Riia's Graphics

Welcome to my graphic's page!

 I'll be adding new graphics from time to time, please check back.

    All graphics at this site were made by me using Paint Shop Pro 8 and PSP Photo X2. You are welcome to use these graphics on your nonprofit/personal websites free of charge, but if you'd like to use any of them on a commercial site, please contact me (email address is below).



Christmas / Joulu graphics - Mostly in English and Finnish, with some Spanish and other languages thrown in too. Some say 'Happy Holidays' for those in the non-christian tradition.

New Year

New Year / Uusi Vuosi graphics - In English and Finnish.

Other Holidays

Other Holidays / Muut pyhäpäivät graphics - such as Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

Valentine's Day & Love

Valentine's Day / Ystävänpäivä / Love / Rakkaus / Anniversary graphics - In English and Finnish.

Birthday & Congrats

Birthday / Congratulations / Onnittelut graphics - you'll find many individual celebration graphics here.


Condolences / Otan Osaa graphics - want to send a greeting to someone who has lost a loved one or is having a rough time? This is the place to look.

Gone . . .

Gone graphics - for example, Gone Snorkeling, Gone Fishing, Gone Golfing, Gone Cruising ...this category wll expand!


Miscellaneous graphics - check this out, you'll find some surprises in here! For example, 'Happy Retirement' belongs to this category.

Postcards from Finland

Postcards from Finland - greeting cards made of digital photos Tepa and I have taken. Download and send them to your friends in other countries!

Queer graphics

Queer graphics- gay, lesbian, bi, queer, and pride graphics!

NEW!!!  Humor

Humorous graphics- funny signs, sayings, etc!





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