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I will be adding new graphics from time to time, so please check back. To download a graphic to your computer, right click the graphic and choose 'Save as..', then choose the location you want to put it in.

    All graphics at this site were made by me using Paint Shop Pro 8. You are welcome to use these graphics in your personal emails and on your nonprofit/personal websites free of charge, but if you'd like to use any of them on a commercial site, please contact me.


Party          Lunatic          Neighbor


My world          Out of order          Pen is


Police line          Toy          Work


Quote          Eat me          Jumper cables




Magic wand                    Temptation                    Devilish attitude


Warning                    My week                    God's letter


brilliant mind                    center of attention                    legend


Crazy family   Crazy shrink   Crazy boyfriend   crazy girlfriend



Internet addict                  I will survive

              Not polite to point 



safe sex               eminem


     lost mind               honesty






            natural gas                             sauna sisu perkele                         eat right        


Diet                 Power of drinking                 Body Hold                                                


Crazy                      Wits                    born awesome


Disguised                    Gorgeous Loveable               Money talks


    Stupidity             Lazy              Seen all                                          


           Body of Buddha                        Accidents cause people                        

thin ice                    Oral sex                    smile


Debbies Unite                        Live Forever


conclusion          Drink - Stop           Love not war


Happy pill                  Depression                    Best medicine

your point of view                        inebriety                    Tequila

Good twin, evil twin             condoms vs. diapers             horny             money talks


veni, vidi, visa             crises             crises             Life is like poker





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