You know what they say Ė laughter is the best medicine.  As far as I know, itís also a researched fact that people who laugh a lot (who are probably happy in many other ways, too), live longer.  So hereís my collection of jokes that have made me laugh Ė I hope they have the same effect on you! Some Iíve collected from the internet, some have been emailed to me Ė I myself have written none of them, and I donít believe there are any copyright issues with these, but if you know differently, please let me know.

These pages are NOT for people who get offended easily. Some of these jokes may be considered 'politically incorrect' but hey, get over it or do yourself a favor and leave before you even start reading!  Iím a firm believer in equality and equal rights, but I also believe that when we relax a little and become able to laugh at ourselves and with others, weíll be much better off than always taking offense at everything anyone might say about us or the group with which we identify ourselves. Stereotypes are stupid, but often funny, and basically an inevitable byproduct of our limited mental capacities (grouping things together and attaching characteristics to those groups makes information processing a lot easier).  Letís not use them to oppress, or to intentionally hurt someone or some group of people.  Letís, instead, laugh about them!

These pages are also not for people who take offense of words rather than meanings and intentions. It irks me to no end that there are people around who try to oppress and censor others by demanding that we not "swear" because, heaven forbid, their 5 to 16 year old might see a word such as "shit" or "damn" or worse yet, "f*ck" on the Internet!  I find few things more ridiculous than that.  My soap box is: if you can allow your kid to be on the internet without your supervision and/or the benefit of your explanation as to why YOU consider some words bad (and note, we don't all agree), you should also allow the rest of us the freedom of expressing ourselves the way that we want and comes natural to us.  If your kids are old enough to use the internet without your supervision, they are old enough to see these words Ė and I am sure they have already heard them all!

Having said that, I have provided what I consider a reasonable rating for each of the jokes page, on the right.

So, sit back and enjoy!


    Religious jokes - rating: R

    Computer Jokes - rating: PG

    Sex Jokes- rating: R

    Tasteless Jokes- rating: R

    Other Jokes- rating: PG-13

    Kids on marriage- rating: PG

    Quotes, Slogans, etc.- rating: PG-13

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