and ep's.

-BLOOD STRONGHOLD (pol/aus) “The March of Apparitions” MCD – 8 Eur
New MCD.

-BLOOD STRONGHOLD (pol/aus)"Vengeance in Sacrificial Blood" DigiCD - 12 Eur

-BLOOD STRONGHOLD (pol/aus) “The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny” – 12 Eur
New album. Black Metal in the vein of old Graveland, Infernum, Veles….

-BLOODHAMMER (fin) “Ancient Kings” – 12 Eur
Re-issue of long sold out debut assault of Bloodhammer! Recordings date back to 90's and this was published as 10" on Bestial Burst and accompanied with 4 bonus tracks, originally very early Northern Heritage CD!

-BLOODHAMMER (fin) “Kuusi Hymniä Syvyydestä” – 12 Eur
Long awaited proper full length album of the mighty Bloodhammer! Band has been active in Finnish Black Metal scene since 90's. They have gone through natural changes of style, but never compromised. Always remained in shadows. Very little of interview. No live gigs. No excessive merchandise.
This new album makes band return with style that is both raw and grim fast paced nordic black metal known from bands past, as well as with epic midpaced songs that echo Bathory or even early pagan metal era of Graveland, but also firmly in traditions of metal. Bloodhammer remains completely unique in Finnish scene, avoiding all the trend, expectations and opportunism. Northern Heritage.

-BLOODHAMMER / RIDE FOR REVENGE (fin) "Chords of the Left Hand" Split - 12 eur
Two finnish elite black metal bands has united in this unholy split release. BLOODHAMMER continuing with their filthy old school black metal art, offering really strong material again.
RIDE FOR REVENGE goes to the new dimension again, this time with extremely bestial and ugly black metal you haven't hear before. This split is not for you!!! Primitive Reaction

-BLUTAAR (ger) “Wider Den Zeitgeist” – 12 Eur
German NSBM.

-BLÅKULLA (swe) “The Immortal Cult” – 12 Eur
New album. Swedish Black Metal.

-C.B.A. (LI) “Kali Yuga Kommando” – 12 Eur
Fuck your socially aware death metal band, fuck your 'ritual' black metal band and FUCK YOU! Introducing C.B.A.: a thundering tornado of loathing, cynicism and general bad taste, grinning before the mushroom cloud and pissing in the Great Abyss! Spawing from the delicate minds of ???????? ??????? and Kim Jong-qunt, C.B.A. delivers a V8-driven mixture of punk and old school Venomised/Sodomised d-beat metal, early 90's Swedish death metal and timeless hatred and disdain for the seven billion bastards around.

-CAEDES CRUENTA (gre) “Skies Daimonon” – 12 Eur
Majestic black metal in the classic Greek style of classic Rotting Christ, Varathron and Thou Art Lord. Darkness, pain, death, hate, wisdom, occultism, mysticism and ancient rituals. Long awaited first ever vinyl version of the band´s first album from 2010. New artwork by Panos Sounas (Necromantia, Tatir, Jackal's Truth, Diaboli, Shadowcaster etc.).

-CATERVA RUNA (fra) “Europa Nostra” CD – 12 Eur
Debut album of French Radical Black Metal. DTB

-CAVERNE (fra) “Sentiers d'Avant” – 12 Eur
Compilation including both Caverne demos. Proud French Black Metal.

-CAVERNE (fra) “Aux Frontieres du Monde” – 12 Eur
The account of a solitary journey through the mire of a dying land, to forge in soil and blood a Black Metal tainted with bitterness and burning Faith.

-CHARNEL WINDS (fin) "Der Teufelsbund" - 12 Eur
A revelation of Luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit. The true sovereign granting the phosporescent flame is revealed here as Lucifer-Shaitan - the Prince. Black Metal with true devotion, creativity and passion. Werewolf Records.

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “Fire Burns in our Hearts” – 12 Eur
sic is 100% same as before (no remastering etc!). cover artwork is slightly different - like it has been in most pressings. No new additions. just adjusted old graphics. Significant difference would be that cover is 8 page booklet with all lyrics. including also previously unseen outro lyrics!

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “Archive Vol.1” – 12 Eur
Tracks 1 to 6 are "Demo #1", recorded and mixed during 1998 in various sessions. Material was re-recorded little by little and there were the final versions to be released as 1st demo.
Tracks 7 & 8 are "On The Mission" 7" / tape, recorded and mixed in 1999, after the debut LP. Vinyl 7" was with additional few seconds intro. Sound was highly distorted in vinyl mastering. This mix is from tape version with original sound.
Track 9 is taken from "Northern Heritage Box" 5x7", recorded at the same session as "On The Mission". Original master tape is permanently lost, taken from the vinyl.
Track 10 is taken from "Blackmetal Blitzkrieg" LP, recorded in autumn of 1999.

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “Archive Vol.1” – 12 Eur
Tracks 1 to 3 are "Below The Surface Of Cold Earth" tape, recorded during February 2002, remained exclusively tape release until now despite being one of most professionally produced Clandestine Blaze recording.
Tracks 4 to 8 are "There Comes The Day..." tape, early rehearsal versions of "Fist Of The Northern Destroyer" album from October 2001, including tracks that never appeared on the full length.

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “Archive Vol.1” – 12 Eur
Tracks A1 to A5 are "Goat - Creative Alienation" tape, the 1st attempt to record "Fist Of The Northern Destroyer" album from December 2001. Otherwise very good session was rejected due to minor details, such as unwanted high end distortion in snare drum especially, audible in some fills. Two more tracks of this session was published as bonus 7"/mCD freebie of "Church Of Atrocity" album.
Tracks B1 to B4 are "Blood And Cum" tape. First 3 songs recorded January 2002, 4th song was from autumn 1999, recorded around the same time with compilation track "Black Metal Blitzkrieg".

-CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin) “City of Slaughter” – 12 Eur
New album.

-COMBAT (pol) “Northwind/Aryan Spirit of War” digiCD – 12 Eur
Old Polish radical Black Metal. Includes both demos! Darker Than Black.

-COMMUNION (CL) “At the Annoucement” – 12 Eur
Debut album of Chilean Dark Witching Metal. The Sinister Flame.

-COMMUNION (CL) “The Communion” – 12 Eur
Second album, just as killer as the debut! Hellsheadbangers.

-CROSS OF IRON (pol) “In the Steelstorms” – 12 Eur
Polish hateful Black Metal. “In the Steelstorms” was originally supposed to be the next Antisemitex album….


-CULTES DES GHOULES (pol) “Spectres over Transylvania” MCD – 9 Eur
Graverobbing Polish Black Metal….

-DARK FURY (pol) “W.A.R.” – 12 Eur
Radikal Polish Black Metal.

-DARK FURY (pol) “Saligia” – 12 Eur
Radikal Polish Black Metal.

-DARK FURY (pol) “Synnigthwait” CD – 10 Eur
Radikal Polish Black Metal.

-DARKSTORM (pol) “The Oath of Fire” – 12 Eur
11 tunes of old school blackened Heavy Metal.

-DEAD KOMMUNIST (fin) s/t – 12 Eur
Finnish RAC offensive!

-DEAD REPTILE SHRINE / GOATMOON “Winterforest” splitCD – 12 Eur
Repress of this obscure split release. Bestial Burst.

-DEATH NÖIZE (RO) “Fullmoon Fury Ritual” – 12 Eur
Very old school black metal from Transylvania, Romania. Filthy and dark in the lines of Darkthrone, Hellhammer, Incriminated and Bloodhammer, with some of that magic musical anarchy a'la Venom, Warfare or even Chaotic Dischord. Second album from these anonymous anti-hipsters, seven punishing songs in 35 minutes. Loud, ugly and downright fucking awesome.

-DEATHCRAFT (spa) / UNSALVATION (fin) “Psalms of Chaotic Darkness” digiCD – 12 Eur
Includes Deathcraft - Supreme Black Arts of Death demo and Unsalvation - Fall of the Tetragrammaton demo.

-DEATHROW (ita) “A Monument of Sorrow” – 10 eur
Italian Black Metal.

-DEMONCY (usa) "Faustian Dawn" - 12 Eur
Debut album reissued byt NWN!, legendary USBM darkness.

-DEMONCY (usa) "Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost" CD – 12 Eur
Demoncy’s second Black Metal conjuration summons a stark, otherworldly landscape, in which all who enter slowly but ultimately succumb to an unenviable demise by frozen-air asphyxiation.

-DEMONOMANCY / WITCHCRAFT “Archaic Remnants of the Numinous / At the Diabolus Hour” splitCD – 10 Eur
Bestial Black/Death Metal.

-DENIAL OF GOD (den) “Death and the Beyond” – 12 Eur
Black Horror Metal!

Finally made available again. Includes the “Europa Erwache” demo from DS and “Galgenberg” EP from Galgenberg. RECOMMENDED!

-DER STÜRMER (gre) “Transcendental Racial Idealism” – 12 Eur
No words needed….

-DER STÜRMER (gre) “Vril Command” A5 digiCD – 15 eur
Live album recorded in Finland.

-DER STÜRMER / MALSAINT / BLUTKULT splitCD superjewel case – 13 Eur
CD-version of the split with different artwork.

!!! -DER STÜRMER (gre) “Hail to Finland” – 12 Eur
Live album of the Hellenic National Socialist Metal Warriors third visit to Finland! 14 songs of bigotry and hatred. Features guest vocals by Antichrist Kramer.

-DEVILRY (fin) “Treuelied” – 12 Eur (BOP088)
The second DEVILRY album finally out!
National Socialist Death Metal.
CD-version available now, vinyl to follow in late 2017.

-DIABOLI (fin) “Wiking Division”- 12 Eur
Merciless black death with violent lyrics.

A very special split of 3 Mid-Finland bands to celebrate their heritage of the Ukkometso-forests!

-DIVISION TRIAD / WAR 88 “Way of Numen” splitCD – 12 Eur
Polish version with different artwork.

-DOMAINS (spa) “Sinister Ceremonies” – 12 Eur
In an ocean of hollow and insincere releases it might sometimes be challenging to discern what is real. The long-awaited debut album of Spanish Nine Angles inspired DOMAINS brings you instantly to the abyss of Merciless and Luciferian Black Death Metal. It feels fresh and authentic... because it IS. 43 minutes of ALL the mastery, and ALL the scorn. The abyss has never cried like this. The Sinister Flame.

-DRAUGSÓL (IS) “Volada Land” digiCD – 12 Eur
Icelandic Black Metal.

!!! -DREADFUL RELIC (gre) “Hyborian Sorcery” – 12 Eur
A towering monolith of BLACK MYTHICAL METAL. Ten spells, curses and other MORBID TALES of APOCALYPTIC RAIDS!

!!! -DREADMOON (fin/usa) s/t – 12 Eur
Compilation including the Dreadmoon demos. NSBM.

-DYSANGELIUM (ger) “Leviaxxis” DemoCD – 4 Eur
Cardboard sleeve CD of "Leviaxxis",Dysangelium's second Demo.
In anticipation of their forthcoming debut album for W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS,German black metal upstarts DYSANGELIUM present their second demo, Leviaxxis.At three songs strong, Leviaxxis is a swift and strategic introduction to the tyrannical sound of DYSANGELIUM: roiling and rumbling, surging and striking, this Teutonic quintet exude a startling confidence and authority beyond their young years as a band. And yet, for a supposed "rehearsal" recording prior to that debut album, Leviaxxis similarly shows a firm command of the studio, their control of chaos magick rendered in full-bodied, full-blooded form. Hear the beginnings of new masters-in-the-making with DYSANGELIUM's Leviaxxis

-ELDRIG (usa) “Urlagarne” DIGI-CD – 13 Eur
New album of symphonic yet raw USBM. Darker Than Black.

-ELITISM (fra) “Pour La Purete De Mon Sang” MCD – 8 Eur
W.A.R. Black Metal from France.

!!! -ELITISM (fra) “Quand L'Étoile De David Brûlait” – 12 Eur
Debut full length-album. Pure 90s Black Metal spirit.
Jewel case CD with 16 pages booklet including lyrics. Limited to 500 copies

-ELYSIAN FIELDS (gre) "Adelain" – 12 Eur
Re-release of the 1995 album with 3 bonus tracks. Greek Black Metal. NWN!

-EMBRACE OF THORNS (gre) “Darkness Impenetrable” – 12 Eur
New album of crushing Hellenic Black Metal.

Split CD with 3 raw german underground Black Metal bands, lenght about 65 min, features exclusive recordings of all bands, the Ensom Skogen part are re-recorded versions of their 2nd Demo, the Moonblood part features in this form 2 previously unreleased Demo tracks from 1999.

-EMIT (UK) “Spectre Music of Antiquary” digiCD – 12 Eur
The latest album of murky graveyard ambience, deranged synth, phantasmic dread and ritualistic black drift from this cult UK outfit, their first in nearly ten years. Surrealistic, spectral music and nocturnal delirium transmitted from beyond the veil and steeped in the mysteries of old Britain, like some twisted, eldritch fusion of Fabio Frizzi, In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo-era Abruptum, and 80’s darkwave.

-ENDOKI FOREST (usa) “Black Sorcerers Fortress” – 12 Eur
Militant dark Ambient.

-ENTARTUNG (ger) “Peccata Mortalia” – 12 Eur
ENTARTUNG's Krypteia debut displayed a young black metal band with an old soul, breathing deep the spirit of ancient darkness. But with their second album, Peccata Mortalia, ENTARTUNG exhale a crypt-stench stronger than death. Indeed, Peccata Mortalia displays the duo in an even stronger (black)light, the songwriting both more assured and distinctive and the execution more vile and grim. Shadow-draped yet melodic, despite the band's Teutonic origins, ENTARTUNG forego the mystical/medieval vibe of their country's usual black metal style and, in fact, slot well alongside Finland's filthy and emotive idiom of the past decade. By any description, however, Peccata Mortalia is black metal traditionalism par excellence.

-ENTARTUNG (ger) “Baptised into the Faith of Lust” digiCD – 13 Eur
New album.

!!! -ETERNAL STRIFE (usa) "When the World Comes Crumbling Down" - 12 Eur
Debut full length album of hatecore from the Vinlandic Hate Brigade themselves.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JRqKdlgFPg

-ETERNUM (aus) “Summoning the Wolven Spirit” – 12 Eur
The celtic wolves of Eternum are summoned once again for their second full length album of barbaric, epic and medieval Black Metal! This is a re-release of Eternum's previously sold out second full length album, originally released by Dark Adversary Productions.

-ETERNUM (aus) “The Devouring Descent” – 12 Eur
The titans of ETERNUM return with their 3rd full-length album 'The Devouring Descent', delving deeper into their own blend of reminiscent, archaic atmosphere that calls out to the ancient blood which resides in so few.
From skeletal/subtle acoustic movements akin to falling ashes from the sky and downwards upon a blood stained battlefield, onwards to epic, medieval, barbaric and triumphant Black Metal war! This album furthers the bands hold on the mid 90's Black Metal sound and forge of the underground ideals while still pursuing their own destiny upon thunderous, forgotten sands...

-EVIL (bra) “Ashes of Old” digiCD – 13 Eur
Old legendary Evil returns with new full-length of radical Black Metal. DTB.

-FANISK (usa) “Noontide” - 12 Eur
Raw yet athmospheric Black Metal. UnHoly Records.

-FANISK (usa) “Insularum” digiCD – 15 Eur
The new album! Comes as luxus digipack with gold imprint! Ariosophic Black Metal.
Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94k9hIXqsFE

-FATHERLAND (fin) s/t – 12 Eur
Debut album. Finnish patriotic Black Metal.

-FEUERNACHT (ger) “Kampf macht frei…” – 12 Eur
German radical Black Metal.

-FJÖRD (can) “Vor- Tru” – 10 Eur
Excellent heathen folk Metal. Totenkopf Propaganda.

-FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS (fin) "Satan´s Punishment: The Ultimatum" – 12 Eur
-With added bats and blood, the mighty FCOA returns with a full lenght album! 10 traxxx of blasphemous distortion and mayhem: some slow and sludgy, some short, sharp and shocking. All pounding black noise from Finland´s ritual circles of deepest Satanic underground. Not for tender ears or easily offended souls. This group has signed their souls to burn in Hell forever, and now it´s YOUR turn to feel the fire!
Listen at: www.reverbnation.com/fcoa

-FORCE OF DARKNESS (CL) “Darkness Revelation” – 12 Eur
FORCE OF DARKNESS' nuclear-powered second album, Darkness Revelation! Formed in 2002 in cult metal hotbed Chile, FORCE OF DARKNESS have been patiently perfecting their craft across a number of splits and demos, but it was 2010's Darkness Revelation where the power-trio really came into their own. On one hand, the influences across Darkness Revelation are clear as day - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but on the other, more important hand, FORCE OF DARKNESS know how to blacken the night with absolutely feral execution and immediately memorable songs brimming with everything that makes black/death so timeless. And at a lean 'n' mean 45 minutes, it's the perfect length to get in, get out, and DESTROY everything in its path. Hellsheadbangers.

-FORCE OF DARKNESS (CL) “Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness” MCD – 9 Eur
Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction consolidates all of FORCE OF DARKNESS' strengths and blitzkriegs them into 20 shadowy, sepulchral minutes. Just like Darkness Revelation, the influences across the EP are clear and cutting - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but once again, FORCE OF DARKNESS swarm and sicken with a touch that's truly their own. Between absolutely feral execution and immediately memorable songs brimming with everything that makes black/death so timeless, Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction is a language worth learning.Hellsheadbangers.

-FORLOR (fin) “War & Perdition” – 12 Eur
Reissue on cd limited to 300 copies of the first demo tape (2014) including live and rehearsal songs as bonus tracks from one of Finland's best underground bands.

Harsh Canadian/American power electronics full of hate propaganda!

-FREMDREICH / NOXIA “Kein Plantz / Remnants of the Arcane” splitCD – 12 Eur
German Black Metal. CD-version includes bonus tracks.

-FUNERARY BELL (fin) "Graveyard Séance/Horrific TransCosmic Overture" digiCD - 10 Eur
Funerary Bell returns after few years of silence with a new EP. Expect nothing but relentless occult black metal from Finland which ethos draws from horror, mysticism and 90’s black metal. Digipack CD, includes whole 'Horrific TransCosmic Overture' 4-track EP previously released only in Cassette format.

-FUNERARY CALL (can) “Fragments From The Aethyr” digiCD – 12 Eur
The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music, monstrous metallic noise, booming ritualistic percussion, slit-throat recitations of formless horror, and further abyssal abominations.
Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long, sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black, dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead, to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep, sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead, the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power, as on the nearly twenty minute centrepiece of the album "Fragments".
There are noisy elements that appear here that threaten to push the music into ear-destroying industrial cacophony at times, but even when the sound is at it's most chaotic, it's held together by the searing melodies of the stringed instruments, tethering the plumes of black industrial noise to the graveyard ambience that soaks deep into the surface of the album.
Absolute lightlessness from this seminal artist, highly recommended to fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, Megaptera, Nordvargr, TenHornedBeast, MZ.412 and Aghast. Released in a matte-finish digipack from Crucial Blast.

-GALDUR (pol) “Born by Stars and Moon” – 10 Eur
Dungeon Synth/Ambient from Ukraine. Debut album on CD with bonus tracks.

-GENOCIDE WOLVES (fin) "No Fucking Tolerance!" - 12 Eur
Much waited debut album of brutal and blunt RAC! The most in-your-face RAC release of 2018 from Finland! Expect national socialism, intolerance and antisemitism in their most explicit form! Europa Erwache/Sakaramiina.

-GNAW THEIR TONGUES (NL) “An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood” digiCD – 12 Eur
Gnaw Their Tongues, an enigmatic project from the Netherlands that has wowed fans of messed-up heaviosity with the phenomenal Reeked, Pained and Shuddering CD that was released on Paradigms along with a host of super-limited CDR and cassette releases, is joining the Crucial Blast roster for the CD release of the new full length An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood, which was released as a limited edition vinyl release at the beginning of 2008 on Burning World Records. This undefinable mass of black amorphic horror is one of the most intense listens we've engaged in recently, a nihilistic pit of howling orchestral strings and blackened abstract doom, operatic female voices plunging into a fetid sewer of filth and blackness, equal parts avant black metal and splattered sludge and symphonic horror movie score. An overwhelming deathscape scrawled in jagged figures across pieces like "My body is not a vessel, nor a temple. It's a repulsive pile of sickness" or "Sawn asunder and left for the beasts", and flecked with moments of unbelievably crushing beauty that may surprise fans of Gnaw Their Tongue's previous work.

-GNAW THEIR TONGUES (NL) “ L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante” digiCD – 12 Eur
One of the extreme metal/industrial underground's most unique bands, Gnaw Their Tongues arises again with a new album of majestic, orchestral death-terror called L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante, a series of five hymns to the death shroud, a celebration of dissolution. This Dutch one-man avant black/doom/industrial band is responsible for two of the most chilling albums of abstract heaviness to have been released in recent years (An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood and All The Grand Magnificence Of Perversity, both from Crucial Blast), but with this new full-length, Gnaw Their Tongues peels back additional layers of it's bombastic horror to reveal moments of euphonic beauty more than we've heard on the previous albums.
This is still harrowing stuff, though. The album opens with soaring choirs of the damned and a cacophony of tortured shrieks and demonic howling underneath a crushing, sludgy bass riff and pounding elephantine drumming, total blackened doom that's soon joined by peals of dissonant strings and softer droning cellos and violins. As you get deeper into " L'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante", there are moments of severe beauty that emerge, brief passages of fragile piano and mournful strings, the soft crackle of ancient vinyl grooves and French horns. These moments repeat throughout the album, lots of symphonic shadow that drifts amidst the pounding industrial blackness, but they never last for long as the spiraling woodwinds and cyclical piano figures inevitably become subsumed into the blasts of malevolent orchestral might. The fearsome martial drums and brass fanfares at the beginning of "Les anges frémissent devant la mort" eventually evolve into stretches of abstract industrial percussive pummel over droning strings and organ, and then into a stunning cinematic finale. That's followed by the clanking doom, swarming black buzz and sheet-metal cacophony of "La mort dans toute son ineffable grandeur/splendeur", the most industrial-sounding track on the album. "Le Chant De La Mort" is a lurching, blown-out death march that shifts into an infernal dubbed-out dirge, and the closing track " Le trône blanc de la mort (de white throne of death)" rumbles through funereal classical drift, waves of horns, strings, percussion surging into a series of dark, mournful shapes at first, but are then shattered by pounding doom metal drums and wailing choir voices, becoming an utterly grim blackened dirge with distorted shrieking vocals that are wracked with agony, ending the album with a suffocating atmosphere of death. At its heaviest, it's like funeral doom bathed in modern orchestral music, a cross between Penderecki and pitch-black doom filth, pulverizing and intensely evil.

-GNAW THEIR TONGUES (NL) “ Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus” digiCD – 12 Eur
Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus. Roughly translated, with blood and whip, we worship the dark. This is the latest collection of atrocities from Gnaw Their Tongues, an eight song investigation into the rites and rituals that emerge from the copper-scented frenzy of the serial killer, the obsessive acts of death worship enacted by those that live on the edge of abyss, the limits of experience sought by black cults. The sound is, as always, immensely heavy, with fractured drums and tunderous tympani skins reverberating within a maelstrom of seething black doom, screeching classical strings, horns, piano, and some of the most vomitous vocals imagineable. However, Per Flagellum Sanguemque is marked by the most frenetic percussive attack that we have heard from Gnaw Their Tongues, with volleys of chaotic drumming, fractured blasts, and maniacally complex patterns that sometimes seem to border on free-jazz drumming.
The band has rarely sounded as nauseating and depraved as it does on the opener "Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei", where putrid bass riffs and lurching double bass drums spasm and thunder over the harrowing tension of atonal strings and the layered screams of the eviscerated; when the chaos suddenly drops out and we are left alone with the sounds of a woman gagging as somber strings slowly rise from below, it is one of Gnaw Their Tongue's more unsettling moments. The classical elements take over on "Human Skin For The Messengers Robe", where pleas for mercy are drowned out by blasts of evil, dissonant piano, demonic bloodlust-driven shrieks, and halting, lumbering percussion that eventually leads into the terrifying wail of choral groups rising out of the guts of Hell.
Conversely, the soaring harmonies and strings that take form on "Urine Soaked Neophytes" allow for brief moments of repreive from the surging black chaos, breaking into shafts of heavenly glory that peirce through the evil cacophony for a moment before being swallowed back up by the lurching amoirphous doom. French horns and Wagnerian strings dominate "Tod, Wo Ist Dein Licht", and on "Fallen Deities Bathing In Gall", the strings rise in series of high drones like some horrific Bernard Hermann nightmare as monstrously distorted overdriven bass crawls and buzzes and the drums are whipped into a frenzy of rolls and fills, fractured blastbeats pounding against the background and a jagged blackened anti-groove takes shape and claws it's way into a field of mangled, mewling black ambience. The remainder of the album offers no relent from the pain; "Bonedust On Dead Genitals" is an agony ritual fueled by industrial clank and the slow pound of a kettledrum as death-chants, blow-out doom bass and wild beasts roar and gibber in fury, and on "The Storming Heavens As A Father To All Broken Bodies" we are thrown a curveball when the song immediately lurches into an assault of fucked-up industrial black metal with blastbeats chooped up and splattered across the orchestral insanity in a manner reminiscent of electro-death mutants Whourkr. The album ends with the stentorian brass fanfare and hellish descent of the title track, a nearly ten minute exercise in grueling horror where chains meet flesh, throats are torn on the torture wheel, and a female voice recites lines from Charlotte Mew's death-poem "The Quiet House".

-GNOSIS (usa) "The Third Eye Gate" – 12 Eur
Death Metal. NWN!

-GOATLORD (usa) "The Last Sodomy of Mary" – 12 Eur

-GOATLORD (usa) "Sodomize the Goat" – 12 Eur

-GOATLORD (usa) "Demo '87 / Reh '88" CD – 12 Eur

-GOATMOON (fin) / DER STÜRMER (gre) "Kansojen Hävittäjä / Crushing The Maccabees" SPLIT MCD - 7,90 Eur
A new Goatmoon song and two old re-recorded Der Stürmer songs + Sodom cover.

-GOATPENIS (bra) “Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield” – 12 Eur
The return of the Brazilan Blackgrind War Metal Commando. The follow up to the band's highly praised album from 2011 "Depleted Ammunition", displays the band returning with a vengeance and fury aimed at anyone who dares to stand in their way. 11 tracks of insanity driven barbarity performed and delivered with the band's unique blend of Grindcore, Black Metal and Death Metal to create a form of audial warfare that could be described as nothing other than what they have defined and labeled themselves for well over 2 decades: WAR METAL.

-GOATPENIS (bra) “Alliance for War” CD + DVD – 15 Eur
CD Includes: “Alliance for war” (Live), “Celebrating the Revenge of All the Times” single from 2005 and “Pulverize the human race” demo. DVD includes “Alliance for war” (Live Show)

-GORRENJE (ger) “Decay” – 12 Eur
Debut album from a rather good new German Black Metal band.

-GORRENJE (ger) “Rabenblut” – 12 Eur
Excellent new album of Gorrenje.

-GORGON (fra) “The Lady Rides a Black Horse” – 10 Eur
French morbid Black Metal. Includes two unreleased tracks and “Immortal Horde” ep as bonus.

-GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (usa) “GOATY / TOTH” Hardcover Digibook DCD – 16 Eur
Grand Belial's Key - Goat of a Thousand Young / Triumph of the Hordes - Hardcover Digibook Double-CD
This piece of US Black Metal History comes as a Hardcover Digibook 2CD, with a 34 pages’ booklet that features an exclusive interview, lyrics, old pictures of the Band etc.
CD 1 features a remastered version of “Goat of a Thousand Young” and “Triumph of the Hordes”, an alternative intro and the first demo recording of the track “Goat of a Thousand Young“(instrumental). CD2 holds a raw live recording of GBK, live at the Bayou / Washington DC, 25/06/1995.

-GRAVELAND (pol) "Prawo Stali" - 12 Eur
Polish version of "Creed of Iron".

-GRAVELAND (pol) “Pamiec i Przeznaczenie” DigiCD – 12 Eur
Polish edition of "Memory And Destiny". Completely new and powerful sound with new recorded drums, vocals, choirs and real violin recorded by Alruna form Lord Wind. Amazing new Mix and Mastering. The release is beautifully packed in a Digi Pack, with a brand new graphic design.

-GRAVELAND (pol) "Pamiec i przeznaczenie" - 12 Eur
JEWELCASE VERSION. Completely new and sound with new recorded drums, vocals, choirs and real violin recorded by Alruna from Lord Wind. New mix and mastering.

-GRAVELAND (pol) "Ogien przebudzenia" - 12 Eur
Re-recorded Polish version of the album "The Fire of Awakening".

-GRUDOM (swe) "Fjolkyngi" digiCD - 10 Eur
Haunted melodies and cold sounds of solitude. A 40-minute night-time journey to untrodden forest paths...

-HAMNSKIFTE (swe) “Födzlepijnan” digisleeveCD - 12 Eur
First record from a mysterious Swedish duo, whose sound is inspired by, according to the band themselves, Burzum, Earth, Skepticism, Nortt and Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg. Drone and ultimately slow meditative Black Metal with hypnotic medieval folk melodies recorded with guitars, drums, bass, organ, bodhran drum, bells and some self-invented percussion instruments.

-HEATHEN HAMMER (usa) “Clandestine Oath” digiCD – 13 Eur
Second album, even better than the first! Strong Survive

-HELLVETRON (usa) “Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties” DigipakCD – 13 Eur
A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron's debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it's infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast. Recommended for diehards of NYOGTHAEBLISZ, diSEMBOWELMENT, NECROS CHRISTOS. Includes members from Nyogthaeblisz. Hellsheadbangers Records.

-HERETIC (NL) “Tape Traitors” 2CD – 15 Eur
Heretic - the legendary juggernaut of sleazy black metal punks they are known as these days, started a good 20 years ago as a bass laden distorted lo fi mixture of black metal and doom; an obvious but respectful Barathrum and Beherit worship to glorify Satan. Simultaneously , Heretic, among only the filthiest of the black metal scene, raised a giant middle finger to the emerging cesspool of theatrical clowns that claimed to play black metal at the time...
Heretic officially released 4 demo's before their debut album, in which they already displayed plenty of variety within their primitive approach; Thy Worship was a unique but convincing pitch black homage to the legendary band Barathrum; Hells Ceremony a primitive black doom trip to the very depths of the abyss; Pentagram Kult a relentlessly destructive force from hell which - till this day - retains its powerful energy through sheer simplicity; and Angel Destruction, which combined the characteristics of the previous demo's in a more focused approach in 4 distinctive yet relentless black metal attacks.
This stuff has become hard to find - but not hard to keep for the true heretic maniac. The first cd, Black Metal Holocaust, was released and it was great, but if you knew better, it was just a bit too clean...
These demo's are the vile and ugly black metal roots from which 20 years of devil worship sprung, so here you go. Now start praising Satan or fuck off!

-HERETIC (NL) Devilworshipper” – 12 Eur
Second full-length album re-released with demo version of the album as bonus.

-HERLEQUIN (fra) “Introductio in Bestia” digiCD – 12 Eur
French Black Metal in the vein of Peste Noire. Darker Than Black.

-HEROES (swe) "Devil's Game" - 12 Eur
Viking Rock.

-HEROES IN THE SNOW (swe) "That's how it goes" - 12 Eur
Viking Rock. Resitance Records.

-HERRENVOLK "Erwache" DigiCD – 12 Eur
Almost 16 years after the initial release on limited CD-R, this record of eclectic music was made available again physically: Released as digipak CD via StaalPakt, a division of Darker Than Black Records.

-HEXEN HOLOCAUST (fra) “Heretical Dreadful Orgies” MCD – 8 Eur
Black/Death Metal from France, including members from Necroblood, Venefixion, Osculum Infame, Impure Ziggurat.

-HOATH (fin) "Codex III: Crown Of The Mind" - 12 Eur
2nd full-length of this blackened death metal entity, long anticipated since Codex II: Kether.

-HOLOCAUSTO (bra) "War Metal Massacre" - 12 Eur

-HORNA / MUSTA SURMA “Vihan Vuodet” – 12 Eur
Includes all material from first demos and from the Horna/Musta Surma split.

-HORNA (fin) “Hiidentorni” – 12 Eur
Raw and cold Finnish Black Metal. Woodcut Records.

-HORNA (fin) “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua” – 10 Eur
Raw and cold Finnish Black Metal. Woodcut Records.

-HORNA (fin) “Haudankylmyyden Maille” – 12 Eur
Finnish Black Metal!

-HORNA (fin) “Sotahuuto” – 12 Eur
Primitive and cruel Finnish Black Metal.

-HORNA (fin) “Musta Kaipuu” – 12 Eur
Re-release of „Musta Kaipuu“, originally published by Debemur Mort Productions in 2009. Featuring previously unreleased songs from the „Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" recording sessions, conceived by Shatraug, Corvus, Sargofagian and Ravenum at the Boneyard in 2004

-HORNA (fin) “Sanojesi Äärelle” DCD – 15 Eur
Jewelcase re-release of Horna's seventh full length album "Sanojesi Äärelle", originally released by Debemur Morti Productions in 2008.

-HORNA (fin) "Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa" - 12 Eur
New album of Finnish Black Metal

-HORNA (fin) "Kuolleiden Kuu" MCD - 9 Eur
All material on Horna's latest EP, Kuolleiden Kuu, was recorded during the sessions for the bands latest full length album, Hengen Tulet in 2015.

-HORNA / PURE splitCD - 12 Eur
HORNA's latest recordings and the first ones featuring LRH, who joinded the Band in 2016 as the permanent drummer, representing nothing but pure Finnish Black Metal mastery. Second on this split album and in no way inferior, are PURE from Switzerland, offering fierce & cold Black Metal.

- HOUSE OF ATREUS (usa) "Into the Brazen Bull" MCD – 8 Eur
Following their acclaimed 2011 demo (simply titled "Demo I") HOUSE OF ATREUS return with their debut mini-album "Into the Brazen Bull". HOA play a distinctly riff-oriented and melody-driven flavor of Death Metal, which is complimented by themes of Greco-Roman history, struggle and conquest.

-HUNOK (hun) “Megrendíthetetlenség” – 12 Eur
...After what seemed like a lifetime of winters and battles, Hunok's prophesied full length album is finally available. The barbaric sound of raw black metal and the ancient pagan battle winds will return you to the forgotten age of nineties, when darkness ruled and reminiscent curses were invoked from the Temple of the Fullmoon.

-HURUSOMA (jpn) “Sombre Iconoclasm” – 12 Eur
Hurusoma is Legend / Cult Black Metal from Japan.
"Sombre Iconoclasm" is the Mystery Metal Sound phenomenon which is being heard more than Hell. All Past Music are Recorded. and added the Bonus Truck "BURZUM - War".

-ILL OMENED (rus) “Conflagration of Roaring Hell” – 12 Eur
Long awaited debut relesase of vicious black metal from this Russian horde.

-IMPURITY / BLACK FEAST “In The Blood / Weltering Shadows Of Satan’s Coven” SPLIT CD – 14 Eur
Morbid Black/Death Metal. KVLT

-IN KETTEN (ger) “Live in der JVA Ichtershausen” – 12 Eur
Official cd-version of the legendary live recording!

-INFINITY (NL) “Hybris” – 12 Eur
Hybris', the sixth studio album of Dutch Occult Black Metal masters INFINITY: A 53 minute mystical journey through the darkest depths of the underworld: released on CD, double-LP, tape & digital. ‘Hybris’ is recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna.

-INSULTER "Blood Spits, Violences and Insults" – 12 Eur
Brazilian madness! NWN!

-INTOLITARIAN (usa) “Deathangle Absolution” digiCD – 12 Eur
Pure Berserkergrind Noisecore cacophony consisting of 9 spoken word tracks and 137 grindcore/noisecore/industrial tracks. A knife to the throat of the modern weak power violence, noisecore, hardcore, punk and extreme scenes, and exposing your metal bands as the pathetic, stagnant and derivative jokes that they are. No music. No scene. No boundaries. No one is safe. INTOLITARIAN wants you dead.

-INTOLITARIAN (usa) “Extermination Campaign” digiCD – 10 Eur
Includes two raw live recordings.

-INTOLITARIAN (usa) “Suicidal Alliance” digiMCD – 9 Eur

-IRKALLIAN ORACLE "Apollyon" - 12 Eur
Second album. Occult Death Metal.

-IRON YOUTH (gre) “espect / Defend / Create” – 12 Eur
RAC. Resistance Records.

-JARNVIDR (swe) “Landzplågor” – 12 Eur
Swedish raw Black Metal.

-JARNVIDR (swe) “Närvarelse” – 12 Eur
Swedish raw Black Metal.

-JONI KAPINA (fin) “Lauletaan...” – 12 Eur
Politically incorrect cover songs of Johnny Rebel, Racist Redneck Rebels and others in Finnish!

-KAEVUM (nor)"Kosmos Erwache!" – 12 Eur
Includes both demos, excellent raw Norwegian Black Metal. Darker Than Black.

-KATAXU (pol) “Roots Thunder” – 12 Eur
Re-release of legendary Kataxu debut album from 2000. Excellent ambient black metal.

!!! -KATAXU (pol) “Hunger of Elements” digiCD – 12 Eur
Symphonic Polish Black Metal.

-KAWIR (gre) “To Cavirs” – 12 Eur
A milestone of Hellenic underground Black Metal featuring the vinyl mlp cover for the first time. Monumental and mandatory. Kill Yourself prod.

-KOHORT (pol) “Christian Masquerade” – 12 Eur
One of Poland’s best, killer raw Black Metal. Includes the “Megiddo Eve” demo as bonus.

Total massacre, not for the weak!!!

-KORGONTHURUS (fin) “Vuohen Siunaus” – 12 Eur
Raw Finnish Black Metal.

-KORPISOTA (fin) “Läpi Tulen ja Jään” – 12 Eur
Rough around the edges radical rock after the 2 promising demos, soloproject of Pylvanainen vocalist Mika. Europa Erwache.

-KRISTALLNACHT (fra) “Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002” – 12 Eur
Includes all Kristallnacht material.

!!! -KRÜEL KÖMMANDO “Synagoga Satanæ” CD – 12 Eur
Cruel Black Metal. Final Agony Records.

-KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) ”Aloft on Winds of the Ancients” – 12 Eur
Barbaric Vinlandic Black Metal.

!!! -LEIBSTANDARTE (fra) “Ein Volk, Ein Reich...” – 12 Eur
Radical Black Metal from France with known members of underground bands but discreet on this project. A praise and homage to a period of history ! Debut album 7 tracks with a Frakass cover.
Available in jewelcase CD with 4 pages booklet. Limited to 500 copies

-LORD OF EVIL (pol) “Satan’s Soldiers” digiCD – 12 Eur
No words needed!

-LORD OF PAGATHORN (fin) “Nekros Philia” digiCD – 12 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-MALEFICA (ger) “Ancient Burial Mounds” MCD – 8 Eur
German Black Metal, great debut release. Darker Than Black.

-MALEFICE (fra) “Rencontre avec la bête” digiCD – 12 Eur
French symphonic radical Black Metal. DTB

-MARDRAUM (aus) “Southern Darkness” – 10 Eur
Hailing from Victoria, Australia - Mardraum proudly presents 'SOUTHERN DARKNESS'. Recorded in Van Diemen's Land by Vrag Moj.
Nine relentless hymns of supreme Raw Black Metal. A regurgitation of uncompromising hatred that stands out from the sea of shit deriving from money-hungry Jews and politically-correct sheep who cannot think for themselves... Dedicated to the true Australian elite, they know who they are!
You can listen a sample here: https://youtu.be/fqgjkbgGtTw

-MASSENHINRICHTUNG (BY) “Zakon zbroi (The Order of Force)” DigiCD – 12 Eur

-MASTEMA (fra) “The Grand Holocaust of Flesh” – 12 Eur
Rotten French Black Metal. Werewolf Records.

-MASTIPHAL (pol) "For the Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory" – 12 Eur
Re-release of 1995 album, Polish Black Metal. NWN!

-MEFITIC (ita) "Woes of Mortal Devotion" – 12 Eur

-MGLA (pol) “Mdlosci Further down the Nest” MCD - 7 Eur
Includes both older 7” ep’s. Northern Heritage.

-MGLA (fin) “Presence” MCD - 7 Eur
Often praised Mgla's first c. 20 minute 3-track miniCD showing bands supreme sense of cold melody already in early stages of band! Northern Heritage.

-MJÖLNIR (ger) "Hinweg über die Tore der Zeit" superjewelcase 2CD– 15 Eur
Double-CD in Superjewelcase. CD One features the full-length album "Hinweg über die Tore der Zeit" from 1998; CD Two features the demo "Walpurgisfeuer" from 1997 as well as the never finished second full length album, remastered at Abgrund Tonstudio in 2014.

-MJÖLNIR (ger) “Magnet Vektor” A5 digiCD – 15 Eur
Obscure German Black Metal symphony.

-MOHAREBEH (usa) “We are at War!!!” – 12 Eur
Barbaric black/death Anti-Islamic hate!!!

-MONS VENERIS (por) “Sibilando com o Mestre Negro” – 12 Eur
Utterly dark, truly disturbing, Sibilando com o Mestre Negro is a journey into a sick mind (or a collective of minds). Each track untitled, weaving into a continuous work like a book, Mons Veneris' Sibilando com o Mestre Negro can be viewed as a modern analogue to the French Black Legions' sickest and most secretive projects like Vzaéurvbtre, Dvnaèbkre, and Amaka Hahina. Worship, or die.
Limited to 500 copies (jewel case cd with 12-page booklet). A co-release between FROST & FIRE RECORDS and ALTARE PRODUCTIONS

-MORDAEHOTH (NL) "Limburgian Pagan Madness" - 10 Eur
Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots.

-MORTE PENUBRA (po) “The Black Realm Vigil” digiMCD – 8 Eur
After an album and 2 split releases, Monte Penumbra returns with "The Black Realm Vigil". Mixing dark ambient music, dissonant Black Metal and strange rhythmic sections, these three songs show some of the finest atmospheric Black Metal heard lately, with tasteful dynamics and great compositions. A completely analog recording with 21 minutes of dark music.

-MUSTA ENEMMISTÖ (fin) “Apoliteia” MCD – 7 Eur
Calm and atmospheric national romantic neofolk in Finnish, demo re-released. Europa Erwache.

-MUSTA SURMA / BLOODHAMMER / ANNIHILATUS "Christian Holocaust" - 12 Eur
Story of this release appears to be too long to tell. It dates back almost decade. Originally release was scheduled to be released on new starting Finnish label. and after they quit. whole project was taken over by NH. Over the years. small changes in plans. modified tracklists. attempts to release postponed further... Yet finally after many many years of waiting. 3 horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears. Musta Surma material is from same session as Crushing The Holy Trinity and 7" on EAL prod. Cold and cruel black metal. Bloodhammer offers 3 tracks from 3 different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric midpaced darkness. Annihilatus does what they do the best. brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation. Also featured in track "Christian Holocaust" where members of each 3 bands join forces! Northern Heritage.


-MYRKR “Rekwiz” digiCD – 13 Eur
The long time sold out Demo Tape, shall be unleashed including as Bonus the Ritual of the Undeath Ep for first time in Proffessional Disk.Many were looking forward for this release, after the Limited Sold out tape Version and especially after the Split up of the Band and the Reincarnation in nowdays as Slidhr.A Complete Satanic Release of Evilness and Obscure Aesthetic with an Aura that Honor the Glorious 90s.

-MYSTHERIUM (pol) "Zwyciestwo" - digiCD - 10 Eur
Slavonic Heathen Metal.

-NAMTER (ita) “Il Rifugio Della Creaione” – 10 Eur
8 tracks of icy and atmospheric Black Metal, summonig the isolated high peak of spirit and body.

-NASTROND (swe) “Celebration of the Four” digiCD – 13 Eur
Almost 20 Years after the official recordings, this Masterpiece of Ritualistic Ambient expression shall be available for first time in Proffessional Disk!Physical Ritual Sounds and Hypnotique Waves exaulting the Subconsious of the Esoterist and serve higher purposes for the Listener..May you dream and Feast throught the Vibrations of this esoteric Magickal Work

-NECROMANCY (gre) "Ancient Wrath" MCD – 8 Eur
Old Greek Black Metal. NWN!

-NECROPOLE (fra) s/t – 12 Eur
Includes both great demos. One of the best bands in today’s scene. Northern Heritage.

-NECROSTENCH (rus) "Abyss Falling Cross" digifileCD - 10 Eur
Raw obscurantic Death Metal from 1995. Rotten stench of cellars from the ancient city Pskov. Pre-FULLMOON RISE band

-NECROSTRIGIS (pol) “Archaiczna Moc Zaswiatów” – 12 Eur
One of the few hordes holding high the torches and banners of the Polish Black Metal spirit of the early days. Not a suprise, knowing frontman Wened has been active since the 90's in hordes as Venedae and Gontyna Kry, yet refuses to water down or commercialise any of his artistic outputs. Reminding of such obscure cult hordes as Mysteries, Fullmoon, Legion and The Temple of Fullmoon fame, especially on the insane vocals.
This CD compiles the bands killer 7-inches as well as some exclusive stuff.

-NECROSTRIGIS (pol) “Dziedzictwo wilczej krwi” – 12 Eur
Compilation of re-recorded and re-arranged songs. Includes 5 bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version.

-NOCTURNAL BLOOD (usa) “Abnormalities Prevail” – 10 Eur
A compilation of NOCTURNAL BLOOD's debut demo as well as myriad EP and split releases, Abnormalities Prevail displays this one-man entity's "uncompromising evolution" across its staggering 20 tracks.

-NORDGLANZ (ger) “Weltenwende” – 12 Eur
German nationalistic metal.

-NORDGLANZ (ger) “Das Sterbende Volk” – 12 Eur
New album.

-NORDREICH (ger) “..und es Bleibt nur Aas” digiCD – 12 Eur
Conceptual album with untitled tracks celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band.
Comes in a limited 10-panel digipack with conceptual artwork matching with the music.

-NORDREICH (ger) “Wiederkehr” 2CD – 16 Eur
At the turn of 2014/2015 still a long hand planned this attack for the true black metal underground scene. A New Release, from the great german Black Metal Band Nordreich with songs from the first works "passage grave", "Skatvals Nordreich" as well as bonus material from the publications of the V/A recording releases, this double cd release comes with a total playing time of 155 minutes. The CD packaging come up with A cardboard box richly decorated with UV spot varnish. Inside there are 2 CDs incl. Depositors. The CD cases are also printed with UV spot varnish perfect and complete.This Release from EE-Records is limited to 999 units.

-NORDVREDE (nor) “State of the Art” – 12 Eur
Radical Norwegian Black Metal. DTB

-NORDVREDE (nor) “Confrontation” superjewelcaseCD – 13 Eur
Radical Norwegian Black Metal! Darker Than Black

-NORNAHETTA (IS) “The Psilocybin Tapes” digiCD – 12 Eur
Approx. 80 mins. of uncompromising, intoxicating and radioactive black metal from the northern hemisphere!
A compilation of all the four digital releases, recorded some were in Iceland and mixed by Sérgio Prata Almeida at Nirvana Studios – Lisbon, February 2016.

-NORNS (fin) “In Fog They Appear” MCD – 9 Eur
Re-release of the debut demo, Finnish Black Metal. KVLT.

-NORNS (fin) “Pazuzu” MCD – 8 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-NOXIA (ger) “The Age of Wisdom” digiCD – 12 Eur
Heathen Occult Black Metal / Post-Punk from Germany.

-NUBIFEROUS (rus) “Mana” A5 digisleeveCD – 8 Eur
This album initiated experiments with acoustic musical instruments adding archaism and folk colors to the sound canvas of Nubiferous that harmonizes with the album concept: “mana” is a supernatural force or power that may be ascribed to persons, animals, inanimate objects or spirits. Deep ritualistic music on the edge between raw ritualism of Ad Lux Tenebrae and refined soundwork of Troum.


-OCCULT (NL) “1992-1993” digiCD – 10 Eur
“Studio Demo 1993” on LP and CD. As a bonus it will include the official and suitably raw "Livetape 1992”. Cover has been re-done and audio has been remastered; comes with old photo's and lyrics.
A true piece of Blackened Dutch Metal history! CD as digipak with 8 page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

-OHTAR (pol) “The Empire of White Power” – 12 Eur
Re-release of the demo on CD. Polish Black Metal.

-OSTOTS (ES) “Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna” – 12 Eur
New album.

-PAGAN HELLFIRE (can) "On the Path to Triumph" – 12 Eur
Fifth album of one of the best and oldest Canadian Black Metal horde. Tour De Garde.

-PAGAN SKULL/MINU KAMP "Aseveljet/Relvavennad" SPLIT CD - 12 Eur
All new material on this Finnish/Estonian comrade split, radical rock against the scum!

-PAGAN SKULL (fin) “White Genocide” – 12 Eur
The second full-lenght of the Finnish hate panzer! More violent, more powerful! Europa Erwache

-PAGAN SKULL / MINU KAMP “Aseveljet/Relvaennad “ splitCD – 12 Eur
Finnish Estonian comradeship with hateful new songs full of national pride!

!!! -PAGAN TEMPLE (pol) "The Warriors of Black Circles" - 12 Eur
Old Polish Black Metal band, includes both demos from 1993 and 1995.

-PANDEMONIUM (pol) “Devilri” – 10 Eur
After over than twenty years, we remind dark origins of Polish underground legend – Pandemonium. This time into CD was pressed a brilliant demo “Devilri” in 1992 which spread on tape version near twenty thousand copies according of official data! In addition this re-edition is enrich with rehearsal / promo in 1990. These four songs from rehearsal are the first official material which horde released on cassette. This compact edition is closed by concert from S’Thrash’ydlo festival in 1991 summarizing these far away, primitive, uncompromising times of Polish metal underground. The richly illustrated booklet contains numerous press clippings: interviews, reviews, descriptions, flyers, concerts posters. CD released in a standard slipcase. All copies are hand numbered. Graphic design and composition – Perversor. “Devilri – Extended Edition” is a remarkable document showing unquestioned greatness of Polish Underground!

-PANDEMONIUM (pol) “The Ancient Catatonia” – 10 Eur
After twenty years classic metal sounds are back in a new edition. The legendary album is re-released the full version with ten songs that for years fascinated next generations of extreme music maniacks . Re-edition of “The Ancient Cataconia” fully reflects the cold and harsh climates releases from early nineties. Complete texts, special photos and interviews from the Polish underground fanzines from that time. Music has not been subjected to any undue and unnecessary treatment. This allows to listener be fully possessed by dark antique sounds . Let the cult of the dark black / death metal remains in its original perfect form. Album released on CD. All copies are hand numbered.

-PANTHEON (usa) “Krihapentswor” – 12 Eur
Vinlandic NSBM

-PERDITION TEMPLE (usa) “The Tempter’s Victorious” – 12 Eur
Barbarian Black/Death Metal.

-PHLEGEIN (fin) “From the Land of Death” – 12 Eur
Phlegein completed their 2nd full length, "From The Land of Death" album! They offer absolutely strongest material so far! Razor sharp sound, ripping vocals, excellent songs of pure Finnish black metal! Each song of album is strong, filled with killer riffs.

-PHOSPHORE BLANC (fra) “Xenophobos” digiCD – 12 Eur
Radical Black/Death War Metal from France. Reissue of 2014 digital album on Digipack CD. Darker Than Black.

-POGROM (LT) “Liberal Cunt/Liberali Pyzda” – 12 Eur
Harsh PE. Filth & Violence.

-PROFANATICA (usa) “The Curling Flame of Blasphemy” – 12 Eur
Still one of the best!

-PROSANCTUS INFERI (usa) “Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night” – 12 Eur
Bestial Black/Death Metal. NWN!

-PSEUDOGOD (rus) ”Sepulchral Chants” – 12 Eur
CD compilation containing ancient atrocities that were recorded during past XI years. Includes all material from demos, split's, EP's, MLP's and rehearsal chants...

-PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR (fin) "Revolt" digiCD – 10 Eur
Industrialized Death Metal from Diaboli member.

-PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR (fin) "4:You Shall Not Destroy" – 10 Eur
Fourth album.

-PUHDISTUS (fin) “Monoa Antifalle” digiCD – 12 Eur
Hatecore / hardcore punk, violently offensive material. Bestial Burst/Sakaramiina Records.

-PYLVANAINEN (fin) “Maamme Raunioilla” – 12 Eur
Debut album of the great RAC/punk band on the rise! Excellent lyrics in Finnish!)

-PYLVANAINEN (fin) ”Ruoste ja Rappio” – 12 Eur
Return of Pylvanainen Rac'n Roll! A couple of songs in English also this time.

-RAHU (fin) “The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows” digiCD – 12 Eur
Finniah Black/death Metal.


-RATTENKÖNIG (aus) “Conjuration of hate” – 10 Eur
Full length album available from FROST & FIRE!
Hateful and malicious propaganda hailing from the elite Black Forest woods of Victoria, Australia.

-RATTENKÖNIG (aus) "Rotten Demos" - 10 Eur
Includes all Rattenkönig demos.

-RAVENMOON SANCTUARY (pol) “Frozen path of Nostalgia” – 12 Eur
Polish Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies.

Imperial Japanese Black Fucking Grind & South Korean Spell of Black Terror Rituals! Circle of 4444 Reich rise!

-REENCARNACION "888 Metal" – 10 Eur

- REMIGIUS (swe) "Daemonolatreiae Libri Tres – Af Trolldom Ock Afgrundsdyrkan" digiCD - 12 Eur
Dark Ambient.

-RIDE FOR REVENGE (fin) “Distrubances 2001-2013” 2CD – 15 Eur
2 CD´s, 2 hours and 21 minutes of previously unreleased or extremely rare material. Heavy, raw, occult black metal and experimental soundscapes. Bestial Burst

-ROSTORCHESTER "Verdorbenheit" - 12 Eur
2nd album from this excellent band featuring members of Eisenwinter and Totale Vernichtung.

-RUHMREICH / Isolfur “Reconquista Germania” splitCD – 12 Eur
Politically incorrect German Black/Death Metal vs. Pagan Metal.

-SACRIFICIUM CARMEN (fin) “Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa” – 12 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-SADISTIK EXEKUTION (aus) "30 years of Agonizing the Dead" - 12 Eur
Compilation of demos and ep's.

-SANCTUAIRE (can) “Helserkr” digiCD – 12 Eur
Revamped and remastered version the two first demo by Sanctuaire (ex-Monarque). "Helserkr" combine the demo of the same name and the "Echo 1" ambient demo. The first half og the CD is a raw yet epic and atmospheric recording praising nature as well as ancient northern mysticism and barbarism. Melodic and austere, it's a call to arms, the echo of a time when glory and tradition prevailed. The second half of the CD is like an ancestral voice, it is the wandering of an ancient folklore, fantastical, from another time, another world. Close to both the earth and the sky, this is a collection of tracks done with a keyboard and traditionnal instruments. All tracks are different and stand on their own.

-SANCTUAIRE (can) “Le Sang sur I’acier” MCD – 9 Eur
The runes have spoken... Sanctuaire presents four hymns of pagan black metal praising ancient times when glory stood alongside tradition. Sanctuaire offers its strongest and most powerful effort to date, incorporating war-like kettledrums and chorus chanting featuring other artisans of the Métal Noir québecois circle. An epic journey to a distant time when our ancestors once struggled and fought for their lives. Mixed by Sorcier des Glaces, this release has a simple cardboard booklet and a cover artwork drawn by the talented David Thiérrée.

-SARGEIST (fin) “Feeding the Crawling Shadows” – 12 Eur
New Sargeist album. WTC.

-SATANACHIST (ger) "Crown of the Black Sun" - 12 Eur
Includes the demo, 7" and bonus tracks.

-SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) “Luciferian Torches” CD – 12 Eur
Includes "Ondskapens Makt / Forgotten Graves", "Winter's Hunger / Torches" and "In Eternal Fire / Ghost Wolves" along with unreleased material from the same sessions.

-SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) “Live in Hekelgem” digiCD – 12 Eur
Remastered from the direct audio source; killer recording from 2005 live in Flanders. Official version of the shitty bootleg from over a decade ago. This is a piece of underground filth: pornographic and politically-incorrect, raw and extreme!

-SATURNIAN MIST / IC REX “Liber Saturni…” – 12 Eur
Two Finnish occult black metal juggernauts, SATURNIAN MIST and IC REX joined forces for a collaboration split in the form of esoteric and aural research of the archetype of Saturn (Satan)
IC REX not only develops the line of ritual magic studies which were put to the core of the band’s existence since the first demo and resulted three magnificent full-length albums, but basically concludes them, stepping to the next level where Artifex IC left it at ”Vedenjakaja (Aquarius)” album proving IC Rex to be - yet again - much more than ”only music”.
SATURNIAN MIST offers their unique blend of black metal chaos magick they have developed during the years culminating to their latest "Chaos Magick" album from last spring, but now presented along with the strong sense of their roots found from the soundscapes of melodic Finnish black metal sound.
The split comes with 12-pages booklet with footnotes of the ritualistic and esoteric side of the themes taking place on the release.

-SECT PIG "Slave Destroyed" MCD – 8 Eur

-SECT PIG "Self Reversed" MCD – 8 Eur

!!! -SEIGNEUR VOLAND (fra) “Consumatum Est” – 12 Eur
French Black Metal. Essential compilation of this great band. Sang & Sol.

!!! -SELBSTMORD (pol) “Dawn of a New Era” – 12 Eur
Polish Black Metal.

-SERPENTFYRE (fin) “Bestial Mysticism” – 12 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-SEWER GODDESS (usa) "Hymns Of Infliction" – 12 Eur
Death Industrial. Filth & Violence

-SHRINE OF INSANABILIS (ger) “Diciples of the Void” CD – 12 Eur
Although literally emerging from nothingness earlier this year, SHRINE OF INSANABILIS are no mere acolytes, instead evincing a master's knowledge across their debut album. Never more aptly titled, Disciples of the Void comprises six testimonies to the fiery aspiration for enlightenment through inconceivable nothingness. These testimonies are also manifested into this world by their corresponding sigils. SHRINE OF INSANABILIS vividly portray these visions through a heaving mass of obsidian black metal, forever rising and falling, surging and merging, offering glimpses of glory and valleys of despair in equal measure. Like most W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS, Disciples of the Void is impeccably recorded - bold, full-bodied, even Technicolor - with mixing & mastering done by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony, and finished off with David Glomba (Teitanarts) cover art truly deserving of its malefic contents. Blinding darkness, unbearable silence, and incureable madness, all displayed for everyone to experience: this is a raging beginning on a path through the Voi

-SINOATH (ita) “Meanders of Doom” MCD - 8 Eur
After 8 years of silence Sinoath return with this obscure and gloomy masterpiece, about 20 minutes of pure doom atmospheres... "The album is marked in its sulphurous and marshy gait, slow and grim darkness that it intends to draw in the listener's mind.

-SLÆGT (den) "Ildsvanger" - CD Superjewelcase - 12 Eur
Ildsvanger is the first full length offering of the Copenhagen based black metal project Slægt, an it's also unarguably their strongest and most mature release to date. Performed and recorded by protagonist Oskar J. Frederiksen with drums by Adam Ccsquele Nielsen. Ildsvanger follows the same path as laid out on their earlier releases but the ten tracks that shape their new full length takes us much further into the darkness. With Ildsvanger, Slægt manages to deliver some of the hardest hitting anthemic black metal magic that has come out of Denmark in a long time!

!!! -SPEAR OF LONGINUS (aus) “Nada Brahma” – 12 Eur
Nazi Occult Metal!

-SPEAR OF LONGINUS (aus) "Nothing is forever, and, forever is nothing" - 12 Eur
Re-press. Darker Than Black.

-SPEAR OF LONGINUS (aus) “Khephera” – 12 Eur
CD-version of the “…….and the Swastikalotus” tape-album.

-STELLA ARJA (rus) “Borning Star by Myself” – 12 Eur
One of the best Atmospheric Black Metal album from the Russian lands now reissued on cd limited to 300 copies. The band was formed by Swarm (ex-Moloth, ex-Darkomen, ex-Djur and now in Hagl) and this is their only release (originally issued on tape in 2004).

-STORMHEIT (fin) Chronicon Finlandiae” digibookCD – 13 Eur
Finnish nationalistic Metal.

-STRAIGHT ARM SALUTE (fin) "The New Rise of National Socialism" - 12 Eur
Arrogant and radical NS martial ambient.

-STRAIGHT ARM SALUTE (fin) “Pelkkää Vihaa” – 12 Eur
Radical martial industrial / power electronics with extreme NS lyrics in Finnish. More harsh than ever! Europa Erwache.

-TAGHUT (usa) “Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur’a’n” – 10 Eur
Anti-islamic Black Metal.

- TALVI (fin) “Yksi Elämä, Yksi Pakotie” – 10 Eur
Five long years after Talvi began working on their debut album, the circle finally closes. Tour de Garde and Hammerbolt Productions are proud to present one of Finland's most epic black metal albums. Mid-paced, glorious and powerful composition that will teleport your mind to the heart of Finland's cold and black soil. Talvi's music is a hymn to nature and isolation, it's a soundtrack to those who wander eternally into the wintery forest. Dare to explore the debut album of Talvi, you won't regret it.

-TELOCH (fin) "Thus Darkness Spake" - 12 Eur
Finland's TELOCH return with their second full-length album titled "Thus Darkness Spake". Thus Darkness Spake brims with a newfound clarity that illuminates these dark, dank corridors of quintessentially Finnish black metal, hook-heavy as it is teeth-gnashing. The recording likewise sparkles whilst emitting all the grit and grime for which Finnish black metal is known: it is the pitch-perfect counterpart to the album's contents, and further proof that "underground" doesn't necessarily equate to "unprofessional. Finnish occult black metal and sonic alchemy of death.

-THE WANDERER… (aus) “Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium” CD – 10 Eur
Digisleeve CD release featuring the second and third demos from this obscure, atmospheric black metal band. Both demo cassettes were previously released in editions of 100 copies by Witches Sabbath Records. Now, Tour de Garde presents this compilation featuring 50 minutes of skeletal, inhuman soundscapes from the depths of the underground. Almost no vocals (aside from choir-like chanting) are used on this recording, as a removal of the human element. The Wanderer... is music to drift into the abyss, to send your soul asunder amidst the ancient tones of analog production. For fans of such albums as Ulver's "Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler", Burzum's "Filosefem" or Orrery ?"Nine Odes to Oblivion".

-THEOLOGIAN (usa) “Some Things Have To Be Endured” A5 digiCD – 12 Eur
The latest offering from NY synth-death master Theologian (aka Leech, also the mastermind behind the renowned power electronics/death industrial outfit Navicon Torture Technologies), Some Things Have To Be Endured features eight new tracks of punishing black industrial, apocalyptic darkwave frequencies, and nerve-rending electronic deathscapes.
Endured is a collection of collaborations between Theologian and a lineup of female vocalists/artists from both within the industrial / noise / dark ambient / coldwave realm and beyond, with contributions from Rachael Kozak (Hecate), Kristen MacArthur (Sewer Goddess), Rachel Maloney (Tonikom), Nikki Telladictorian (Prometheus Burning), Patricia Benitez (Fetish Drone), Gillian Leigh Bowling (Teloahqaal), Christiana Key (Delphic Oracle), Joan Hacker (Factoria), Shari Vari (Void Vision), and professional opera singer Melissa C. Kelly. The tracks shift from grinding industrial dread to ethereal coldwave beauty, blasts of rumbling blackened synthcrush met with washes of haunting electronic melody, while always remaining rooted in Theologian's bleak, jet-black industrial sound.
Co-produced with Derek Rush/DREAM INTO DUST and mastered by James Plotkin, Some Things Have To Be Endured contains some of the most moving and dramatic music to emerge from Theologian's black sonic abyss, and the album comes adorned with striking photography by Ione Rucquoi that makes this one of the more visually arresting releases in Theologian's growing catalog.

-THUNDERBOLT (pol) “Sons of the Darkness” – 12 Eur
Resistance records.

-THY SEPULCHRAL MOON (KR) “Indignant Force of Malevolence” – 10 Eur
Already a cult name in the underground, this Canadian/South Korean entity has so far released two EPs in as many years - 2016's Incantations Inciting Demise and 2017's Contemptuous Retaliation Storm - and hereby collect on one format both those EPs as well as three unreleased demo tracks and two cover songs, Beherit's "Sadomatic Rites" and NON's "Total War."
As suggested by their spectrum-spanning choice of covers, Thy Sepulchral Moon are not your trendy, identikit "bestial" black metal band. While certainly grounded in the earliest nuclear vomits of the idiom, there's an especially tweaked and torturedly experimental sensibility at work across their canon. The pulse is primitive and unabashedly mechanistic - cold, lifeless, DEAD - and a swarm of gasmasked voices speak ill tidings from nearly every direction; the layering of sewer-drenched sound is similarly indebted to the foulest depths of the gabber-gore underground. Altogether, it makes for a uniquely ritualistic sound that portends total and utter oblivion. Meet that oblivion head on with Indignant Force of Malevolence!

-THY SERPENT (fin) “Forest of Witchery” – 12 Eur
One of the best albums ever from Finland. Dark Metal.

-THYRANE (fin) “Black Harmony” MCD – 9 Eur
Finnish Black Metal.

-TITAN MOUNTAIN (pol) “Above Fangs of Majestic Stonetitans” – 12 Eur
Symphonic Black Metal.

-TRISKELE (can) "Les Racines Du Nord" 2CD - 20 Eur
Heathen Black Metal from Canada. 4-CD release from 2017, gathering all albums. Slipcase with two double-cd jewelcases.

-TYMAH (HU) “Zuhanás” – 12 Eur
Transylvanian Black Metal.
Grim and sinister to the bone, "Zuhanás" is a great work exploring the states where dream and reality clash. It does not only allow you gaze into the abyss, it allows you to fall inside. Skies open and the morningstar shines bright. Agios O Lucifer!

-TYRANATH / ETERNAL STRIFE "Swords of Promise / Vinlandic Hate Brigade" - 12 Eur
The long-awaited unreleased full-length album SWORDS OF PROMISE from Vinland's finest black metal warriors TYRANATH finally sees the light of day as a split release with ETERNAL STRIFE! The ETERNAL STRIFE material found on this CD is the same material as is on the demo tape released by WOTANSBLUT RECORDS.

-UNCREATION’S DAWN (fin) “Holy Empire of Rats” – 12 Eur
Latest album, still one of the strongest forces in the Finnish UG!

-UPIR (pol) “Possession” digiMCD – 9 Eur
Grim and barbaric Polish Black Metal!

-V/A: Antihumanism 10 Years Compilation cd – 6 Eur
Grunt, Dead Reptile Shrine, Cultus, Myself, Circle of Ouroborus, Maximum Perversum, Pagan, Mons Veneris, Vätfer, Thorns Blade, Profane Congregation,Âmes Sanglantes & Goatmoon

-V/A – HAMMERSTORM vol.6 – 10 Eur
Sonnenrad, Der Stürmer, Frangar,Barbarous Pomerania, Aufschwung, Illum Adora, Korijenje Vjecnosti, Ravnkald, 88 , Goatblood, Molot Severa, Raven Throne, Svartr Sturm, Maquahuitl, XX Secolo, Avenge The Fallen, Terror 88

Commie crushing power electronics from the likes of Plantation, Straight Arm Salute, Streicher, Trigger, Siege Electronics, Black SS, Genocide Lolita etc.

-V/A – VERIYHTEYS 1 – 12 Eur
Two songs per band, exclusive tracks recorded for this compilation. 40 minutes of radical Finnish music. 12 page booklet.

-V/A – VERIYHTEYS 2: Kerettiläiset Trubaduurit – 12 Eur
4 bands, c. 50 minutes. Acoustic versions of songs. Finnish groups: Vapaudenristi, Pylvanainen, Pagan Skull and Pyhä Kuolema. From noble neo-folk style to brutal skinhead acoustic attack.

The second part of Blut&Eisen’s “Tormenting Legends” Sampler, as a Digi CD (including a 24 page booklet with lyrics etc.) with exclusive contributions from following obscurantists: Puissance, Wolfsmond, Arckanum, Nasheim, Eternity, Katharsis, Bael, Vargsang, Nyktalgia, Klage, Luror, Elite , Sarath, Musta Surma, Sarcophagus.


-VAAL (NL) “Geesten van de Verlorenen” – 12 eur
Debut full-length by this Dutch True Black Metal horde, keeping the tradition of hate alive!

-VALTAKUNTA (fin) - s/t CD - 12 Eur
Occult, obscure, raw and primitive black metal from this anonymous Finnish duo. Fits neatly in Bestial Burst catalog with the noisiest and weirdest black-metal-and-beyond releases from Masokismi to Dead Reptile Shrine to Kärsimysnäytelmä! and Mustamaa etc.etc., yet of course Valtakunta has their very own, chaotic yet hypnotic style that will swallow your soul into it´s evil abyss. Self titled eight song debut CD limited to 300 copies.

-VAMPYRIC BLOOD (fin) “Howling in Candlelight” – 12 Eur
Vampyric Blood returns with a new full length of grim, raw, blood lusting & nocturnal medieval Black Metal.

4 tracks of rough radical rock and 4 tracks of national romantic folk. Finnish language. 12 page booklet.

-VAPAUDENRISTI (fin) / USKONRAUHA (fin) split digiCD - 12 Eur
Raw radical rock meets black metal. Very Finnish, powerful stuff all the way. Bestial Burst/Sakaramiina Records.

-VELES / LEGION “Blood on my Knife” SplitCD – 12 Eur
Polish Black Metal supremacy! Darker Than Black.

-VELIMOR (rus) “Master of Illusions” – 12 Eur
Russian Pagan Metal!

-VELIMOR (rus) “Legacy” – 12 Eur
Russian Pagan Metal!

- VELIMOR (rus) “Son of Odin” digiCD – 10 Eur
Includes 2 Velimor tracks and covers from: Absurd, Warhead, Honor and Kolovrad. Limited to 200 copies.

-VITSAUS (fin) “Iäti Vihassa ja Kunniassa” DoubleCD – 15 Eur
Includes all Vitsaus demo material. Finnish Black Metal.

-VLAD TEPES (fra) “Celtic Poetry” MCD – 9 Eur
Official re-release on Drakkar

-VLAD TEPES (fra) “Into Frosty Madness” MCD – 9 Eur
Official re-release on Drakkar

-VLAD TEPES (fra) “The Return of the Unweeping” – 12 Eur
Official re-release on Drakkar

-VOID MEDITATION CULT (usa) “Utter the Tonguie of the Dead” – 12 Eur
Five years ago, the entity VOID MEDITATION CULT uttered its "Sulfurous Prayers" and then receded back into the darkness. Now, the altar is set once more, and candles gleam in the shadows as the specter returns. Ten covenants of death, devil worship and sacrifice are offered beneath the ever-watchful gaze of the Blighting Angel, as the many voices of the damned churn against a down-tuned, pestilential roar. Return to the Devil's Temple, for the time has come to "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"...

-VONÜLFSRËICH (fin) “Spell of Thunder” digiCD – 12 Eur
Finnish Black Metal. DTB

-VORUM (fin) “Poisoned Void” digiCD – 12 Eur
Debut album of filthy Finnish Death Metal. Woodcut Records.

-WARFIRE (fra) “Heralds of Eternal Order” – 12 Eur (BOP041)
Supremacist war Death Metal with neckbreaking riffs. CD limited to 300 copies.

-WARLOGHE (fin) “Dark Age’s Return” – 12 Eur
Contains The Black Tower demo, Unlighted 7" and two unreleased songs. "The Black Tower" song never appeared on debut demo. Dark Ages' Return was originally meant to be on debut 7" but was not used. 7" songs are in their full length and with better sound than originally on the edited vinyl. c. 40 minutes of true black metal. Northern Heritage.

-WARLOGHE (fin) “The First Possession” – 12 Eur
Black Metal. NH.

-WEDRUJACY WIATR (pol) “Tam gdzie miesiac oplakuje swit” – 10 Eur
Debut album. Atmospheric Heathen Black Metal from Poland.

-WEDRUJACY WIATR (pol) - "O turniach, jeziorach i nocnych szlakach" - 10 Eur
Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. New album, CD in edition 1000 copies.

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Wir ziehen in den Krieg” – 10 Eur
Black Metal war!

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) "Eroberung durch Finsternis" digiCD - 13 Eur
Re-release of the old Wehrhammer album. German Black Metal!

-WEHRHAMMER (GER) "Im Sinne der Grausamkeit" digiCD - 13 Eur
Re-release of the old Wehrhammer album. German Black Metal!

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) "Sturmtruppen" 2CD - 15 Eur (BOP033)
From the depths of German Black Metal underground...
Breath of Pestilence is proud to offer this doubleCD release that includes the original recording of "Deutsche Sturmtruppen" from 2000 and a re-recorded version from 2012. Raw and uncompromising Black Metal WAR.
Limited edition of 500 copies.

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Das Ende naht” CD – 12 Eur (BOP035)
The rotten vaults of German Black Metal underground are opened once more to bring forth Wehrhammer's "Das Ende naht" album. Previously released in 2003 as a Pic.LP limited to 100 copies, now made available again on CD limited to 500 copies.
Tormenting Black Metal terror! The End is near...

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Fleisch and Blut – Ein Reich wird kommen” digiCD – 13 Eur
German Black Metal!

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Der Befehl” DigiCD – 12 Eur
Nebelklang proudly present the new Wehrhammer album „Der Befehl“. The CD version comes as a Digipack version and contains 15 Songs (with a running time of 68 minutes), which will please all supporters of this German One Man Project.

-WEHRHAMMER (ger) “Zwanzig Jahre verbrannte Erde” digiCD – 12 Eur
German Black Metal.

-WELTENFENDE (ger) “Blut und Eisen” – 12 Eur
Radikal, brutal yet catchy Death Metal. http://weltenwende.bandcamp.com/

!!! -WEREWOLF FRONT (swe) s/t – 12 Eur
Swedish Black Metal.
CD compilation featuring both the "Wolves of the White North" and "Principia Sublimissimus" releases on CD.

-WHITE DEATH (fin) s/t MCD – 8 Eur
CD version of the 7” EP with bonus tracks. Darker Than Black.

-WHITE MEDAL (uk) “Lyke Wake” – 12 Eur
New album of proud Black Metal from the United Kingdom. Darker Than Black.

-WHOREDOM RIFE (nor) ”Whoredom Rife” DigiMCD - 10 Eur
Excellent debut release. Norwegian Black Metal in the glorious tradition of the 90's! Terratur Possessions.

-WHOREDOM RIFE (nor) “Dommedagskvad” digiCD – 13 Eur
Norwegian Black Metal. Comes with special packing.

Compact disc version of the long sold out split lp finally available. Guaranteed purgatory from ritual electronics and occult industrial to extreme distortion and offensive feedback assault. Bestial Burst / Filth&Violence

-WINTER BLACKNESS (pol) “Freezing Aura of Blackened Depths” – 12 Eur
Debut album of Grim and Cold Black Metal from Poland with Necrostrigis/Blood Stronghold members.

!!! -WODULF (gre) “…from the Corpsegates” – 12 Eur
True necromantic Black Metal. Totenkopf Propaganda

-WOLFBLOOD (aus) s/t digiCD – 12 Eur
Compilation including the demos “A Victory To Echo Through Time“ (Demo I), “Banner Of Might” (Demo II) and livebonus tracks..Darker Than Black.

-WOLFNACHT (gre) “Zeit der Cherusker / Dawn of Heathens” digiCD – 12 Eur
Both albums on one CD.

-WOLFSMOND (ger) "Des Düsterwaldes Reigen" - 12 Eur
Excellent German Black Meta! After being sold out for some time, Wolfsmond's debut album is available
again, with the same music but slight changes in the layout. W.T.C

-WOLVES EYES (uk) / LIKVANN (nor) splitMCD – 9 Eur
Heathen Black Metal.

-WOLVES EYES (uk) “Beneath the Banners of the Elders” MCD – 8 Eur
Heathen Black Metal.

-WOLVES EYES (uk) / STOLZBLUT (usa) split digiCD – 10 Eur
Heathen Black Metal from UK and USA.

-WOMB C (Fin) - s/t CD – 12 Eur
A Collaboration between Will Over Matter, Blutleuchte and Cloama. A 54 minute journey of cosmic atmospheres and occult symbolism, using elements of black metal, ambient, industrial and power electronics, channeling all the energy to travel further and deeper into darkness. Several years in works, this is an artistic triumph in all it´s epic glory! Features members of / recommended to those into Dead Reptile Shrine and Ride For Revenge. Eight page booklet with a story to tell, illustrated with cosmic symbols and as an icing on the cake: amazing front cover art by Denis Kostromitin. Limited edition of 200 copies only.

-WOTANORDEN (usa) “Legends of the Valorous Fallen” – 12 Eur
New album and the best Wotanorder so far. Powerful and majestic heathen Black Metal!

-WRATHPRAYER (chi) "Sun of Moloch" – 12 Eur
Excellent album from 2012, dark Death Metal. Recommended!

-XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION (fin) "Live 2012/2015" – 12 Eur
Includes 3 XE live gigs.

-XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION (fin) “Past Atrocities” 2CD – 17 Eur
Re-issue of White Power and Vala cassettes.
The CD's come in slim-boxes and are packed inside a black nylon-bag with a copied sticker on the front, includes also a 12 pages A5 booklet.

-XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION (fin) “Black Hole” – 12 Eur
New album. Filth & Violence

-YOU MUST MURDER (rus) “Evil Russia” – 12 Eur
Presented by Pagan War Distro in Brazil is the debut album from Russian beatdown hardcore lunatics You Must Murder! Originally released in 2011, this is the 2015 re-issue which contains their debut EP Hardcore the Satanism as bonus tracks. Pressed on jewel case CD format.

ZINES/BOOKLETS/SHIRTS(ETC): (Zines written in english unless stated otherwise!)


!!! -21 Polkua Pimeyden Valtakuntaan – 23 Eur
21 Polkua Pimeyden Valtakuntaan on hätkähdyttävä ja harvinainen, traditionaalista satanismia käsittelevä teos. Se perustuu suomalaisten harjoittajien omiin kokemuksiin ja ajatuksiin kolmen vuosikymmenen ajalta. Teos opastaa lukijaa tällä vaativalla polulla kohti uudenlaiseksi ihmiseksi tulemista ja satanismin elämistä todeksi todellisen elämän tekojen kautta. Lisäksi se esittää sekä teorian että käytännön niistä toimista, joilla nykyinen sivilisaatiomme voidaan viedä päätökseensä, kutsuen lukijansa osalliseksi tähän todelliseen Pimeyden Työhön.

-ARISE! - zine - 5 Eur
"This zine takes one clear theme and viewpoint and pierces it through different bands, countries and genres. From Chile to Sweden, from heavy metal to hardcore, Arise! tries to examine what is the role of rebellion in today’s extreme music – be the nature of this rebellion spiritual, social, musical or personal. 52 A4 pages and in-depth interviews with these bands and artists: HATEFUL ABANDON, GRAVMASKIN, MORBUS CHRON, DHG, ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD, SAMI KETTUNEN, PROFESSOR BLACK, MAGIC CIRCLE, ACERO LETAL, LUCIFER’S HAMMER, MIDNIGHT, GARDEN OF WORM & KOVAA RASVAA + articles from philosophers, magicians, metalheads and punkrockers & 25+ ‘rebel anthem’ recommendations from the underground."

-ARISE! #5 – 6 Eur
Master’s Hammer, Sanctuaire, Piss, Joose Keskitalo, Sabbath Assembly, Demonos, Alghazanth, Johannes Nefastos and Aki Cederberg.

Wolfnacht, Goatmoon, Two Rites and Kvasir’s Blood.

- BURNING ABYSS #8 – 7 Eur
Erik of Watain, Bob of Immolation, Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza of Exodus/Hatriot, Mr. Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos, Silencer of Medico Peste, L.L. of Desolate Shrine, David of Domains, Mysth & Morbid of Ethelyn, Rou of Sartegos and Chris of Ominous Domain distro/Razed Soul Records. To complete the whole, we have included a short article about France’s Massacra and, as usual, Sascha of Mandatory’s memories of classic (death) metal albums of the 1990s, some quotes, playlists, and over 200 reviews of music and ‘zines

Only a few in stock. This zine, written by Jason Campbell and visually augmented by the art and layout of Tim Grieco, was originally intended for release in support of NWN! Fest III. Instead of limiting the subject matter and distribution to the fest, Haruspex evolved into something more expansive. This first installment focuses on bands related to NWN!; future issues will further expand the magazine’s parameters. Featured in this issue are interviews with the following bands: Ares Kingdom, Sabbat, Conqueror, Martire, Rotting Christ (Interviews with Sakis Tolis, Jim Mutilator, and Magus Vampyr Daoloth), Pseudogod, Anatomia, Bone Awl (Interview featuring HWCT and HWGT), Bestial Raids, Faustcove and an artists’ discussion featuring Denis Forkas, Tim Grieco, Marko Marov, and Manuel Tinnemans
This first issue will also come with a new 7” by Antediluvian. Recorded at the same time as “LOGOS,” this EP features two new, unreleased tracks:
Antediluvian "Septentrional Theophany" 7"'
1. Mount of the Congregation . . .
2. . . . In the Sides of the North

-HÖLLENTANZ #5 – 5 Eur
Ride for Revenge, Barzabel, Azazel, Diaboli, Inferno, Pulvanainen, Mordaehoth and Satanismo Calibro 9.

New double issue, sold only together. Featuring interesting interviews with: AGATUS, BARBARIAN, INNSMOUTH, VORDR, WULKANAZ, CHOIR OF YOUNG BELIEVERS, HEXVESSEL, JOOSE KESKITALO, PYHÄ KUOLEMA and TENHI

Dolentia, Malefices, Reveal, uncreationist and Year of the Goat.

!!! -MIASMA #46 – 3 Eur
!!!In Finnish!!!
Arska, Antimateria, Korgothurus, Morgal, Charnel Winds, Aethyrick, Metallihelvetti, Khost, Phlegein, Adaestuo, Krypts, W.A.I.L., Vargrav.
ILMAINEN YLI 10 Eur tilauksiin.

Saturnian Mist, Worship, Loss, Funebrarum, Swallowed, Impetigo, Morbus Chron, Denial of God and Root

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Funeralium/Ataraxie, Mournful Congregation, Cadaveric Fumes, Solothus, Desolate Shrine, Mitochondrion, Lord of Pagathorn, Cultes des Ghoules, Obliteration and W.A.I.L, together with stories of drunken misbehaviour, reviews and a feature on classic Hong Kong cat III-shockers.


For the second time. Serpentscope zine presents what we deem the best in death metal. Like intros on Archgoat records. this catchphrase never gets old. Serpentscope zine. issue two. Sixteen meticulously laid out tabloid pages. Stories about metal of death and loss of life. Offset printed. Includes interviews with Abhorrence. Adorior. Antediluvian. Antropomorphia. Burial Invocation. Cruciamentum. Death Strike. Degial. Grippiud. Infinitum Obscure. Lustration. Morbus Chron. Obliteration. Orator. Pustulation. Razor Of Occam. Ruminations. Swallowed. Time Crypt. Unholy Crucifix. The Vein. and Whore. All interviews from 2011-2012. A collaborative issue between Kaleidoscope and The Serpent Bearer zines.

Cruciamentum, Vulturine, Anguish, Gevurah, The Nihilistic Front, Ominous Circle Rec.

-THE SINISTER FLAME IV – The Hammer of Black Illumination – 10 Eur
The gates are open once more, as the black light of Lucifer illuminates the horizon. THE SINISTER FLAME returns with a striking Issue IV, this time entirely in full colour. Black Arts are practiced and Seven Fold Ways are walked with Sulphure of MMP TEMPLE, Michael Morthwork of HAMMEMIT, VK of VASSAFOR, Lord Mörder of SOL EVIL, Alina of LAMIA VOX, DeathMessiah of PROSELYTISM RECORDS and an anonymous member of IRKALLIAN ORACLE. In addition, D. Aggressor of DOMAINS kindly leads you inside the macabre reality of Sinister Ceremonies. The philosophy and ethos of Order of Nine Angles lies strong within the interviews but is also presenced via articles, ensuring that the calling of the depths will be heard.

Exquisitely designed and illustrated by Mikko Mattila (ISTEN) and professionally printed in full colour, with its 56/A4 pages THE SINISTER FLAME IV is a unique and unequaled platform for Satanic Wisdom and Art.

-THE SINISTER FLAME #5 – The Aristocracy of Wolves – 10 Eur
TSF V features insightful interviews with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, Temple Of Them, NÅSTROND, HIEROPHANT'S DESCENT, XANTOTOL and JFN of DARKER THAN BLACK RECORDS. Review sections and a very special article by Northern Heritage are also included. Layout by the ever talented Briandvp. The issue continues to push Traditional Satanism within the Sinister Metal scene.

-WOMB #4 – 5 Eur

-AKITSA (can) “Me Ne Frego” T-Shirt – 13 Eur
Front same as this patch: http://www.primitivereaction.com/img_upload/records/36r.jpg
Print is bigger and in grey. Great looking shirt! Fruit of the Loom, sizes L and XL.

-BLACK WITCHERY (usa) “black mass” T-shirt – 15 Eur
Official merchandise from Black Flames of Blasphemy festival. Size L.
Picture: http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj210/rareoopkult/bw_shirt_blackflames_zps3b1ee196.jpg

!!! -DEVILRY (fin) ”Treuelied” T-shirt – 15 Eur
Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton shirt. Available in size L



-BEHERIT (fin) “Cemetery Violence” woven patch – 7 Eur
Picture: http://officialblackwitchery.bigcartel.com/product/beherit-cemetery-violence-official-patch

-BLACK WITCHERY (usa) “Demon raping angel” woven patch – 5 Eur
Picture: http://officialblackwitchery.bigcartel.com/product/black-witchery-patch

-DER STÜRMER (gre) “Deathstormer Insignia” woven patch – 6 Eur
Picture: http://officialblackwitchery.bigcartel.com/product/der-sturmer-deathstormer-insignia-official-woven-patch

-DREADFUL RELIC (gre) “Deathskull of Stygia” Round PATCH – 5 Eur
Pic: http://frost-and-fire.com/images/Patch.gif

-DREADFUL RELIC (gre) Logo-Shaped PATCH – 4 Eur
Pic: http://frost-and-fire.com/images/Patch-2.gif

-REVENGE (can) “Humanity Noosed” woven patch – 5 Eur
Picture: http://officialblackwitchery.bigcartel.com/product/revenge-humanity-noosed-woven-patch

-WEHRHAMMER patch – 5 Eur
picture: http://www.hammerbund.bigcartel.com/product/wehrhammer-aufnaher-patch



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-Tilauksiin vastataan yleensä 48 tunnin kuluessa. Mikäli vastausta ei kuitenkaan kuulu mainitussa ajassa, lähetä tilauksesi uudestaa sähköpostiin: bop@kymp.net. Mikäli B.O.P-bunkkeri on suljettu (matkoilla, tms.) ilmoitetaan siitä uutisosastolla, tällöin vastauksen saamiseen saattaa kulua pidempi aika ---> ei syytä paniikiin!
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-CDt joiden hintaa on reilusti alennettu toimitetaan ilman koteloita!